Moore South Africa SAICA Traineeship: Audit and Assurance 2025

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 About Moore

Moore South Africa has made a significant impact in the professional services sector, shaping the landscape of accounting and advisory with a lasting legacy. The firm's roots trace back to 2003, originating from the merger of Bush Kohlberg Inc and Van der Westhuizen Andersen Inc, two distinct entities at the time. Through strategic mergers and evolutionary steps, the firm evolved into Moore South Africa, establishing itself as a prominent entity in the industry.

Throughout its evolution, Moore South Africa has remained committed to delivering exceptional client service, guided by principles of integrity, expertise, and collaboration. Each milestone has contributed to the firm's growth, expanding its presence across South Africa with a network of strategically located offices. This strategic positioning allows Moore South Africa to effectively serve a diverse clientele across various sectors and industries.

 About the Job

The Moore South Africa SAICA Traineeship: Audit and Assurance 2025 is an exciting opportunity for aspiring Chartered Accountants to gain hands-on experience and professional development in the field of audit and assurance. This traineeship is designed to align with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) training requirements, providing comprehensive exposure to audit practices, financial reporting, and business advisory services. CA(SA) students looking for a SAICA trainee contract that offers broad exposure to a wide range of clients, access to senior partners, and a supportive, friendly working environment focused on skills development will find Moore Stellenbosch to be an ideal match.

Moore Stellenbosch, with a workforce of around 100 dedicated professionals, stands out in providing exceptional auditing, accounting, tax, and financial advisory services. The firm is committed to delivering high-quality work and building accessible relationships with clients from small, medium, and large business establishments. Situated in Techno Park among the beautiful mountains and vineyards of Stellenbosch in the Western Cape, Moore Stellenbosch is conveniently near the economic hubs of Paarl, Franschhoek, and Somerset West. The firm is known for offering sensible advice and client-tailored solutions.

 Benefits of Working for Moore

- Professional Development: Trainees will receive structured training and mentorship, preparing them for the SAICA board exams and a successful career in accounting and audit.

- Global Network: Being part of a renowned international network opens up opportunities for cross-border learning and potential international placements.

- Work-Life Balance: Moore values a healthy work-life balance and provides a supportive work environment.

- Diverse Clientele: Exposure to a variety of industries and clients, enhancing your skills and professional versatility.

- Competitive Remuneration: Attractive salary packages and benefits, including medical aid and retirement plans.

 Minimum Requirements

- Moore Stellenbosch is looking for self-motivated team players who:

  - Love to learn and communicate effectively.

  - Thrive under pressure.

  - Desire to be part of a supportive, inclusive, and diverse company culture.

- Candidates must be studying towards a SAICA-accredited degree or post-graduate degree.

  - A list of SAICA-accredited degrees can be found on the SAICA website.

- Essential language skills include proficiency in English and a basic understanding of Afrikaans.

Duties and Responsibilities

- Calculating provisional taxes for companies, trusts, and individuals.

- Preparing annual financial statements to ensure compliance with relevant reporting standards such as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS and IFRS for Small to Medium Enterprises).

- Completing income tax returns for companies, trusts, and individuals using SARS e-filing.

- Planning, executing, and finalizing audits based on the audit plan, including client liaison, conducting fieldwork at client premises, and attending stock counts.

- Carrying out assigned tasks to gain necessary exposure and develop skills as required by the SAICA Training Program.

- Managing and maintaining communication with a designated client portfolio.

- Performing independent reviews.

- Computing corporate, trust, and individual tax liabilities in accordance with the Income Tax Act.

 How to Apply

Interested candidates can apply for the Moore South Africa SAICA Traineeship: Audit and Assurance 2025 by following these steps:

1. Visit the Moore South Africa Careers Page: Navigate to the official Moore South Africa website and find the careers section. Click here to apply.

2. Search for the Traineeship Position: Look for the SAICA Traineeship: Audit and Assurance 2025 listing.

3. Complete the Online Application: Fill out the application form with your personal and academic details.

4. Upload Required Documents: Ensure all necessary documents are uploaded as part of your application.

Documents Required

- Curriculum Vitae (CV): A detailed and updated CV outlining your education, work experience, and any relevant skills or achievements.

- Academic Transcripts: Official transcripts from your university or educational institution.

- Cover Letter: A cover letter explaining your interest in the traineeship, your career goals, and why you are a suitable candidate.

- Identification: A copy of your South African ID or passport.

- References: Contact details for at least two professional or academic references.

 Closing Date

The closing date for applications is December 12, 2024. Applicants are encouraged to submit their documents and complete the application process well before this date to ensure consideration for the Moore South Africa SAICA Traineeship: Audit and Assurance 2025. Early applications may also provide candidates with an advantage as positions are often filled on a rolling basis. It's important to adhere to this deadline as late submissions may not be considered. Therefore, prospective applicants should plan and prepare their applications diligently to meet this closing date and maximize their chances of securing this valuable opportunity with Moore.

The Moore South Africa SAICA Traineeship: Audit and Assurance 2025 presents an exceptional gateway for ambitious Chartered Accountants to launch a fulfilling career in audit and assurance. This program not only offers extensive training but also provides numerous opportunities for professional development within a nurturing work environment at Moore. Trainees can anticipate a prosperous future in the accounting sector, supported by the firm's commitment to excellence.

To secure a position, it is crucial that applicants meet the stipulated minimum requirements and meticulously prepare all required documentation. Submitting their application well in advance of the closing date is advised, as this ensures full consideration and maximizes the potential for success in joining Moore. By taking these initial steps, candidates can set themselves on a path towards a rewarding and successful career journey with Moore South Africa.


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