6 Ways Post-Graduate Education Can Improve Your Employability

In today's world, it is extremely important to consider higher education, for a variety of reasons. Primarily, it is perceived that post-graduate education, or a PhD will better prepare you for a professional career. Additionally, it is a common belief that students who hold an advanced degree are more likely to be considered for higher management roles. But do all of these notions hold true in practice? Does a post-graduate education or a PhD really improve your employability? The following is a list of factors that can help you in deciding this:

Improvement in technical skill levels

The first and foremost factor that can be developed by enrolling in a higher education program is the possibility to develop technical skills in your field. Such courses provide you with the opportunity to learn advanced techniques which can come in handy at a later stage of your career. Additionally, you can also develop your reasoning ability by understanding various theories in a better manner. Post-graduate and PhD courses give you the opportunity to delve deeper into your chosen field in a manner that cannot always be done while working in a job. This can improve your employability factor a great deal.

Practical experiences abound

Another advantage of higher education is that it provides with you with various practical experiences that can prove to be vital. Often, such courses require you to work on data collection projects where you need to step out and do market research. By obtaining the skills needed to collect primary data, the potential for learning is unlimited. It prepares you for the career challenges that you might face at a later stage in life. Also, there are various group projects at post-graduate level which require you to conduct events and programs, etc. All such practical experiences are invaluable and will certainly help in improving your employability.

Working in a team environment

Another aspect of a post-graduate level course is that it helps you to adapt to working in a team environment. More often than not, you would be required to work in a team wherein every member is given a set of tasks. Such an experience not only helps you in developing your communication skills, but it also prepares you to deal with difficult team members. Almost every field of work needs you to collaborate to some extent, and such skills can only be sharpened by enrolling yourself in a post-graduate level course. Recruiters are always on the lookout for good team players since it is beneficial for their organisation in building synergies. Working in a team environment helps you in developing soft skills as well, which make you much more employable overall.

Working under pressure

Post-graduate and PhD courses are full of projects and assignments which have tight deadlines. More often than not, you will be required to submit your assignments online before that deadline comes. This prepares you for the real-life work environment that looms ahead. In almost every field of work, deadline-based delivery is a key feature. If you learn how to manage your time in a better manner and also manage to deliver quality work, this is a great combination of skills to have. Recruiters often test individuals for their time management skills since client dealing is all about meeting deadlines. Thus, post-graduate and PhD courses can help in sharpening your time management skills and hence make you more employable.

Developing a reading habit

Post-graduate or PhD level courses often require you to read a lot. This is a great habit to develop. Since these courses involve dissertations which are based on literature reviews, you get into the habit of reading through a wide variety of literature. Additionally, in order to be competitive in these courses, it is advised to read as much as you can and get into the habit. This habit can improve your employability a great deal as it can help you in enhancing your awareness levels. Also, reading can help you in developing your vocabulary, even if the reading is only for a specific assignment or project. Thus, post-graduate level courses can be of great help to your career in indirect ways as well. Reading can also be a great hobby for you while making you more employable at the same time.

 Leadership and motivational skills

Another aspect of your personality that can be developed by enrolling in a higher education course is your ability to lead and motivate others. Often, there are projects which require you to organise a team and to delegate work to each individual involved. Further, there are assignments where you would be required to ensure that the overall output of the team is up to the mark and for this purpose, you might need to motivate your team. This can help you in building your leadership skills. Also, recruiters are always on the lookout for candidates who are not only self-motivated but can also inspire others to do well. This is because such skills can improve the overall efficiency of their organisation. Thus, by enrolling in post-graduate level courses, you can develop leadership and motivational skills which can not only improve your employability but also prove to be beneficial for you for the rest of your career.


Thus, to sum up, a post-graduate education or a PhD does have a significant impact on your employability. The range of technical and non-technical skills acquired by enrolling in these courses can really help you in your career and prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead. You will be able to handle the pressure in a much more effective manner and at the same time get better at working in teams. Further, advanced education courses can also help in developing your leadership skills, which can come in handy when it comes to your long-term career. Thus, enrolling in such courses can prove to be really beneficial and make you more employable.

Author Bio

Ellie Richards is an online Marketing Manager for Original PhD. She specialises in research, content and article writing on various topics, including Education, Marketing, and Technology.

Why You Should Do An Online Short Course

do online courses for a promotion

Online short courses are becoming increasingly popular. There are many reasons for this but part of the reason is because more and more people have access to the internet now. It’s now easier to deliver educational content than in the past where distance learning was done primarily via mail/courier services which caused delays. You have access to the internet and educational materials through your computer, tablet and smartphone devices nowadays.

5 Reasons why people do online short courses:

1. If you have a general degree and you want to break into a new industry e.g you have a humanities degree but you want a job in marketing, you would do a marketing short course to get a certificate and a basic knowledge of marketing to land an internship or junior position.

