Deloitte Financial Advisory Graduate Programme 2025

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Deloitte, a global professional services network, offers a diverse range of services including audit, consulting, tax, risk advisory, and financial advisory. The Deloitte Financial Advisory Graduate Programme is an opportunity for recent graduates to begin their career in a highly respected organization, gaining hands-on experience and training in the field of financial advisory. This article provides an in-depth look at the Deloitte Financial Advisory Graduate Programme 2025, including the job description, responsibilities, what Deloitte offers, who they are looking for, technical and behavioural competencies required, the application process, and key dates.

About Deloitte

Deloitte is one of the world's leading professional services networks and is a member of the prestigious "Big Four" group of accounting and consulting firms. The firm is renowned for providing a wide array of services that cater to the diverse needs of businesses and organizations across various industries. The main services offered by Deloitte include:

- Audit: Assurance services that evaluate and verify financial information to ensure accuracy and compliance with regulatory requirements.

- Consulting: Advice and solutions in areas like strategy, technology, human capital, and operations, aimed at helping clients improve performance and achieve their business goals.

- Risk Advisory: Services to help clients identify, assess, and manage risks, including cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and internal controls.

- Tax: Guidance on tax strategy, compliance, and planning to ensure clients meet their tax obligations while maximizing tax efficiency.

- Financial Advisory: Assistance with mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and other financial transactions to support clients' strategic objectives.

Deloitte's extensive global presence spans over 150 countries, with a network of professionals who work collaboratively to provide high-quality services. The firm's client base is diverse, ranging from large multinational corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises. Deloitte's commitment to innovation and client-centric solutions sets it apart, as it continually seeks to leverage technology and advanced analytics to address the evolving needs of its clients. The firm's core values, including integrity, quality, and commitment to clients, underpin its approach to business. Deloitte places significant emphasis on building strong relationships with clients and helping them navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape. Through its services and expertise, Deloitte aims to make a positive impact not only on its clients but also on the broader business community.

Job Description

The Financial Advisory Graduate Programme is a two-year fixed-term contract during which participants rotate across different divisions, including Transaction Services, Valuations & Modelling, and Corporate Finance Advisory. This rotation provides a comprehensive experience in various aspects of financial advisory. Participants' primary role involves supporting project teams on client engagements. By the end of the programme, they are expected to achieve the following competencies:

- An integrated and comprehensive skill set within mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and the broader corporate finance domain, developed through hands-on experience and technical training.

- Ability to analyse large and complex data sets, transforming them into meaningful insights and client-ready outputs such as reports and deliverables.

- Excellent client orientation and relationship-building skills.

- Established internal networks across the firm.

- Experience across three service areas within Financial Advisory through rotation.


- Analysing quantitative data from sources like annual financial statements and management accounts, as well as qualitative data from contracts and agreements.

- Preparing robust and insightful financial analyses.

- Conducting industry research, including peer company comparisons.

- Reviewing valuation models.

- Assisting in creating basic financial models.

- Preparing client-ready deliverables such as concept papers, information memorandums, reports, and board presentations.

- Supporting professionals on client development and practice development assignments.

- Coordinating with teams to ensure alignment with project objectives.

- Reporting project progress to management and clients.

- Communicating with clients to understand their needs and requirements.

- Managing deadlines and maintaining clear communication.

What Deloitte Offers

Growth in a Challenging Environment: Deloitte offers a dynamic and multidisciplinary setting that encourages personal and professional development. Employees work on diverse projects that challenge their skills and broaden their experience.

- Continuous Professional Development: Deloitte prioritizes ongoing learning, offering extensive training and development programs that focus on technical skills and industry knowledge. This commitment ensures that employees stay current and continue to grow in their careers.

- Excellent Work Environment: Deloitte fosters a supportive and inclusive work culture where employees feel valued and motivated. The environment promotes teamwork, innovation, and a commitment to quality.

- Team Integration with Strong Values: Employees join a professional team that upholds strong values such as integrity and a focus on delivering excellent value to clients. These core values are at the heart of Deloitte's approach to business and client relationships.

Who Deloitte Is Looking For

An Honours degree, or currently pursuing an Honours degree, in one of the following areas:

- Business Science or a BCom in Accounting (Non-CA), with Financial Accounting 3 / Accounting 3

- BCom in Financial Management, Investment Management, or Corporate Finance

- BSc in Financial Science with Financial Accounting 3 / Accounting 3.

Technical Competencies Required

1. Knowledge and Experience in MS Office

2. Advanced Excel Skills Are a Key Requirement

3. Problem-Solving & Analytical Skills

 4. Data Analytics Skills Are an Advantage

 5. Familiarity with Using the Internet for Data Research

 6. Ability to Multi-Task

 7. Strategic Thinking Ability - Ability to Envision Future

 8. Good Organisational Skills

Behavioural Competencies Required

1. Excellent Verbal and Written Communication Skills

2. Ability to Present Yourself Competently and Professionally

3. Conscientious Approach to Delivering Results

4. Active Participation and Proactive Attitude to Service Delivery

5. Ability to Prioritize Competing Responsibilities

6. Self-Starter with Excellent Drive/Ambition

7. Broad Approach to Problem Solving

8. Ability to Work Efficiently and Meet All Deadlines

9. Show Enthusiasm Towards Learning

10. Attention to Detail

11. Develop a Network Within the Broader Firm, Beyond Financial Advisory

How to Apply

 Online Application: Complete the online application form, providing personal information, academic qualifications, and work experience.  Use the following link to apply:

Click here to apply.

Documents Required

 Your application will be considered complete only when you attach all of the following documents:

- Your full CV

- A copy of your ID

- A copy of your matric certificate

- A copy of your university academic transcripts

Opening Date

The application process is now open.

By referring to this detailed guide, you will have all the information you need to apply for the Deloitte Financial Advisory Graduate Programme 2025 and take the first step toward a rewarding career with one of the world's leading professional services firms.


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