Deloitte Risk Advisory/Forensic-Financial Crime Graduate Programme 2025

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About Deloitte

Deloitte is one of the world's leading professional services networks and is a member of the prestigious "Big Four" group of accounting and consulting firms. The firm is renowned for providing a wide array of services that cater to the diverse needs of businesses and organizations across various industries. The main services offered by Deloitte include:

- Audit: Assurance services that evaluate and verify financial information to ensure accuracy and compliance with regulatory requirements.

- Consulting: Advice and solutions in areas like strategy, technology, human capital, and operations, aimed at helping clients improve performance and achieve their business goals.

- Risk Advisory: Services to help clients identify, assess, and manage risks, including cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and internal controls.

- Tax: Guidance on tax strategy, compliance, and planning to ensure clients meet their tax obligations while maximizing tax efficiency.

- Financial Advisory: Assistance with mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and other financial transactions to support clients' strategic objectives.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the programme, including what Deloitte has to offer, the job description, who they are looking for, technical and behavioral competencies, how to apply, required documents, and the opening date for applications.

 What Deloitte Has to Offer

Deloitte presents a unique blend of personal and professional development within a fast-paced, multidisciplinary environment. This setting provides challenging projects that promote skill enhancement and a broadened perspective. Continuous learning is a cornerstone, with professional development programs that focus on advancing technical skills and deepening industry knowledge. The company emphasizes a supportive workplace culture, where collaboration and creativity are encouraged. The environment is designed to foster a sense of community and teamwork. Integrity and inclusion are key values, creating a space where ethical practices and diversity are at the forefront, ensuring that everyone feels respected and valued.

Job Description

The Financial Advisory Graduate Programme is a two-year fixed-term contract, during which you'll have the chance to rotate among Transaction Services, Valuations & Modelling, and Corporate Finance Advisory. This setup gives you a comprehensive view of the financial advisory landscape.

As part of your role, you will support project teams on client engagements, helping deliver various financial advisory services.

By the conclusion of this programme, you can expect to have gained the following competencies:

- Diverse Skill Set in Corporate Finance: Through a combination of on-the-job learning and technical training, you'll develop a well-rounded skill set covering mergers and acquisitions (M&A), as well as a broader understanding of corporate finance.

- Data Analysis Expertise: You will learn to process large and complex datasets, turning them into actionable insights, such as client-ready reports and other deliverables.

- Strong Client Relationships: You'll cultivate excellent client orientation, building and maintaining relationships with a diverse client base.

- Internal Networking: You will establish a network of connections across the firm, enhancing collaboration and knowledge sharing.

- Exposure to Multiple Financial Advisory Areas: Through rotations, you will gain experience in three different service areas, providing a well-rounded perspective on the broader financial advisory field.

 Desired Qualifications for Candidates

Deloitte is seeking candidates who possess one of the following academic backgrounds or are currently pursuing an honours degree in these fields:

- BusSc or BCom Accounting (Non-CA) Honours: Applicants should have completed or be working towards an honours degree in this discipline, with coursework that includes Financial Accounting 3 or Accounting 3.

- BCom Financial Management, Investment Management, or Corporate Finance: Candidates with an honours degree or ongoing studies in these areas are also considered ideal.

- BSc Financial Science: This qualification is suitable if it includes Financial Accounting 3 or Accounting 3 as part of the curriculum.

These qualifications reflect the specialized knowledge and skill set Deloitte values in its Financial Advisory team.

 Technical Competencies

- Proficiency in MS Office: A solid understanding of Microsoft Office applications.

- Advanced Excel Skills: Expertise in Excel is crucial, including advanced functions and data manipulation.

- Problem-Solving and Analytical Skills: An aptitude for identifying issues and providing effective solutions.

- Data Analytics: Experience in data analysis is a significant advantage.

- Research Skills: Familiarity with online research and data sourcing.

- Multi-Tasking Ability: The capability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

- Strategic Thinking: The ability to envision and plan for future outcomes.

- Organizational Skills: Competence in structuring and managing workload efficiently.

 Behavioural Competencies

In addition to technical skills, candidates should demonstrate these behavioural competencies:

- Strong Communication Skills: Proficiency in verbal and written communication, ensuring clear and professional interactions with clients.

- Professional Demeanour: The capacity to present oneself in a competent and polished manner.

- Conscientiousness: A dedicated approach to delivering high-quality results.

- Proactivity: A willingness to actively participate and take the initiative in service delivery.

- Effective Prioritization: The ability to manage competing tasks and responsibilities.

- Self-Motivation: A self-starter with ambition and a strong drive to succeed.

- Problem-Solving Flexibility: A broad perspective in addressing and solving challenges.

- Time Management: The ability to work efficiently and meet deadlines.

- Enthusiasm for Learning: A keen interest in personal and professional development.

- Attention to Detail: A meticulous approach to tasks and projects.

- Networking Skills: The ability to build relationships and collaborate across different areas within the firm.

How to Apply

 Online Application: Complete the online application form, providing personal information, academic qualifications, and work experience.  Use the following link to apply:

Click here to apply.

Documents Required

 Your application will be considered complete only when you attach all of the following documents:

- Your full CV

- A copy of your ID

- A copy of your matric certificate

- A copy of your university academic transcripts

Opening Date

The application process is now open.

 The Deloitte Risk Advisory/Forensic-Financial Crime Graduate Programme offers a unique opportunity for graduates to build a career in financial crime investigation and risk management. By focusing on both technical and behavioural competencies, Deloitte ensures that participants are well-prepared for the demands of this field. If you're interested in pursuing this opportunity, make sure to submit your application with all required documents and meet the specified deadlines.


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