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The Paper Manufacturers Association of South Africa (PAMSA) was established in 1992 to meet the education and training needs of the pulp and paper industry. It began with a focus on ensuring that industry workers received the necessary skills and knowledge to advance their careers and maintain high industry standards.  Since then, PAMSA has grown to become a key industry association, advocating for the collective interests of over 90% of South Africa's pulp, paper, board, and tissue manufacturers. It plays a central role in uniting the diverse stakeholders within these sectors, promoting collaboration, sharing best practices, and addressing common challenges.

PAMSA's scope encompasses a broad range of industry segments, including pulp production, paper manufacturing, packaging, tissue, and other wood-based products. As a major industry association, it is dedicated to driving growth, sustainability, and innovation. PAMSA supports research and development initiatives, encourages sustainable practices, and works to ensure that the industry remains competitive and forward-thinking in a rapidly changing environment. One of PAMSA's notable activities is its focus on education and training. By providing bursaries, facilitating research programmes, and offering guidance on industry trends, PAMSA helps to cultivate the next generation of professionals. This emphasis on learning and development contributes to the ongoing success and sustainability of the paper manufacturing sector in South Africa.

PAMSA's commitment to sustainability is evident in its support for projects that promote resource efficiency and the recycling of paper and wood products. This focus aligns with global trends toward environmental responsibility and positions South Africa's pulp and paper industry as a leader in sustainable practices.  PAMSA plays a vital role in advocating for the common interests of the South African pulp and paper industry, driving innovation, and promoting sustainability. It also provides valuable support for education and training, ensuring the industry's continued growth and success.

About the Masters in Chemical Engineering Bursary Programme

The Paper Manufacturers Association of South Africa (PAMSA) is seeking applications from final-year students and graduates with a BEng/BSc in Chemical Engineering for its Master's in Chemical Engineering bursary and research programme. This programme funds two years of full-time study at designated universities, where students will engage in research projects focusing on the beneficiation of wood fibre, recycled fibre, or process waste, as well as resource efficiency. The projects are designed to promote sustainability and innovation in the paper manufacturing industry.

Being part of the PAMSA bursary programme provides not only financial support for academic pursuits but also opportunities for employment as an engineer-in-training with PAMSA member companies upon graduation. This practical experience allows students to transition from academia to industry, contributing to their professional development and industry engagement.

Who the PAMSA Bursary Caters For

The Paper Manufacturers Association of South Africa (PAMSA) is inviting applications for its Bursary and Research Programme for the 2025-2026 academic years. The bursary supports students pursuing a Master's in Chemical Engineering at an accredited South African university.

PAMSA Bursary Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the PAMSA bursary, applicants must meet the following criteria (note that failure to meet all requirements may result in disqualification):

- Applicants must plan to pursue a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering in 2025.

- A strong academic record is required, with a minimum average of 60% in the final year of study.

- The university attended must be recognized and accredited in South Africa.

- Preference is given to South African citizens.

- Applicants must be either in their final year of a BEng or BSc in Chemical Engineering or have already completed the degree.

- The undergraduate program must have been completed within 5 years.

 How to Apply for the PAMSA Bursary

- Obtain the Application Form: Visit the PAMSA website or follow the provided link to access the online application form. The form is hosted on Google Forms, offering a straightforward and user-friendly way to submit your application.  

Click here to apply once applications are open.

- Complete the Application Form: Fill out all required fields in the form, ensuring that you provide accurate and complete information. This may include personal details, academic history, work experience, and other relevant information.

- Gather Required Documents: Ensure you have all the necessary documents ready for upload. These include a curriculum vitae (CV), a one-page statement explaining your suitability, academic transcripts, and a reference letter from a lecturer.

- Submit Your Application: After completing the form and uploading the required documents, submit your application before the specified deadline. It's important to meet the deadline to ensure your application is considered.

- Review Your Submission: Double-check your application for completeness and accuracy before submitting it. This helps avoid errors or omissions that could affect your chances of being selected.

The application process is designed to be simple, but it's crucial to carefully follow the instructions and provide all requested information. Meeting the submission deadline is critical, so make sure to complete your application on time.

Documents Required

- A curriculum vitae (CV).

- A one-page statement explaining why you believe you are a suitable candidate. Include your areas of interest, such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, biopolymers, etc.

- Academic transcripts for all years of study.

- A reference letter from a lecturer.

Ensure you have these documents ready, as you will need to upload them to complete your application.

Closing Date

Early Application (Early Bird Deadline): Candidates who wish to apply ahead of time can do so by June 7, 2024. Applying by this date offers benefits such as a greater chance of early review, potential feedback on application completeness, or additional considerations.

Late Application (Late Sleeper Deadline): For those who need more time to prepare their applications, the final deadline is June 28, 2024. Applicants who submit by this date will still be considered, but there's a risk of increased competition or reduced flexibility in terms of responses to application queries.

It's recommended to apply early if possible to ensure all requirements are met and to allow extra time for any necessary follow-up or adjustments. PAMSA's bursary program is an excellent opportunity for aspiring chemical engineers to gain financial support and industry exposure while contributing to the growth and sustainability of South Africa's paper manufacturing sector.

Contact Information for the Bursary Provider

If you have questions about the bursary programme, you can reach out to PAMSA directly using the following contact details:

- Email:

- Telephone: 011 803 5063


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