TETA Bursary 2024

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The Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA) is one of the 21 Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) established in South Africa. TETA was formally established along with all the other SETAs in March 2000 under the terms of Skills Development Act 97 of 1998, it is a public entity that reports to the Minister of Higher Education and Training. TETA is responsible for skills development in the transport sector, including aviation, maritime, road freight, road passenger, rail, and clearing and forwarding. As part of its mandate, TETA offers bursaries to deserving students pursuing studies in various fields related to the transport sector. TETA's bursary program aims to address the critical skills shortages within the transport industry by providing financial assistance to students who demonstrate academic potential and a strong interest in pursuing careers in transport-related fields. 

TETA awards bursaries to students who specialize in Transport related field of study. Accounting (Bcom), Aeronautical Engineering (B Degree).

Here are some of the qualification funded by TETA;

·         (N4-N6) or National Diploma, B-Tech, Advanced Diploma B degree in Electrical/Electronic/Industrial Engineering

·         N4-N6) or National Diploma, B-Tech, Advanced Diploma or B Degree in Mechanical Engineering

·         National Diploma, B-Tech, Advanced Diploma or B degree in Logistics Management

·         National Diploma, B-Tech, Advanced Diploma or B Degree in Road Transport Management

·         National Diploma, B-Tech, Advanced Diploma or B Degree in Supply Chain Management including Warehouse, Storage & Distribution

·         National Diploma, B-Tech, Advanced Diploma or B degree in Transportation Management

·         National Diploma, B-Tech, Advanced Diploma or B degree in Transport Economics

·         National Diploma, B-Tech or B Degree: Maritime or Nautical Studies

·          CPL with ATPL Subjects

·         National Diploma, B-Tech, Advanced Diploma or B degree in Business Administration

·         National Diploma, B-Tech, Advanced Diploma or B degree in Risk Management

·         Master’s Degree in Transport Related (Possible Themes in the Guidelines

You can get a full list of all the qualifications funded by TETA Bursary at TETA

Requirements and Eligibility

1.South African citizenship.

2.Applicants must be between the ages of 18 to 35 years, as the TETA bursary carters to the youth

3.  This an unemployed bursary, so student should either be unemployed or if employed it should not be fulltime.

2. Enrollment or acceptance at an accredited South African public higher education institution or TVET college (To study fulltime or on a part-time bases).

3. Pursuing studies in a field relevant to the transport sector, such as engineering, logistics, maritime studies, aviation, or road transport management.

4. Academic merit, as evidenced by academic records and/or examination results, has passed with a minimum overall average of 50% in the previous years’ studied

5. Financial need, although this may vary depending on available funding and specific bursary criteria (total household income not more than R350 000 per year).

Failure to meet all the requirements will lead to disqualification of application.

Additionally, preference may be given to students from historically disadvantaged backgrounds or those residing in rural areas. 

What the Bursary Covers:

1.The bursary may cover all or a portion of tuition fees, depending on the applicant's financial need and available funding.

2. In some cases, the bursary may contribute towards accommodation costs for students living in university residences or private accommodation.

3.Funding may be provided to purchase textbooks, stationery, and other study materials required for academic success.

4. The bursary may include a stipend to cover transport costs associated with attending lectures, practical training, or work placements.

The exact amount and extent of coverage may vary from one recipient to another and depend on individual circumstances and available funding. 

Who does the TETA Bursary Cater for?

The TETA bursary program is designed to support youth from various backgrounds who are committed to pursuing careers in the transport sector. This includes individuals from historically disadvantaged communities, as well as those with disabilities or other barriers to accessing higher education. The bursary aims to promote diversity and inclusivity within the transport industry by providing opportunities for talented individuals from all walks of life to pursue tertiary education and contribute to the sector's growth and development.

Applicants for the TETA bursary must submit the following documentation along with their application;

1. Completed application form: This form includes personal details, academic history, financial information, and a motivation statement outlining the applicant's career goals and reasons for applying for the bursary.

2. Certified copy of South African ID or passport: Proof of citizenship is required to verify the applicant's eligibility for the bursary.

3. Academic transcripts: Official transcripts or academic records from previous studies are used to assess the applicant's academic performance and potential.

4. A letter of acceptance or proof of enrollment from an accredited South African higher education institution is required to confirm the applicant's current or intended course of study.

5. Financial documents: These may include proof of household income, affidavits, or other supporting documents to demonstrate the applicant's financial need.

Additional documentation may be requested depending on the specific requirements of the bursary and the information provided in the application form. 

Application Procedure and Closing Date

The application process for the TETA bursary opens annually, and interested candidates are advised to monitor the TETA website or contact the authority directly for information on application dates and procedures, you can use the following website link (TETA link) Once the application period is open, candidates can obtain application forms from the TETA website or regional offices and submit their completed forms along with the required documentation by the specified deadline. It is essential to adhere to all instructions and ensure that the application is complete and accurate to avoid disqualification. Closing dates for applications may vary from year to year and depend on available funding and other factors, application for bursaries for 2024 closed 23 August 2023 and (23;59) Therefore, applicants are encouraged to submit their applications well before the deadline to avoid any last-minute issues or delays.

Applications must be only being done online, via a link that will be provided, no other method of application will be accepted.

The TETA bursary program plays an important role in supporting the development of skilled professionals in the transport sector and promoting access to higher education for deserving students in South Africa. By providing financial assistance and opportunities for academic and professional growth, the bursary helps to address skills shortages, promote diversity, and contribute to the sustainable growth and transformation of the transport industry.

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