EY South Africa 2025 Supply Chain & Operations Consulting Graduate Programme

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 About EY

EY is a multinational professional services firm with a presence in over 150 countries. In South Africa, EY has been operating for over 170 years, with a strong commitment to supporting the country's economic growth. The firm offers a wide range of services, including audit and assurance, tax consulting, advisory services, and more. EY's commitment to diversity and inclusion, sustainability, and innovation makes it a popular choice among graduates seeking a career in professional services.

 Overview of the Graduate Programme

As a member of the Industrial Engineering Graduate Programme, you will contribute technically to various client engagements and internal projects. A key part of your role involves proactively building and maintaining relationships both within and outside the organization. You will identify and escalate potential business opportunities for EY in existing engagements. Additionally, you will anticipate and address risks within engagements, reporting any issues to senior team members.

Aligned with EY's commitment to quality, you will ensure your work meets high standards and undergoes review by the next-level supervisor.

 Personnel Responsibilities

- Participate in initiatives focused on recruiting and retaining Industrial Engineering professionals.

- Support and maintain an educational programme to continually enhance the skills of staff.

- Understand and comply with workplace policies and procedures.

 Benefits of Joining the Graduate Programme

1. Professional Development: Participants will receive extensive training in various aspects of supply chain and operations consulting. This includes technical skills, project management, and client engagement strategies.

2. Mentorship and Networking: Graduates will be paired with experienced mentors who will guide them through their professional journey. Additionally, the programme offers numerous networking opportunities with industry leaders and peers.

3. Diverse Experiences: Working on a variety of projects across different industries will provide graduates with a broad understanding of the challenges and opportunities in supply chain and operations.

4. Global Exposure: EY’s global network allows graduates to collaborate with teams from different countries, providing a global perspective on consulting practices.

5. Career Progression: Successful completion of the programme can lead to permanent positions within EY, with clear pathways for career advancement.

What EY is Looking For

EY is looking for individuals who embody a combination of essential qualities and skills necessary to excel in the Supply Chain & Operations Consulting Graduate Programme. These qualities include:

Analytical Skills: Candidates should demonstrate proficiency in analysing complex data sets to extract meaningful insights. This capability is crucial for identifying trends, making data-driven decisions, and optimizing operational processes.

Problem-Solving Abilities: The ability to think innovatively and critically is essential for addressing client challenges effectively. Ideal candidates should showcase a knack for developing creative solutions that align with client goals and operational requirements.

Communication Skills: Strong verbal and written communication skills are vital for effective client interaction and seamless collaboration within diverse teams. Candidates should be capable of articulating ideas clearly, listening actively, and presenting findings persuasively.

Team Player: Collaborative skills are highly valued at EY, where teamwork plays a significant role in delivering exceptional client service. Candidates should demonstrate an ability to work harmoniously with others, contribute proactively to team objectives, and leverage collective strengths to achieve shared goals.

Adaptability: Given the dynamic nature of consulting environments, candidates should exhibit a willingness to learn and adapt quickly. The ability to thrive in a fast-paced setting, embrace new challenges, and pivot strategies based on evolving client needs is crucial for success.

Ethical Integrity: Upholding high ethical standards and professionalism is non-negotiable at EY. Candidates should exhibit a strong commitment to integrity, honesty, and ethical behaviour in all professional interactions and decision-making processes.

By embodying these attributes, candidates can effectively contribute to EY’s mission of delivering exceptional client service, driving innovation, and making a positive impact in the field of supply chain and operations consulting.


Currently pursuing the final year of a BEng/BSc Hons degree in Industrial Engineering, with a strong academic record, maintaining an overall average of 65% or higher.

  How to Apply and Required Documents

 1. Online Application

To apply for the EY South Africa 2025 Supply Chain & Operations Consulting Graduate Programme, navigate to the EY careers website and locate the section dedicated to graduate programmes. Find the specific programme you are interested in and create a profile by entering basic personal details such as your name, contact information, and relevant data.

After creating your profile, proceed to complete the online application form with accurate information regarding your educational background, work experience, and relevant extracurricular activities. The accuracy of this information is crucial as it determines your eligibility for the programme. To initiate the application process, use the following link: Click here to apply.

2. Required Documents

In addition to filling out the online application form, you must submit several supporting documents to demonstrate your qualifications and background. Prepare and submit the following essential documents:

- Resume/CV: Provide a comprehensive summary of your academic history, work experience, internships, and extracurricular activities. Highlight your skills and accomplishments that showcase your suitability for the programme.

- Certified Copy of ID: Include a certified copy of your identification document to verify your identity.

- Academic Transcripts: Submit transcripts from your university or college detailing your coursework, grades, and conferred degree.

- Matric Certificate: Include a copy of your matriculation certificate to validate your secondary education.

Ensure these documents are complete, legible, and accurate before submitting them alongside your online application. Incomplete or inaccurate documentation may result in delays or rejection of your application. For further details about document requirements or the submission process, refer to the EY careers website or contact their support team for assistance.

3. Application Process

Once you have submitted your application, it will undergo review to ensure it meets the programme's criteria. If your application qualifies, a recruiter will contact you to discuss the next steps in the recruitment process.

The EY South Africa 2025 Supply Chain & Operations Consulting Graduate Programme offers a distinctive opportunity for recent graduates to launch their careers in a leading global firm. With a focus on professional development, mentorship, and diverse experiences, this programme is designed to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge essential for success in the field of supply chain and operations consulting. If you are an ambitious and talented individual seeking to make a meaningful impact, this programme could mark the beginning of a rewarding career journey.

4. Closing Dates

Application deadlines for the listed programmes vary throughout the year. Stay updated by regularly checking the EY careers website for specific dates and ensure your application is submitted before the closing date.

EY's graduate programmes in South Africa provide an excellent opportunity for recent graduates to embark on their careers within the professional services industry. Through structured training, mentorship, and practical experience, EY prepares graduates to excel in their chosen fields. If you are interested in applying, carefully review the eligibility criteria, prepare the required documents, and submit your application on time. Best of luck with your application!


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