The Deloitte IT and Specialised Assurance Graduate Programme 2025

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About Deloitte

Deloitte, founded in 1845 by William Welch Deloitte in London, has grown into one of the world's largest professional services firms, operating in over 150 countries with headquarters in New York City. Offering a comprehensive range of services including audit, tax, consulting, risk advisory, and financial advisory, Deloitte serves clients across diverse industries such as technology, healthcare, financial services, and government sectors. Its global network of independent member firms enables seamless cross-border collaboration, combining industry-specific expertise with innovative solutions to address complex business challenges. Deloitte's commitment to quality, integrity, and thought leadership is evident through its continuous investment in research, innovation, and knowledge sharing, solidifying its position as a trusted advisor to many of the world's leading organizations.

Deloitte's diverse array of services encompasses audit and assurance, providing businesses with insights to enhance financial reporting and compliance; tax advisory, assisting clients in navigating complex tax regulations and optimizing their tax positions; consulting, offering strategic guidance across a spectrum of areas including technology, operations, and human capital; risk advisory, aiding organizations in identifying and mitigating risks related to cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and internal controls; and financial advisory, providing expertise in transaction advisory, valuation, restructuring, forensic investigations, and corporate finance advisory. Through its commitment to innovation, professionalism, and client-centric approach, Deloitte continues to shape the future of professional services, driving growth, innovation, and sustainable success for its clients worldwide.

About the Programme

Are you passionate about technology and security? Do you thrive in a dynamic environment and crave a career that makes a real impact? If so, then Deloitte's Risk Advisory | IT and Specialised Assurance (ITSA) Graduate Programme is the perfect launchpad for your ambitions.

This two-year program offers graduates a unique opportunity to delve into the exciting world of IT Risk Advisory. You'll gain firsthand experience working alongside our team of experts, providing critical assurance solutions to a diverse range of clients across various industries.

Why Choose the Deloitte ITSA Programme?

Exposure to Cutting-Edge Technologies:

In the IT Security and Controls domain, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Through the ITSA program at Deloitte, participants delve deep into the latest advancements in cyber risk assessments, IT general controls, and application controls. This immersion enables them not only to grasp the theoretical frameworks but also to gain practical experience in implementing and managing these technologies. Participants are provided with the opportunity to work with cutting-edge tools and platforms, preparing them to address real-world cybersecurity challenges.

Real-World Client Experience:

From the outset of their journey with Deloitte, participants are actively engaged in client projects. This hands-on involvement is invaluable as it allows them to apply their knowledge in a real-world setting, refine their problem-solving skills, and witness the direct impact of their contributions on clients' businesses. They collaborate closely with experienced professionals, gaining insights and mentorship that accelerate their growth and development.

Continuous Learning and Development:

Deloitte is committed to nurturing the potential of participants. The ITSA program offers a robust curriculum designed to continuously enhance their skills and knowledge. Through a blend of on-the-job training, professional certifications, and workshops, participants have access to a comprehensive learning experience that equips them with the expertise needed to thrive in the dynamic field of Risk Advisory. Whether mastering new technologies or refining soft skills, Deloitte provides the resources and support to help participants reach their full potential.

A Collaborative and Inclusive Culture:

Deloitte's culture is built on collaboration, inclusivity, and respect. As members of the team, participants find themselves surrounded by supportive colleagues who value their unique perspectives and contributions. Deloitte fosters an environment where open communication and idea-sharing are encouraged, allowing participants to learn from experienced professionals and grow alongside their peers. The organization believes that diverse teams drive innovation and success, ensuring that every voice matters.

Global Network and Career Opportunities:

Participants in the ITSA program become part of a vast global network with endless possibilities by joining Deloitte. The organization's presence in multiple countries provides unparalleled opportunities for career development and growth. Whether participants aspire to specialize in a particular area or explore diverse roles and industries, Deloitte offers the platform and resources to help them chart their professional course. Graduates of the ITSA program have the foundation and support needed to pursue rewarding and fulfilling career paths within and beyond the organization.

Who Should Apply?

Qualifications & experience required.

If you are currently completing or have completed the following qualifications and have less than 6 consecutive months of work experience, or have no work experience, you are the ideal candidate!

·         B Comm (Information Technology, Information Science)

·         BSc Computer Science, Information Systems

·         B Engineering (Industrial)   

·         Any other relevant technology degree is advantageous.

·         A postgraduate qualification in any of the above streams is advantageous.

Behavioural Competencies one should possess:

·         Effective communication skills, both written and verbal.

·         Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build relationships.

·         A commitment to self-improvement and continuous development.

·         A focus on delivering exceptional service to our clients.

·         Adaptability to navigate changing circumstances and environments.

·         Dedication to maintaining high standards of quality in all endeavours.

·         Proficiency in problem-solving and analytical thinking.

·         A natural curiosity and passion for learning.

·         Enthusiasm and energy in approaching tasks and challenges.

·         A personable demeanour that fosters trust and collaboration.

·         Honesty and integrity in all interactions.

·         Confidence in your abilities and decision-making.

·         A polished and professional appearance.

·         Diligence and a strong work ethic.

·         Self-motivation to drive personal and professional growth.

·         Willingness to travel as needed to support client engagements.

How to apply?

Click here to apply.

The graduate program at Deloitte offers an unparalleled opportunity for young professionals to embark on a journey of growth, learning, and discovery in the dynamic field of Risk Advisory. Through exposure to cutting-edge technologies, real-world client experiences, continuous learning and development, a collaborative and inclusive culture, and access to a global network of opportunities, participants are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and support needed to succeed in their careers. As they emerge from the program, graduates are not only prepared to excel within Deloitte but also empowered to make a meaningful impact in the broader professional landscape. Joining the Deloitte graduate program is not just a step towards a career—it's a launchpad for a future filled with possibilities.


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