How to make money online from blogging part I

I have been blogging for a while and I have tried different methods to make money from blogs. I want to share my experiences with you all so that you can make some passive income while you are still studying or doing your internships. I have also gained some experience on the other side by working in digital marketing so I know how bloggers from all over the world are making money and what topics make the most money in different niches.

how to run a blog as a business

Blogging for money in 2018

This is part one of a series of articles that will teach you how to make money as a blogger in South Africa. I will only share opportunities that I have seen working in the South African context. This post will be talking about choosing a niche that people are interested in and actually search for and buying your domain name to match that niche.

Decide on a niche (topic and category of your blog/site)

I would usually say choose a topic you love and have interest in so that you will be motivated to work on it each week, or choose a problem that you have identified in South Africa that has a lot of interest and queries but no-one is providing the right answers for it. Since this article is about making money from blogging in 2018 I am going to suggest something else as the two methods I just mentioned above about choosing a blog niche are a long game play and may not necessarily offer quick wins. So to find topics to blog about I would suggest that you go to google trends and see what the most popular topics are on the internet. Once you are on google trends set it to show you the trends in South Africa just to see the topics people are interested in. See also trending charts which breaks down trending topics by category. An interesting blog to start would be a blog following the lives of controversial Zalebs such as Zodwa wabantu and her rise to fame (This type of site would need regular daily updates and for you to be keep track of all social media, news and gossip alerts). Alternatively you could have a more classy site which profiles all mzansi celebs, how they started out and how they found success (this type of site would need more detailed article that takes time so you would not be publishing everyday, maybe once or twice per week), to make it even more niche you could start a site just profiling South African actors, or athletes etc.

Additionally I would also do some keyword research for the topics I have in mind to find out how many people search for those terms each month to see the level of competition for those keywords (how easy or hard it will be to show up and rank on the first page for those terms in order to get people clicking on the link to your site). If you are a blogger already and have access to adsense and adwords I would use google keyword planner to get those numbers but worry not there are free keyword research tools such as that will also give you those numbers.

Choose a short, catchy and memorable domain name

Once you have decided on a topic and verified that it has enough search volume (people searching for it each month) then you can move on to buying a website name otherwise known as a domain name. Yes you have to buy a domain name if you want to make money from blogging and if you want a professional site. A site only costs R99 a year and a .com only costs R199 a year. If your blog is meant for South Africans only then a is the way to go, if your site is targeting and international audience then a .com is the best option followed by a .net and a .org respectively. So go ahead and decide on a short memorable domain name and head over to gridhost to see if its available to buy using online banking or a credit card.

An example of a short and memorable domain name would be, for the detailed actor profiles site idea I mentioned above or  for the daily latest news on controversial mzansi celebs. Please note that I recommend using gridhost which used to be webafrica for hosting and domains because they offer easy payment methods and you can opt to hide the identity of the site owner if you so wish for privacy issues and security purposes.

Which topic would I choose to blog about in 2018

If I were to start a blog right now I would choose to blog about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. One, because it is one of the trending topics since last year. Two, there is huge government and business interest in it and three, there is interest from people not wanting to miss out on the next big thing (trying to get rich quick as well). Four there is a gap in the market for solid information because people are getting scammed by investing in things they do not understand. And finally there is an easy way to monetise a bitcoin or cryptocurrency site in South Africa, there are a few major companies that allow South Africans to access cryptocurrencies and these companies have affiliate programs like the one I wrote about in this post about how to earn bitcoin. Cryptocurrency companies around the world are looking for places to publish articles about their offering to reach more people and there is a huge search volume for cryptocurrency terms and not a lot of established cryptocurrency blogs so there has never been a better time to start a blog in a niche when everyone is starting off on equal footing at the bottom with no real authority site in the country.

How to check how much traffic sites ranking for your keyword or writing in your preferred niche get

If you google "how to buy bitcoin in South Africa" you will see that only two blogs/sites dedicated to bitcoin rank on the first page, the other sites are about other topics and just so happened to cover bitcoin because it was trending or they are bitcoin exchanges.

I use a tool called similar web to check how much traffic a site receives to get a picture of the amount of traffic for that niche.

So if I put into

If I put the second blog into it does not show any traffic data as the traffic is not that much yet but it ranks on the first page and receives targeted traffic and still makes conversions, so I google "website traffic estimator" and I find which estimates that recieves roughly:

Which is still significant. I will go into how to come up with a content strategy and monetisation in a future blog posts in this series so stay tuned this month as we cover more details.

In part II after you have chosen a niche and bought a domain name, we will help you decide which blogging platform to use to start blogging. We will be doing a comparison on whether to use blogger or wordpress which are popular easy to use platforms which can be easily optimised to rank well in google search results.

