Where to Rewrite or Upgrade your Matric Subjects in South Africa

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matric rewrite
Believe in yourself! You can do it, time is still on your side.
Matric is one of the most important milestones in everyone’s life. It is a rite of passage just as turning 18 and getting your driver’s license (all of which usually happen around the same time). In matric you have to pass your matric exams which open up career opportunities for you if you pass with good marks and determine what you can study and which type of higher education institutions you can go to. Not everyone gets good results in matric and this means you may not be able to study the courses you want to study and you have limited career options. One way to get around this is to rewrite some of your matric subjects so that you qualify to study for diploma courses at universities of technology or degrees at major universities. Today I have put together a list of places where you can go and improve your matric results by rewriting some or all of your subjects.

Here is a list of 30 schools to improve matric results:

  1. Whitestonecollege.co.za
  2. Ekurhulenitech.co.za
  3. Mastermaths.co.za
  4. Academystudies.co.za
  5. Elroyacademy.co.za
  6. Intec.co.za
  7. Icesa.co.za
  8. Midlandscommunitycollege.co.za
  9. Inkways.co.za
  10. Pecollege.edu.co.za
  11. Summitcollege.co.za
  12. Damtraining.co.za
  13. Damelin.co.za
  14. Springfieldfet.co.za
  15. Skillsacademy.co.za
  16. E-square.co.za
  17. Curriesfountain.co.za
  18. Starschools.co.za
  19. Academystudies.co.za
  20. Unisa.ac.za
  21. Tshwanecollege.net
  22. https://www.taalct.co.za/Colleges/MatricRewrite/
  23. https://dsdccollege.co.za/matric-re-write/
  24. http://www.greenwoodcollegesa.co.za/
  25. http://www.cjc.edu.za/
  26. https://www.y2k-online.co.za/matric%20re-write.html
  27. http://www.kznmatricexcellence.co.za/
  28. http://www.hillcollege.co.za/
  29. http://www.coega.co.za/newsarticle.aspx?objid=106&id=339
  30. http://www.nyda.gov.za/2ndchance/Pages/Applications.aspx

Additionally there is a government second chance programme, click here to read more about it and what it offers http://www.education.gov.za/programmes/secondchanceprogramme.aspx

Please also note that even small towns have fet colleges, find the one in your town and go inquire about whether they offer a matric upgrade/rewrite? I know some people are embarrassed to rewrite matric subjects or upgrade in their home town’s so they prefer to go to other towns and leave at the same time as their friends going to tertiary so that it looks like they are studying post matric courses somewhere else but remember that it’s your own life and at 17/18 you still have time on your side. Just focus for a year or 6 months and your life will be back on track again, forget about what everyone else is doing. You can also just go and repeat matric at your old high school if you have failed matric instead of repeating it at a college somewhere.

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