TuksSport Sport Performance Support Bursary 2025

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 The University of Pretoria (UP), known for its commitment to academic excellence and sporting prowess, introduces the TuksSport Sport Performance Support Bursary 2025. This bursary program aims to nurture and support talented athletes, enabling them to achieve both academic and sporting success. With a rich history of producing world-class athletes, UP continues its tradition of fostering sporting talent through this comprehensive bursary scheme.

About the Bursary Provider: University of Pretoria (UP)

The University of Pretoria (UP), founded in 1908, stands as a cornerstone of academic excellence in South Africa. Over its long history, UP has earned a distinguished reputation as a leading research institution, consistently ranking among the top universities not only in South Africa but also on the continent. Its commitment to academic excellence is evident through its wide array of academic programs spanning various disciplines. Beyond academics, UP fosters a vibrant campus life characterized by diversity and inclusivity. Its sprawling campus provides a conducive environment for learning, innovation, and personal growth. Students at UP are exposed to a rich tapestry of cultures, ideas, and experiences, contributing to a holistic educational journey.

One of UP's standout features is its exceptional sports facilities and programs. The university places a strong emphasis on sports and physical well-being, recognizing the integral role they play in holistic student development. From state-of-the-art sports complexes to a comprehensive range of sporting disciplines, UP provides ample opportunities for students to engage in athletic pursuits. As a result, UP has become a preferred destination for aspiring student-athletes seeking to balance their academic pursuits with their passion for sports. Whether it's through competitive intervarsity competitions or access to professional coaching and training facilities, UP empowers its students to excel both academically and athletically, embodying its commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals poised for success in their chosen fields.

About the Sport Performance Support Bursary

The TuksSport Sport Performance Support Bursary is designed to provide financial assistance and specialized support to talented athletes pursuing their academic and sporting ambitions at UP. Through this bursary, UP aims to alleviate the financial burden on student-athletes while offering them the necessary resources to excel in their chosen sports disciplines.

Sports Covered

The bursary caters to a wide array of sports, reflecting UP's commitment to fostering excellence across diverse athletic disciplines. Sports covered by the bursary include:

- The bursary program covers the following sporting disciplines:

  1. Volleyball

  2. Wrestling

  3. Archery

  4. Athletics

  5. Badminton

  6. Basketball

  7. Canoe

  8. Chess

  9. Cricket

  10. Cycling

  11. Fencing

  12. Football

  13. Golf

  14. Gymnastics

  15. Hockey

  16. Judo

  17. Karate

  18. Rugby

  19. Squash

  20. Swimming

  21. Tennis

  22. Trampoline

  23. Triathlon

  24. Netball

  25. Rowing

Criteria for Sports Performance Support Fund Allocation

1. Prioritization of funds per sporting code, following the TuksSport club's prioritization guidelines.

2. Consideration of the scarcity of athletes within the club for specific events or playing positions.

3. Assessment of potential performances at USSA (The South African Student Championships held annually), participation in Varsity Sport SA, and Varsity Cup competitions within a particular sporting code.

4. Evaluation of international rankings and the ability to qualify for international competitions.

5. Review of the individual's position on sport-specific South African Senior rankings.

6. Review of the individual's position on sport-specific South African Junior rankings.

7. The University reserves the right to award or decline Sports Performance Support to an individual based on the club's recommendation, taking into account the above criteria and any other special circumstances.

Terms and Conditions

To be eligible for the TuksSport Sport Performance Support Bursary, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Bursaries are exclusively awarded to full-time registered students who have secured admission to their intended study program at the University.

  2. Each applicant can only receive a bursary for one sport code; double funding is not permitted.

  3. Successful bursary recipients must sign a written contract, and if the applicant is under 18 years old, the application form must be signed by a legal guardian.

  4. Receiving a Sport Bursary for a particular year does not guarantee automatic renewal for the following year. Bursary holders must re-apply annually, and their eligibility will be reviewed based on performance in both academics and sports. Poor performance may result in the reduction or cancellation of the bursary.

  5. Sport Bursaries are subject to refund to the university if the student fails to adhere to the contractual agreements. If a bursary holder withdraws from their studies, the bursary will be cancelled, and the full amount must be repaid to the university.

  6. Applicants do not need to be studying Sport to apply for a Sport bursary.

  7. It is important to verify that the University offers the specific sport for which you are applying for a bursary.

How to Apply

Prospective applicants are required to fill out the TuksSport Bursary Application by visting the official University of Pretoria website selecting their sport and completing the online application form. Click here to apply.

Incorrect or incomplete information provided will result in the immediate cancellation of the application. Each application will receive acknowledgment shortly after submission. If acknowledgment of your application is not received within three weeks after submission, it is the responsibility of the applicant to inquire at the relevant TuksSport club.   

Closing Date

The closing date for applications for the TuksSport Sport Performance Support Bursary 2025 is 31 July 2024. Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications well in advance to ensure consideration.

Contact Details

For further inquiries or assistance regarding the TuksSport Sport Performance Support Bursary, interested individuals can contact the University of Pretoria using the following details:

University of Pretoria

Physical Address: Hatfield Campus, Lynnwood Road, Hatfield, Pretoria, 0002, South Africa

Postal Address: Private Bag x20, Hatfield, 0028

Telephone: +27 (0)12 420 3111

Website: httukssport website

The TuksSport Sport Performance Support Bursary 2025 represents the University of Pretoria's unwavering commitment to nurturing and empowering talented student-athletes. By providing financial assistance and specialized support, UP aims to create an enabling environment where athletes can thrive both academically and athletically. Through this bursary scheme, UP continues to uphold its legacy of excellence in sports and education, shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.


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