The Standard Bank Business Banking, Acquisition & Commercial Property Finance Graduate Programme

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Are you a recent graduate with a passion for business and finance? Do you dream of a career helping companies grow and succeed? If so, then Standard Bank's Business Banking, Acquisition & Commercial Property Finance Graduate Programme could be the perfect launching pad for your ambitions.

About Standard Bank

Standard Bank, one of Africa's largest financial institutions, was established in 1862 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The bank's inception aimed to cater to the financial needs of the expanding colonial economy, which was heavily influenced by the burgeoning diamond and gold industries. Initially known as The Standard Bank of British South Africa, it rapidly expanded its operations across Southern Africa, setting up branches in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Durban. By the early 20th century, the bank had established a strong presence throughout the region, offering a wide range of financial services and contributing significantly to the economic development of Southern Africa.

Over the decades, Standard Bank has undergone substantial transformations, aligning itself with the evolving economic and political landscapes. In 1962, it rebranded to Standard Bank of South Africa Limited and continued to diversify its operations. The 1980s and 1990s were marked by significant international expansion, with the bank establishing a foothold in various African countries and beyond. Embracing technological advancements, Standard Bank was a pioneer in adopting digital banking solutions, which has cemented its position as a modern, forward-thinking financial institution. Today, Standard Bank is not only a key player in Africa's banking sector but also a symbol of resilience and adaptability, continually evolving to meet the dynamic needs of its clients across the continent and globally.

About the Programme

The application closing date for this program is 30 June 2024, giving prospective candidates ample time to prepare and submit their applications. Candidates are encouraged to start the application process early to avoid last-minute challenges and ensure that their applications are complete. 

Qualifications Required

To be eligible for the program, applicants must hold a FAIS-accredited undergraduate or honours qualification in either BCom Accounting or BCom Finance. If you are currently completing your undergraduate studies, you must ensure that your degree will be finished by 31 December 2024.

Additional Information

There are several minimum requirements that applicants must meet. Firstly, you must be a South African citizen to qualify for this program. Additionally, if you have any prior work experience, it should not exceed 24 months. Furthermore, applicants must submit their full academic transcripts with their application, including records for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies if applicable. This documentation is essential for verifying your academic achievements and ensuring you meet the program's educational standards.

Benefits of this Programme:

·         You'll learn the ropes of securing new business banking clients, from initial contact to opening accounts and setting up financial services. You will master techniques for prospecting and outreach to potential clients, ensuring a compelling initial engagement. Additionally, you'll navigate the intricacies of account setup, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience for new clients.

·         Develop a strong foundation in assessing financial risk and preparing loan applications to support business growth. You will gain expertise in analyzing financial statements and identifying key risk indicators. Furthermore, you'll learn how to structure loan terms that align with both client needs and bank policies, facilitating business expansion.

·         Gain insights into the specialized field of financing commercial properties, a key driver of economic development. You'll understand property valuation methods and the factors influencing market value. You'll also explore various financing structures and develop strategies to mitigate risks associated with commercial property investments.

·         Sharpen your skills in identifying business trends and using market data to develop effective client acquisition strategies. You will learn to collect and analyze data from various reliable sources to spot emerging market opportunities. Additionally, you’ll develop targeted marketing strategies and measure their effectiveness to attract new business clients.

·         The program emphasizes building strong relationships with internal stakeholders across different departments and fostering trust with clients. You'll enhance your communication skills for effective cross-departmental collaboration, ensuring cohesive service delivery. Moreover, you'll master techniques for building and maintaining long-term client relationships, addressing their evolving needs proactively.

Standard Bank's Graduate Programme goes beyond technical training. You'll also develop essential business acumen and transferable skills that will benefit you throughout your career, such as:

·         Communication and Presentation Skill

Confidently present complex financial information to clients and colleagues. You'll learn to simplify intricate data into clear, actionable insights tailored to your audience. Additionally, you'll refine your public speaking and presentation skills to engage and persuade stakeholders effectively.

·         Problem-Solving and Analytical Thinking

Approach business challenges with a critical eye and develop creative solutions. You'll enhance your ability to dissect problems, identify root causes, and evaluate potential outcomes. Moreover, you'll learn to leverage analytical tools and frameworks to craft innovative strategies that drive business success.

·         Teamwork and Collaboration

Effectively work with a diverse team to achieve common goals. You'll develop skills to foster inclusive team dynamics and leverage individual strengths for collective success. Furthermore, you'll learn conflict resolution techniques and strategies for maintaining high team morale and productivity.

By participating in this programme, you'll benefit from:

·         Structured Learning and Development

Receive mentorship from experienced professionals and participate in workshops to enhance your knowledge and skills.

·         Exposure to Real-World Challenges

Gain practical experience by working on real business banking projects and cases.

·         Networking Opportunities

Build connections with industry leaders and colleagues who can support your career growth.

·         Potential Career Path

Standard Bank offers a dynamic work environment with opportunities for advancement in business banking and related fields.

How to Apply?

Applications close on the 30th of June 2024. 

Click here to apply.

If you're a highly motivated graduate with a strong academic background, a keen interest in business, and a desire to build a successful career in finance, then consider applying for Standard Bank's Business Banking, Acquisition & Commercial Property Finance Graduate Programme. This programme is an exceptional opportunity to gain valuable experience, develop in-demand skills, and launch a rewarding career at a leading African financial institution. Click here to apply.


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