South African Journal on Human Rights (SAJHR) Bursary South Africa 2024

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The South African Journal on Human Rights (SAJHR) has long been a symbol of academic excellence and advocacy in the field of human rights Aligned with its dedication to nurturing knowledge and advancing social justice, the SAJHR offers a prestigious bursary programme aimed at supporting aspiring scholars and activists in South Africa. The SAJHR Bursary programme for 2024 continues this tradition of empowerment, providing invaluable opportunities for students to pursue their educational aspirations and contribute meaningfully to the advancement of human rights in the country.

About the Bursary Provider: South African Journal on Human Rights (SAJHR)

Founded in 1985, the South African Journal on Human Rights (SAJHR) has a rich history rooted in the pursuit of scholarly excellence and advocacy in the field of public law. The journal was established by the esteemed Centre for Applied Legal Studies (CALS), a renowned institution dedicated to promoting social justice through legal research and advocacy initiatives. Situated within the esteemed School of Law at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, the SAJHR has been a cornerstone of academic discourse and intellectual exchange in South Africa and beyond. As the premier South African public law journal, the SAJHR upholds rigorous academic standards, publishing scholarly works of the highest calibre to a diverse and global readership. With a commitment to advancing knowledge and understanding in the realm of human rights and public law, the journal releases four issues annually, providing a platform for scholars, practitioners, and activists to engage with cutting-edge research and critical analysis.

Since January 2016, the SAJHR has entered into a partnership with Taylor & Francis, a leading academic publisher, to ensure the wide dissemination and accessibility of its content. This collaboration has further enhanced the journal's reach and impact, facilitating greater engagement with audiences around the world. Through its publications, the SAJHR contributes significantly to academic discourse, policy development, and advocacy efforts in the field of human rights and public law. By fostering intellectual dialogue and promoting interdisciplinary scholarship, the journal plays a pivotal role in shaping legal theory, informing practice, and driving positive social change.

The SAJHR remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting human rights, fostering academic excellence, and advancing social justice both within South Africa and on a global scale. As it continues to evolve and adapt to changing contexts and challenges, the journal remains an indispensable resource for scholars, practitioners, and activists dedicated to the pursuit of a more just and equitable world.

Fields Covered by the South African Journal on Human Rights Bursary

The bursary targets postgraduate students enrolled in LLM degree programs focusing on constitutional, human rights, and/or justice-related matters across various disciplines at any public university in South Africa.

Coverage Value of the South African Journal on Human Rights Bursary

As this bursary operates as a top-up fund, it solely covers study-related fees, amounting to R30,000. This one-time payment is intended to assist financially disadvantaged students in meeting their educational expenses. However, students are responsible for covering any additional expenses themselves.

Eligibility Requirements for the South African Journal of Human Rights Bursary

1. Be a Black South African citizen or permanent resident.

2. Demonstrate academic excellence - Preference will also be given to students with a strong academic record who are nearing graduation. 3. You must have achieved a minimum overall average of 65% in your LLB studies.

4. You must have recently obtained an LLB qualification from any university in South Africa.

5. Preference will be given to students who graduated from one of the following universities: The University of Venda, University of Fort Hare, University of Zululand, University of Limpopo, Walter Sisulu University, or the University of the Western Cape.

6. Provide evidence of financial need.

7. Your studies must involve coursework and research focused on human rights, constitutional, and/or justice-related law.

8. You must be enrolled to pursue an LLM degree, either in your first or second (final) year, at any public university in South Africa.

It's important to note that failure to meet any of these requirements will result in your application not being considered:

Documents Required When Applying for the South African Journal on Human Rights Bursary

1. Certified copy of your ID document.

2. Certified copy of your passport with a permanent address (if applicable for permanent residents).

3. Contact details of two references who can endorse your application.

4. A comprehensive academic record issued on the institution’s letterhead

 5. A motivational letter supporting your application and demonstrating your financial need. Students may also attach an account statement as proof of income.

6. An updated curriculum vitae.

Failure to include any of these documents may result in the rejection of your application.

How to Apply for the South African Journal on Human Rights Bursary

1.       Applications should be sent directly to Dr. Joey Kok, the managing editor of SAJHR, via email at

2.       There is no online application form available for this bursary; instead, students can apply by submitting the aforementioned documents.

3.       When applying for the bursary, applicants must include the phrase "SAJHR top-up Bursary" in the subject line of the email.

4.       Candidates who are shortlisted will be notified by the conclusion of May 2024. If you do not receive any communication, please assume that your application has not been successful.

Closing Date

Application Deadline: April 26, 2024

Notification of successful candidates will be sent by the conclusion of May 2024.

Contact Details for the Bursary Provider

For inquiries regarding this bursary program, please reach out to the University of Witwatersrand directly:

Contact Person: Dr. Joey Kok (SAJHR Managing Editor)


For admission inquiries, please call: 011 717 1888

For general inquiries, please call: 011 717 1000

Website:wits./sajhr -bursary-applications website

The South African Journal on Human Rights (SAJHR) Bursary programme represents a unique opportunity for students to pursue their academic aspirations while actively engaging with issues of human rights and social justice. By providing financial support and mentorship, the programme empowers future leaders to make a meaningful impact in their communities and beyond, embodying the spirit of scholarship and activism that defines the SAJHR.


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