Moore Infinity Bursary 2024

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Are you a South African student with financial limitations but big dreams of pursuing a future in accounting? Look no further! The Moore Infinity Bursary Program is here to support your academic journey. This bursary program, offered by Moore South Africa, aims to empower deserving students by providing financial assistance for their accounting studies. If you're dedicated to your education and have a passion for numbers, this bursary could be the key to unlocking your full potential.

About Moore

Moore South Africa is a prominent member of the Moore Global Network, an expansive international association of independent accounting and consulting firms. With a strong presence in the South African market, Moore South Africa has garnered a reputation for delivering high-quality audit, tax, and advisory services to a wide-ranging clientele. The firm’s commitment to excellence is evident in its adherence to professional standards and its focus on innovative solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and ethical practice, Moore South Africa ensures that its clients benefit from cutting-edge expertise and comprehensive support.

The history of Moore South Africa is a testament to its unwavering dedication to growth and client satisfaction. Since its establishment, the firm has strategically expanded its service offerings and client base, adapting to the dynamic business landscape of South Africa. Through strategic alliances and a focus on cultivating top-tier talent, Moore South Africa has solidified its position as a reliable and knowledgeable advisor in the financial sector. The firm’s longevity and success in the market underscore its ability to provide forward-thinking solutions to complex financial challenges. With a legacy built on trust and expertise, Moore South Africa continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the accounting profession in the region, ensuring that clients receive exceptional service and guidance in their financial endeavors.

About the Bursary

This bursary program, offered by Moore Infinity, aims to empower deserving students by providing financial assistance for their accounting studies. If you're dedicated to your education and have a passion for numbers, this bursary could be the key to unlocking your full potential. The Moore Infinity Bursary Program offers an unparalleled opportunity for South African students aspiring to excel in accounting despite financial constraints. With applications for 2024 open, interested candidates can seize this chance by referencing the job title "Bursaries Moore Infinity 2024" and using the reference number MSA240510-3 to apply. This bursary, situated within the Audit department and offering five positions (Bursaries).

Minimum Requirements                     

·         Must have completed matric.

·         Must be a first or second year BCom Accounting degree student.

·         Applicants are also required to submit a motivation letter explaining why Moore Infinity should grant them a bursary. (Read our article on how to craft a compelling motivational letter!

·         An individual will not be eligible to apply for a bursary if they are a matriculant or student who is already signed a bursary contract with another auditing firm.

Eligibility criteria are stringent, emphasizing a commitment to exclusivity and dedication to the Moore Infinity brand. Once selected, bursars are not merely recipients of financial aid but active participants in Moore Infinity's dynamic environment. They are encouraged to engage in vacation work, immersing themselves in real-world experiences that complement their academic learning. Furthermore, bursars are expected to seize any branding opportunities that may arise, effectively becoming ambassadors for Moore Infinity's values and mission. Through completing their traineeship contract with Moore Infinity, bursars pledge their allegiance to professional growth and development within the organization, cementing their status as integral members of the Moore Infinity family.

Closing Date

The application window for the Moore Infinity Bursary 2024 is now open! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity.  The closing date for applications is August 31st, 2024. Make sure to submit your application well before this deadline to ensure it's considered.

How to Apply?

Click here to apply.

Additional Information

For academically outstanding individuals facing financial constraints, securing a bursary at Moore Infinity stands as a transformative opportunity. This program serves as a beacon of hope, alleviating the financial burden associated with tertiary education and providing a pathway to pursue academic aspirations unhindered by tuition fees. Moore Infinity, situated in the heart of Sandton, embodies a dynamic ethos committed to fostering enduring client relationships across diverse industries while upholding Environmental, Social, and Government (ESG) principles. With a team comprising young partners and driven professionals, the firm thrives on innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, consistently delivering exceptional services characterized by fresh perspectives and creative solutions.

Recognizing the paramount importance of personal growth and well-being, Moore Infinity cultivates a supportive work environment that prioritizes a healthy work-life balance. Embracing a hybrid working model, employees benefit from initiatives like "Infinite Leave" and "Infinity Stones Awards," fostering an environment conducive to professional development and holistic wellness. This commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a culture of excellence underscores Moore Infinity's dedication to making a meaningful impact across various business sectors, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the industry.

The Moore Infinity Bursary is a fantastic chance to focus on your studies without the burden of financial constraints, enabling you to dedicate yourself fully to academic excellence and professional growth. It represents not only a financial investment but also a vote of confidence in your potential to excel in the field of accounting. If you have the talent and drive to succeed in accounting, don't hesitate to apply. Seize this opportunity to embark on a transformative journey toward realizing your ambitions and shaping your future. Take charge of your destiny, embrace the possibilities, and apply for the Moore Infinity Bursary today! Your journey to becoming a distinguished accounting professional begins here.


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