Old Mutual Insure's Underwriter Learnership Programme 2024

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Old Mutual, a renowned financial services group in Africa, is committed to nurturing local talent and promoting growth across the continent. Their dedication to empowering the next generation is evident in their diverse talent pool and the various opportunities they offer. One such opportunity is the Underwriter Learnership Programme at Old Mutual Insure, a perfect platform for young, unemployed South Africans to kickstart their careers in the insurance industry.

About Old Mutual

Old Mutual has carved out a storied history since its inception in 1845 in Cape Town, South Africa, where it began as a mutual insurance company. Founded during a pivotal era in South Africa's development, Old Mutual initially provided essential insurance services to cover funeral expenses. Over the decades, the company expanded its offerings, becoming a cornerstone of the nation's financial landscape. Its growth mirrored the economic evolution of South Africa and beyond, adapting to meet the changing needs of its customers and communities.

Throughout its journey, Old Mutual has not only survived but thrived, expanding internationally to become a leading financial services group. It now offers a comprehensive range of products including life insurance, asset management, banking, and general insurance. This evolution has been guided by a steadfast commitment to integrity, respect, and accountability, values that underscore its operations across diverse markets in Africa, Europe, and Asia. Old Mutual's legacy is not just one of financial success but also of societal impact, as evidenced by its longstanding dedication to economic development and community upliftment, which remains a core pillar of its corporate ethos today.

Understanding the Learnership Programme

The Underwriter Learnership Programme at Old Mutual Insure is designed to offer young individuals a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the field of short-term and trade credit insurance. This comprehensive programme leads to a QCTO Occupational Certificate: Insurance Agent: Insurance Underwriter NQF5, which is a significant qualification in the insurance sector.

Programme Highlights

The position is based in Johannesburg (fulltime) and the job requisition ID is JR-39457.

The programme aims to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the insurance industry while contributing to Old Mutual's mission of writing Africa's success story.

Why Choose Old Mutual Insure?

Old Mutual is more than just a financial services provider; it is a firm believer in the potential of Africa and its people. By joining the Underwriter Learnership Programme, participants will have the opportunity to:

1) Learn from Industry Experts: Gain insights and knowledge from some of the most talented professionals in the insurance sector.

2) Hands-on Experience: Apply theoretical knowledge through on-the-job training, ensuring a solid foundation in short-term and trade credit insurance.

3) Career Development: Build a robust career path with the support of Old Mutual Insure, a company dedicated to fostering growth and development.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the Underwriter Learnership Programme, applicants must meet the following criteria:

1) Only South African citizens are eligible to apply.

2) Candidates must be unemployed.

3) A Matric Certificate with Mathematics/Mathematics Literacy and two languages is required. While a post-Matric qualification is advantageous, it is not mandatory.

4) Applicants must not have previously participated in or be currently registered for a learnership through INSETA.

5) Disabled candidates must provide a medical certificate.

6) Candidates should not be currently studying or planning to study in 2024.

7) Applicants must have no more than one year of work experience.

8) A clear credit and criminal record is essential.

The Recruitment Process

The recruitment process for the Underwriter Learnership Programme is thorough, ensuring that only the most dedicated and suitable candidates are selected. The steps include:

Speed Chats: These are informal discussions with 2-3 members of the leadership team. This stage provides applicants with an understanding of the business, culture, and values of Old Mutual Insure, while also allowing the team to get to know the candidates better.

IKM Assessment: An assessment to gauge the candidate's skills and suitability for the programme.

MIE & Internal Verification: Background checks to verify the candidate's credentials and history.

Offer: Successful candidates will receive an offer to join the programme.

Life at Old Mutual Insure

Old Mutual Insure is not just a place to work; it's a place to grow and thrive. The company values diversity and believes in the power of collective success. Here’s what makes Old Mutual Insure an exceptional place to build your career:

1) A workplace that encourages learning and growth.

2) A diverse and inclusive culture that values every employee.

3) A strong focus on the well-being and development of employees.

Additionally, Old Mutual Insure is pro-vaccination and encourages its workforce to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, reflecting its commitment to the health and safety of its employees.

How to Apply

If you meet the eligibility criteria and are ready to embark on an exciting career journey with Old Mutual Insure. [Click here to apply.]

1) Do ensure that you submit all required documents, including your Matric Certificate and any other relevant qualifications.

2) Be ready for the speed chats, assessments, and verifications.

Closing Date

Applications for this prestigious learnership programme close on the 27th of June 2024. Apply as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.  [Click here to apply.]

The Underwriter Learnership Programme at Old Mutual Insure is more than just an educational opportunity; it is a stepping stone towards a rewarding career in the insurance industry. By participating in this programme, you will gain valuable knowledge, practical experience, and the chance to learn from the best in the industry.

Don’t miss out on this chance to shape your future with one of Africa's leading financial services providers. Apply today and take the first step towards a successful career in insurance with Old Mutual Insure.

 [Click here to apply.]

Goodluck to all applicants. 


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