Vaal University of Technology: Leading South Africa in Technology Education

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 About and History

Vaal University of Technology (VUT) is a leading South African university focused on technology. It started in 1966 as the College of Advanced Technical Education, aiming to meet the needs of South Africa's growing industrial sector through specialized technical education. Over the years, VUT has evolved significantly. It became the Vaal Triangle Technikon in 1979 and then adopted its current name, Vaal University of Technology, in 2004. This change highlighted its expanded focus on higher education and research, emphasizing its importance in South Africa's educational system.

Situated in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng Province, VUT has a central campus and additional campuses in Ekurhuleni, Secunda, and Upington. These locations make it accessible to students from various regions across the country. VUT offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in fields such as technology, science, engineering, and business studies. This diversity in academic offerings prepares students for careers in industry and meets broader societal needs. The university's dedication to excellence in education and research has established it as a leader in technological education both in South Africa and internationally.

Chancellors and Leadership

The governance of VUT is overseen by a Council, with the Chancellor serving as the ceremonial head. The Vice-Chancellor and Principal are responsible for the academic and administrative functions of the university. New Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor of VUT:

- Mr. Vincent Zwelibanzi Mntambo a renowed business leader was appointed the new Chancellor of the Vaal University of Technology (VUT) as of the 6th June 2024.

- Vice-Chancellor and Principal: Prof. Stephen Khehla Ndlovu was appointed as the new vice chancellor as of the 1st February 2024.

Awards and Achievements

VUT has been recognized for its contributions to technology and innovation. Some notable achievements include:

- National Research Foundation (NRF) Ratings: Several faculty members have received high ratings for their research contributions.

- Innovation Awards: The university has been awarded for its innovative projects, particularly in engineering and technology.

- Community Engagement: VUT's initiatives in community development and social responsibility have been widely acknowledged.


VUT is consistently ranked among the top universities of technology in South Africa. It is recognized for its strong emphasis on applied research, innovation, and quality education. While specific global rankings can vary, VUT maintains a reputable position in national and regional assessments.

 Open Days

VUT hosts annual open days to provide prospective students with an opportunity to explore the campus, meet faculty members, and learn about the programs offered. These events typically include:

- Campus Tours: Guided tours showcasing facilities, laboratories, and accommodation.

- Information Sessions: Presentations on admission requirements, financial aid, and student services.

- Exhibitions: Displays by various departments and student organizations.

 Why Choose Vaal University of Technology?

 Academic Excellence

VUT offers high-quality education with a focus on practical and theoretical knowledge. Its programmes are designed to meet industry standards and are regularly updated to reflect technological advancements.

 Research and Innovation

The university is committed to fostering a culture of research and innovation. With state-of-the-art laboratories and research centres, VUT provides students and faculty with the resources to conduct cutting-edge research.

 Industry Partnerships

VUT has strong ties with various industries, ensuring that students receive relevant training and have access to internships and job placements. These partnerships enhance the employability of graduates.

 Community Engagement

The university actively participates in community development projects, encouraging students to apply their knowledge to solve real-world problems and contribute to societal growth.

 Facilities and Departments


VUT boasts modern facilities that support both academic and extracurricular activities:

- Libraries: Well-stocked with books, journals, and electronic resources.

- Laboratories: Equipped with the latest technology for engineering, science, and technology programmes.

- Sports Complex: Facilities for various sports, including a gymnasium and sports fields.

- Student Residences: On-campus accommodation providing a safe and conducive living environment.


VUT has several faculties, each comprising multiple departments:

1. Faculty of Applied and Computer Sciences

   - Chemistry

   - Biotechnology

   - Information Technology

2. Faculty of Engineering and Technology

   - Civil Engineering

   - Electrical Engineering

   - Mechanical Engineering

3. Faculty of Human Sciences

   - Education

   - Hospitality Management

   - Legal Sciences

4. Faculty of Management Sciences

   - Business Administration

   - Marketing

   - Human Resource Management

Courses Offered

VUT offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across its faculties. Some notable courses include:

- Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering

- Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology

- Diploma in Information Technology

- Bachelor of Education

- Master of Business Administration

 Minimum Admission Requirements

Diploma endorsement is required, along with an APS score of 24. Applicants must achieve a minimum of 50% (level 4) for English, Physical Science, and Mathematics, or 60% for Vocational Mathematics and Engineering Science.

How to Apply

 - Completed Application Form: Available on the VUT website or at the admissions office. Click here to apply.

Documents Required

Please include the following with your application:

1. Certified copy of your South African ID document.

2. Certified copy of your Grade 11 or most recent Grade 12 report (e.g., June examination).

3. Proof of address (optional).

4. Application fee of R100.00. Applications submitted without proof of payment will not be considered.

 Closing Dates

Applications for admission to all programs at VUT for the 2025 academic year are now open and will be accepted until 30 September.

Application Fee

The application fee is R100. Applications submitted without proof of payment will not be considered.

 Housing and Transportation


VUT offers various on-campus accommodation options, including:

- Residence Halls: Single and shared rooms with common facilities.

- Apartment-Style Housing: For senior students and postgraduates.


- Shuttle Services: Available for students commuting between campuses and nearby areas.

- Public Transport: Accessible bus and taxi services for travel within Vanderbijlpark and surrounding regions.

Contact Details

- Main Campus Address: Andries Potgieter Boulevard, Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng, South Africa

- Postal Address Private Bag X021, Vanderbijlpark, 1900, South Africa

- Telephone: +27 (0)16 950 9000

- Email:

- Website: [](

Vaal University of Technology stands out as a leader in technological education, offering students a robust academic experience, opportunities for research and innovation, and a commitment to community engagement. With its comprehensive range of programs and state-of-the-art facilities, VUT provides a conducive environment for students to thrive and succeed in their chosen fields. 


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