Sanlam South Africa Actuarial Bursary 2025

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The Sanlam Actuarial Bursary is a prestigious opportunity for South African students aiming to pursue a career in actuarial science. Sanlam, a leading financial services company in South Africa, offers this bursary to encourage talented students to enter the field of actuarial science, supporting them through their academic journey and into their professional careers. In this detailed article, we'll explore the various aspects of the Sanlam South Africa Actuarial Bursary for 2025, including information about the bursary provider, fields covered, expenses, benefits, eligibility requirements, application process, required documents, closing date, and contact information.

 About the Bursary Provider: Sanlam

Sanlam, a prominent financial services group based in South Africa, has a rich history dating back to 1918. Since its establishment, Sanlam has grown significantly, extending its reach across the African continent and into global markets. The company provides a comprehensive range of financial solutions, encompassing insurance, investment management, wealth management, and other financial services.  Sanlam's success and growth have been driven by its commitment to innovation, customer service, and strategic expansion. This growth strategy has allowed Sanlam to diversify its product offerings, attract a wide client base, and establish itself as a trusted name in the financial services industry.

Beyond its business operations, Sanlam is deeply invested in education and social development. The company has established various bursaries and scholarships to support talented students and encourage the next generation of professionals. Recognizing the critical role of actuarial science in the insurance and financial sectors, Sanlam's bursary program is designed to identify and nurture future actuaries. By providing financial assistance, mentorship, and career opportunities, Sanlam is not only promoting education but also securing a pool of skilled professionals who can contribute to the company's continued success and growth.

Fields Covered

The Sanlam Actuarial Bursary specifically targets students pursuing degrees in actuarial science. This field is crucial to the insurance and financial sectors, as it involves assessing risks, analysing statistical data, and developing strategies to manage financial uncertainty. Sanlam aims to identify and support students with strong mathematical and analytical skills, guiding them toward a successful career in actuarial science. Sanlam provides bursaries to those who are enrolled to study Actuarial Science in 2025, as well as to students already in their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year of Actuarial Science studies.

 Expenses Covered

The Sanlam Actuarial Bursary covers tuition and accommodation fees, provides allowances for books, travel, and pocket money, and offers mentoring and academic support from Sanlam's actuarial professionals. Bursary recipients can benefit from vacation work and networking opportunities with Sanlam's staff, a general allowance for books and pocket money, and guaranteed employment upon graduation. The program also includes continued support and financial assistance for actuarial board exams, along with a variety of work rotation opportunities across diverse disciplines.


In addition to covering educational expenses, the Sanlam Actuarial Bursary offers several other benefits to recipients, including:

- Mentorship and career guidance: Bursary holders receive mentorship from experienced actuaries within Sanlam, providing valuable insights into the industry and career development.

- Networking opportunities: Bursary recipients can connect with other students and professionals in the actuarial field, building relationships that may lead to future career opportunities.

- Vacation work and internships: Sanlam provides bursary holders with opportunities for vacation work and internships, allowing them to gain hands-on experience in a professional setting.


 Eligibility Requirements

Undergraduate Studies Application Requirements

To apply for undergraduate studies, you will need to provide a set of documents and information, including:

-  Submit full academic transcripts showcasing your academic performance.

-  Provide proof of registration and/or a fee statement.

-  A copy of your matric certificate and either your ID, passport, or valid study visa.

- Your CV should emphasize academics, extracurricular activities, and leadership skills.

-  Write a motivation letter that addresses the following questions:

  - Describe, in your own words, the role of an actuary.

  - Explain why you wish to study actuarial science.

  - Discuss why you believe you have the skills to succeed as an actuary.

  - Justify why Sanlam should select you as a bursary recipient.

  - If you are not able to become an actuary, what alternative career paths would you consider?

Students who are completing school and plan to study actuarial science in 2025 need to submit the following:

- Academic Results:

  - Final Grade 11 results from 2023

  - Grade 12 mid-year results from 2024

  - National Benchmark Test (NBT) results

  - Final Grade 12 results may also be considered as a deciding factor

-  An over 90% score in Mathematics and an overall 'A' average.

- Should focus on academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and leadership skills.

- Your motivation letter must address the following:

  - In your own words, explain what an actuary does.

  - Describe why you want to study actuarial science.

  - Highlight why you think you are suitable for the role of an actuary.

  - Justify why Sanlam should choose you for a bursary.

  - If actuarial science doesn't work out, what other career paths are you considering?

How to Apply for the Bursary

To apply for the Sanlam Actuarial Bursary, candidates must follow a specific application process, which includes:

1.  Sanlam requires applicants to submit their applications through an online platform on the company's website. Ensure that all information provided is accurate and complete. 

Click here to apply.

2. Applicants must submit various supporting documents, which may include academic transcripts, a copy of their ID, and proof of university enrolment or acceptance.

3.  A motivation letter explaining why the applicant is interested in actuarial science and why they should be considered for the bursary.

 Closing Date

The application deadline for the Sanlam Actuarial Bursary for 2025 is June 30, 2024. Applicants should submit their applications well in advance to ensure they are considered. No applications will be accepted via email, and late submissions will not be considered.

 Contact Details

For further information about the Sanlam Actuarial Bursary or assistance with the application process, applicants can contact Sanlam directly. The following are the primary contact details for the bursary program:

- Sanlam website: Sanlam website

- Telephone: 021 947 9111

The Sanlam South Africa Actuarial Bursary for 2025 is a valuable opportunity for aspiring actuaries in South Africa. By covering educational expenses and providing additional benefits like mentorship and internships, the bursary supports students in achieving their academic and career goals. If you're interested in applying, make sure to meet the eligibility requirements, gather the required documents, and submit your application before the closing date. Good luck!


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