The YES Learnership Programme at Eskom 2024

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Eskom, South Africa's leading electricity supplier, is committed to nurturing the next generation of skilled professionals through its Youth Employment Service (YES) Learnership Programme. This initiative aims to provide young individuals with valuable work experience, training, and a pathway to a successful career in the energy sector.

Eskom plays a pivotal role in powering South Africa, generating and distributing electricity to homes, businesses, and industries. With a strong commitment to sustainable development and skills enhancement, Eskom's YES Learnership Programme serves as a stepping stone for young talents eager to contribute to the nation's energy landscape.

More about the YES PROGRAMME:

The Youth Employment Service (YES) initiative in South Africa is a collaborative effort aimed at addressing the issue of youth unemployment in the country. Launched in 2018, YES seeks to create job opportunities and empower young individuals by fostering partnerships between the government, private sector, and various stakeholders.

Eskom, as a prominent player in the energy sector and a state-owned enterprise, actively participates in the YES programme to contribute to youth development and job creation. Eskom's involvement includes offering the YES Learnership Programme, which provides unemployed youth with valuable work experience, training, and skills development.

Through the YES Learnership Programme, Eskom aims to equip young individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue careers in the energy industry. The initiative typically involves providing learners with hands-on experience in various departments, offering a well-rounded understanding of the challenges and opportunities within Eskom.

In addition to practical training, Eskom's participation in the YES programme demonstrates the company's commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. By engaging in initiatives like YES, Eskom contributes to building a skilled workforce for the future while addressing the pressing issue of youth unemployment in South Africa.

Overall, the YES programme serves as a platform for collaboration between the public and private sectors, with Eskom actively playing a role in creating opportunities for unemployed youth and fostering a talent pipeline for the energy sector. Through these initiatives, Eskom not only addresses immediate employment challenges but also invests in the long-term development of South Africa's youth.

Stipend Amount:

Participants in the YES Learnership Programme at Eskom receive a competitive stipend of approximately R7000* to support their living expenses during the duration of the programme. This financial support is designed to ensure that learners can focus on their professional development without worrying about financial constraints.

Positions Available:

The YES Learnership Programme at Eskom offers a variety of positions across different departments, providing a diverse range of opportunities for participants. From engineering and technical roles to administrative positions, the programme caters to a wide array of skills and interests.

Conditions and Minimum Requirements:

·         You should have a minimum of Grade 12 or relevant qualification,

·         Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 35.

·         Only South African citizens are eligible for the learnership program.

·         Candidates must be medically fit and able to perform the tasks required within the learnership program.

Be sure to have documents such as:

·         Updated CV

·         Matric Certificate

·         Certified ID

·         And possibly a cover letter

Duration of the Learnership:

The YES Learnership Programme typically has a fixed duration, providing participants with a structured learning experience. The duration may vary depending on the specific role and department, but learners can expect a comprehensive training period that equips them with the necessary skills for their chosen career paths.

What the Positions Entail:

Eskom's learnership positions are designed to provide participants with hands-on experience and exposure to the challenges and opportunities within the energy sector. Whether working on power plant maintenance, project management, or administrative tasks, learners gain practical skills that prepare them for a successful future in their chosen field.

After completing the Eskom learnership program successfully, you will be issued a credential that is recognized across the country. Having this certificate will authenticate your abilities and skills, which will help you get a better career. It shows prospective employers that you have completed extensive training and have the necessary credentials to succeed in the energy industry.

Participating in the Eskom learnership program extends beyond the project's initial length. The knowledge, skills, and real-world experience you gain during the program will provide a solid foundation for your future job in the energy industry. Having this foundation will help you stand out in the competitive job market and increase your chances of finding satisfying work.

Eskom's YES Learnership Programme stands as a testament to the company's commitment to youth development and the empowerment of future leaders in the energy sector. By offering a comprehensive learning experience, competitive stipends, and diverse opportunities, Eskom continues to play a vital role in shaping the future of South Africa's workforce. If you are a young and ambitious individual with a passion for the energy industry, the YES Learnership Programme at Eskom could be your gateway to a fulfilling career. Apply now and be part of the journey towards a brighter, sustainable future.

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