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How to Earn Bitcoin in South Africa with Little Investment

get bitcoin in south africa

Bitcoin the original cryptocurrency is the trending topic this year. Bitcoin rose to global fame in December last year when it reached the value of over $19000 for one bitcoin having been worth only about $1000 at the beginning of 2017. Its value has since declined but its still worth over $9000 as of (7/3/18). Experts expect bitcoin to surpass the $20000 mark this year. Even though bitcoin and the value of the more established cryptocurrencies is volatile, historic data over the last few years seems to indicate that the value of bitcoin increases year on year. Cryptocurrencies in general are gaining widespread attention from governments as well as established private organisations. One country (The Marshall Islands) has even decided to make cryptocurrency an officially recognised currency whereas another (Venezuela) has created its own oil backed cryptocurrency called Petro. Cryptocurrency terms have also been added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary this month. These are all indications that cryptocurrency is here to stay. Now that I have introduced bitcoin in the 2018 context I will share a way that you too can get in on the action even if you don't have any money to buy any for yourself yet.

How to get your hands on some bitcoin in South Africa for free which is one of a few places that allows people to buy, sell and store bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in South Africa recently announced the launch of their affiliate program last week. 
how to earn bitcoin in South Africa

What you get for joining the cryptocurrency affiliate program

1. You earn 20% commision from Coindirects transaction fees for every transaction the person you refer makes on Coindirect for as long as they are active on the platform.
2. You earn commission in the cryptocurrency the person you refer buys in i.e. if you refer someone and they buy in bitcoin, you will also earn commission in bitcoin, if they buy ethereum you will also earn ethereum into your free Coindirect wallet which you will get when you sign up.
3. You will get paid daily if your referrals are transacting regularly.
4. Coindirect also allows people with enough investment capital or cryptocurrency to sign up to the platform as vendors, this means they run a fulltime cryptocurrency trading business which the platforms gives them the tools to operate. If you refer a vendor/trader/seller you will make more money as they will be transacting daily.

How you earn bitcoin and other altcoins as a Coindirect Affiliate

2. Login and click on the affiliates tab and then click "Join the program" to get your affiliate link.
3. Start sharing your link with all your friends and family who are interested in buying bitcoin or cryptocurrency, share it on your social media accounts, youtube and on your blog etc. The more people you convince to join the more you will earn.
4. You will be able to track your earnings in your affiliates dashboard each day

Please also note that if you have the money, you can start investing in cryptocurrency from R500 for bitcoin or any of the 33 other cryptocurrencies available on the platform. You can pay for your cryptocurrency instantly through online banking in rands. The old investment saying says that it's best to buy when prices are low and sell when they are high in order to profit or hold onto your investment if you believe it will be worth more in the future because of the underlying block chain technology. Holding onto your cryptocurrency investment is called "Hodling" in the cryptocurrency community. 

Please note that this is not financial advice and should not be taken as such, cryptocurrency is risky meaning you stand to make a lot of money over night but you stand an equal chance of losing a lot of your money/investment value overnight as well. Read up some more on cryptocurrency and get some professional advice so that you can make educated investments especially with the lesser known altcoins.

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Where to Rewrite or Upgrade your Matric Subjects in South Africa

matric rewrite
Believe in yourself! You can do it, time is still on your side.
Matric is one of the most important milestones in everyone’s life. It is a rite of passage just as turning 18 and getting your driver’s license (all of which usually happen around the same time). In matric you have to pass your matric exams which open up career opportunities for you if you pass with good marks and determine what you can study and which type of higher education institutions you can go to. Not everyone gets good results in matric and this means you may not be able to study the courses you want to study and you have limited career options. One way to get around this is to rewrite some of your matric subjects so that you qualify to study for diploma courses at universities of technology or degrees at major universities. Today I have put together a list of places where you can go and improve your matric results by rewriting some or all of your subjects.

Here is a list of 30 schools to improve matric results:


Additionally there is a government second chance programme, click here to read more about it and what it offers

Please also note that even small towns have fet colleges, find the one in your town and go inquire about whether they offer a matric upgrade/rewrite? I know some people are embarrassed to rewrite matric subjects or upgrade in their home town’s so they prefer to go to other towns and leave at the same time as their friends going to tertiary so that it looks like they are studying post matric courses somewhere else but remember that it’s your own life and at 17/18 you still have time on your side. Just focus for a year or 6 months and your life will be back on track again, forget about what everyone else is doing. You can also just go and repeat matric at your old high school if you have failed matric instead of repeating it at a college somewhere.

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