Moore South Africa CIMA 2025 Trainee Accountant

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Introduction to Moore South Africa

Moore South Africa has made a significant impact in the professional services sector, shaping the landscape of accounting and advisory with a lasting legacy. The firm's roots trace back to 2003, originating from the merger of Bush Kohlberg Inc and Van der Westhuizen Andersen Inc, two distinct entities at the time. Through strategic mergers and evolutionary steps, the firm evolved into Moore South Africa, establishing itself as a prominent entity in the industry.

Throughout its evolution, Moore South Africa has remained committed to delivering exceptional client service, guided by principles of integrity, expertise, and collaboration. Each milestone has contributed to the firm's growth, expanding its presence across South Africa with a network of strategically located offices. This strategic positioning allows Moore South Africa to effectively serve a diverse clientele across various sectors and industries.

About the CIMA 2025 Trainee Accountant Programme

The CIMA 2025 Trainee Accountant Program at Moore South Africa is designed to provide aspiring accountants with a structured pathway to becoming qualified management accountants. The program combines practical work experience with formal study towards the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) qualification.

Are you prepared for a rewarding and challenging career? Do you have a passion for working with clients across diverse industries? Envision yourself excelling alongside talented colleagues as you take on complex projects in a dynamic and evolving work environment that defines our operations. If you're searching for an opportunity to fuel your ambition and drive your professional development, look no further!

Located in the picturesque Eastern Cape, perfectly positioned between Port Elizabeth and Plettenberg Bay, Moore Jeffreys Bay is ideally situated to meet the needs of this rapidly growing coastal region. As a trainee at Moore Jeffreys Bay, you'll have the opportunity to refine your technical skills and develop into a distinctive and highly valued professional. You'll benefit from a supportive culture and a work environment focused on your growth and development, with access to Moore Global leadership initiatives and the chance to collaborate with inspiring leaders within our Moore Global network.

Minimum Requirements

To be eligible for the Moore South Africa CIMA 2025 Trainee Accountant Programme, candidates typically need to meet the following minimum requirements:

To qualify for consideration, applicants must meet the following criteria:

- Possess a completed BCom Honours degree in Management Accounting from a recognized institution.

- Must be a South African citizen.

- Demonstrate an enthusiastic attitude and a strong desire to acquire new skills and knowledge.

Duties and Responsibilities

Trainee accountants at Moore South Africa will be exposed to a variety of duties and responsibilities aimed at developing their professional competencies. These may include:

1. Produce Client Reports: Generate comprehensive and accurate reports detailing financial performance and analysis for clients. These reports are essential for client decision-making and compliance purposes.

2. Administrative Duties: Support day-to-day operations with administrative tasks, ensuring efficient office management and workflow.

3. Full Bookkeeping and Accounting Function: Handle all aspects of bookkeeping up to trial balance, encompassing debtors, creditors, bank reconciliations, petty cash management, and journal entries. This role ensures financial records are accurate and up-to-date.

4. Handling of VAT and PAYE Reviews: Conduct thorough reviews of VAT (Value Added Tax) and PAYE (Pay As You Earn) transactions to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and accurate financial reporting.

5. IRP5 Calculations, Reconciliations, and Submissions: Manage the calculation, reconciliation, and submission processes for IRP5 forms, ensuring accurate reporting of employees' income tax details.

6. Liaison with Clients: Maintain regular communication with clients to address queries, provide financial advice, and ensure client satisfaction with accounting services.

7. Maintenance of SARS Accounts: Manage and maintain accounts with the South African Revenue Service (SARS), ensuring timely submissions and compliance with tax regulations.

8. PAYE/UIF/SDL Calculations: Compute and verify calculations for PAYE (Pay As You Earn), UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund), and SDL (Skills Development Levy), ensuring accurate payroll processing and compliance.

9. VAT Calculations and VAT201 Submissions: Prepare and submit VAT201 forms accurately and on time, ensuring compliance with VAT regulations and facilitating refunds or payments as required.

10. Preparation of Financial Statements: Compile financial statements that accurately reflect the financial position and performance of clients' businesses, adhering to accounting standards and regulatory requirements.

11. Valuation of Businesses, Cash Flow Projections, etc.: Perform business valuations and prepare cash flow projections to assist clients in strategic decision-making and financial planning.

These responsibilities highlight the diverse and integral role of an accountant at Moore South Africa, encompassing both technical accounting tasks and client-focused communication and support. Successful execution of these duties ensures the firm delivers high-quality financial services while maintaining regulatory compliance and fostering strong client relationships.

How to Apply

1. Visit the Moore South Africa careers page or the designated application portal. Click here to apply.

2. Create an account or log in to your existing account.

3. Complete the online application form, providing accurate and up-to-date information.

4. Upload the required documents, which typically include:

   - A detailed resume or curriculum vitae (CV).

   - Certified copies of academic transcripts and certificates.

   - A cover letter outlining your motivation for applying and career aspirations.

   - Contact details of at least two referees who can provide professional or academic references.

5. Submit the application before the closing date.

Closing Date

The closing date, scheduled for July 17, 2024, marks the deadline by which all applications for the position must be submitted. Prospective candidates are strongly advised to ensure their applications are complete and submitted well before this date to avoid any issues or delays. This deadline is crucial as it allows Moore South Africa's recruitment team sufficient time to review all applications thoroughly and proceed with the selection process efficiently.

The Moore South Africa CIMA 2025 Trainee Accountant Programme offers a unique opportunity for aspiring accountants to kick-start their careers in management accounting within a reputable global network. With a structured development plan, hands-on experience, and support towards professional qualifications, this programme is ideal for individuals looking to grow professionally in the accounting and finance industry. Prospective candidates are encouraged to prepare their applications thoroughly and submit them before the specified closing date to maximize their chances of being considered for this prestigious program. For more details and updates, visit Moore South Africa's official website or contact their recruitment team directly.


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