2. People could not afford to go to university, so they’d do short courses while they work so that they can upskill while on the job without sacrificing their salary.

3. People do short courses to gain the necessary skills to get a promotion at work to do the job that requires the skills taught in the short course.

4. Short courses are a way new disciples are introduced to the world for example digital marketing and blockchain are more likely to be found as short-courses lasting 3-12 months than as degrees and diplomas.

5. Short courses are a way to get an accredited certificate from a major university for a fraction of the price. E.g you can get a recognised certificate from Stellenbosch University just by doing an online short course on Masterstart.com.

Masterstart Online Short Courses:

Masterstart offers 11 online short courses from the University of Stellenbosch Business School Executive Development. These courses range from 6 - 12 weeks in duration.

1. Project Management: Principles and Practices short course (12 weeks)
2. Operations Management short course (11 weeks)
3. Business Leadership and Management short course (10 weeks)
4. Leadership short course (9 weeks)
5. Supply Chain Management short course (10 weeks)
6. Marketing Management: Principles and Practices short (10 weeks)
7. Fundamentals of Risk Management short course (12 weeks)
8. Human Resource Management short course (10 weeks)
9. Financial Management Fundamentals short course (7 weeks)
10. Business and Systems Analysis short course (12 weeks)
11. Customer Centricity short course (6 weeks)

You can pay for these short courses in instalments using Mobicred. The course prices range from R11 997 - R15997 for the longest course. Go to Masterstart.com to find out more.

How to make money fast in South Africa 2019

make easy money in 2019 with coindirect

Today I am going to share with you a way to make easy money from home in South Africa using just your cellphone or computer. This a a good way to earn some extra moola especially if you are a student or have just started an internship or beginner level job that does not pay well. The best part about this method of making money is that it does not take a lot of time.

So you are probably thinking...

How can I make money right now?

I will share with you. Remember how Uber got famous, you would sign up for Uber and then you would invite your friends to join Uber and then both of you would get free rides. Imagine if you could get those same types of benefits but this time instead of free rides you could get free money.

How to earn free money

Well a few months back I shared a post about how to earn free bitcoin by joining affiliate programs for cryptocurrency exchanges. The problem with affiliate programs is that you earn money from the fees that the exchanges charge and the fees are 1% of less, so in order for you to earn you will need to refer someone who spends big bucks on a regular. Additionally you only earn when the person transacts so it may take a while to start seeing earning from the time you refer someone to the time they purchase something. To make money you would have to refer a lot of people and hope that some of them invest big money into bitcoin.

Coindirect, one of the leading bitcoin wallets and exchanges in South Africa has an affiliate program and they recognised that affiliate programs take time and volumes, so they have devised another incentive to get people involved in cryptocurrency investing. An earn program that works in the same way as the Uber referral program. Instead of free rides you earn XRP (Ripple) when you refer someone and they also get credited with XRP.

How does the Coindirect earn program work

invite your friends to open a free Coindirect account and you both get rewarded with XRP to start your crypto journey
As you can see from the picture above the earn program works in a simple way:

- If someone Joins Coindirect using your link, you both earn 2 xrp (currently equal to R8,81)
- When that person performs their first transaction e.g buys bitcoin, you can an additional 5 XR (currently R22).
- You can share you link via any online channel (facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, whatsapp, sms, email etc)

Coindirect allows you to convert XRP to ZAR (Rands) therefore you can withdraw the money into your bank accounts once it's enough or use it to but bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

How much can you earn

Scenario 1 - earnings from people signing up

You earn R8,81 per sign up so if you sign up 1 person a day you can earn R264 per month

Scenario 2 - earnings from people signing up + performing their first transaction

You earn R30,80 from someone signing up and performing a first transaction, if you sign up 1 person a day who performs a first transaction you can earn R924 per month

If you are good at social media you can earn a lot just by scale from 1 a day to say 10 a day your earning potential increases.

Sign up for a free Coindirect account and start earning now.

To regularly check the price of XRP got to this Coindirect XRP page which has the current exchange rate.

5 Easy ways to start earning today

1. Open a free Coindirect account click on the earn tab and share you link on twitter atleast once a day.

2. Share your link with your friends on Facebook so they can start earning too.

3. Share your link on instagram letting everyone know to get in on the action and ask them to use your link to say than you.

4. Share your link with all your WhatsApp contacts telling them to thank you for letting them know by using your link to sign up for a free wallet. Just like those religious messages that say you must share with the 20 people but this time you will all make some moola.

5. Create 2 minute youtube videos about how to open a free bitcoin account, how to buy bitcoin in SA and how to earn free money using the earn program. This is easy to do on smart phones you just record your screen as you do it and do a voice over explaining then you upload to youtube.

That is all for today, subscribe to Sa Varsity Student via email to get our latest posts, also like our page on facebook.