The Schauenburg Education Trust Bursary 2025

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The Schauenburg Education Trust plays a pivotal role in shaping the future workforce of South Africa by awarding bursaries to students pursuing qualifications in scarce skills. These bursaries aim to address the critical shortage of skilled professionals in the fields of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Business Management and Administration, ensuring a robust pipeline of talent for the country's future employment needs.

Focus of the Schauenburg Education Trust

For the foreseeable future, the Schauenburg Education Trust will concentrate its efforts on supporting students in their second, third, and fourth years of study. The targeted fields are Electrical and Electronic Engineering, as well as Business Management and Business Administration. This focus underscores the trust's commitment to fostering advanced skill sets and leadership qualities among young South Africans, preparing them to contribute significantly to the country's economy and industrial growth.

Eligibility for the 2025 Bursary

To qualify for a bursary for the 2025 academic year, students must be enrolled in specific degree programs and institutions. The bursaries are available to those studying Electrical Engineering (BEng or BSc), Business Management, and Business Administration (BCom) at the University of Pretoria, University of Johannesburg, North-West University (Vanderbijlpark), and the University of the Witwatersrand. This selective approach ensures that the bursary recipients receive education from some of the most reputable institutions in Gauteng Province, enhancing the quality and value of their academic experience.

Criteria for Bursary Application

Applicants must meet several criteria to be considered for the bursary:

1) Demographic and Citizenship Requirements: Applicants must be Black persons as defined by B-BBEE legislation, with a preference for Black women, Black students under 35 years of age, and Black students with disabilities. They must also be South African citizens with valid ID numbers. 

2) Academic Standing and Commitment: Candidates must be full-time students currently in their first, second, or third year of study. They should have demonstrated good academic progress, having passed all registered courses. Additionally, they must be willing to participate in interviews and psychometric testing as part of the selection process.

3) Engagement with Schauenburg Systems: Successful applicants must be willing to spend a minimum of three weeks during their mid-year university holidays in a vacation work or job shadowing program at Schauenburg Systems (Pty) Ltd. This requirement is designed to provide practical industry experience and foster a deeper understanding of their field of study.

Coverage of the Bursary

The bursary offered by the Schauenburg Education Trust for the 2025 academic year is comprehensive, covering several essential expenses:

1) Tuition Fees: The bursary will cover 100% of the prescribed university tuition fees, registration fees, and exam fees, all of which will be paid directly to the university.

2) Accommodation: An amount equivalent to the average rate for accommodation in a single room at a university hostel will be provided. This amount, determined by the trustees, may also be paid directly to the university.

3) Textbooks and Course Materials: The bursary includes an allowance for textbooks and course materials.

4_ Living Allowances: An additional living allowance will be provided to help cover day-to-day expenses.

All payments related to the bursary will be administered according to the trustees' guidelines, and successful applicants will receive detailed information regarding the disbursement of funds.

Application and Selection Process (How to Apply)

To apply for the bursary, candidates must submit their applications before 15 July 2024. The application process can be completed online through the Schauenburg Education Trust's website (link is provided below under ‘how to apply’) or by requesting an application form from the designated contacts, Thembeka Mpati,

Or Megan Milburn,

The application should include:

1) A cover letter.

2) Supporting documents such as the Matric certificate, academic records, and a copy of the applicant’s South African Identity Documentation.

3) A motivational letter, articulating their aspirations and why they should be considered for the bursary. [Click here to read on how to write a compelling motivational letter.]

How to Apply via Web?

[Click here to apply.]

Applicants must submit their most recent academic results, including their Matric results and tertiary education records, through the provided link. Shortlisted candidates will undergo interviews with the bursary administrators and trustees. Those who are successful will receive detailed information about the Schauenburg Education Bursary Scheme and a written contract for completion.

Closing Date

15 July 2024.

Important Considerations

Several key points are critical for applicants to note:

1) The bursary will not be awarded to students who are recipients of other bursaries for the 2025 academic year.

2) Bursaries are awarded based on objective merit and need, and additional criteria determined by the trustees.

3) The trustees reserve the right to withdraw or cancel bursaries if the recipient’s conduct or academic performance does not meet the required standards or if the bursary agreement is breached.

4) The list of specified universities for study may be amended by the trustees at any time.

Additional Information About the Bursary Provider

Schauenburg, a renowned global company with a rich history spanning over 100 years, is celebrated for its innovation and excellence in various industries, particularly mining and industrial safety. Founded in 1913 in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, Schauenburg has grown from a small family business into an international conglomerate, providing cutting-edge technological solutions and safety equipment. The company's commitment to quality and advancement has earned it a prominent position in markets across Europe, Africa, and the Americas. In South Africa, Schauenburg Systems focuses on delivering high-quality products and services tailored to the mining industry's unique challenges, demonstrating the company's enduring legacy of technological prowess and dedication to safety and efficiency.

Over the decades, Schauenburg has diversified its portfolio to include innovations in environmental technology and electronic systems, reflecting its adaptability and forward-thinking approach. The company's philosophy centers on sustainable development and enhancing operational safety, making it a trusted partner in industries that prioritize human and environmental well-being. Through strategic partnerships and a strong emphasis on research and development, Schauenburg continues to drive progress and set industry standards globally.

The Schauenburg Education Trust's bursary program for 2025 offers a valuable opportunity for aspiring engineers and business professionals. By providing financial support and practical industry experience, the trust ensures that recipients can focus on their studies and develop the skills needed to excel in their chosen fields. This initiative not only supports individual students but also contributes to the broader goal of enhancing South Africa's economic and industrial capabilities. Through strategic investment in education, the Schauenburg Education Trust is playing a vital role in shaping a brighter future for the nation.


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