South African Reserve Bank External Bursary Scheme for Undergraduate Studies 2025

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The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) offers an exceptional opportunity for aspiring students through its External Bursary Scheme for Undergraduate Studies 2025. This initiative is designed to support talented young South Africans who are eager to pursue higher education but may lack the financial means to do so. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the bursary scheme, including details about the provider, the purpose of the bursary, eligibility requirements, the application process, necessary documents, closing date, and contact information.

 Bursary Provider: South African Reserve Bank (SARB)

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) is crucial for keeping South Africa's economy stable. Established in 1921, SARB is the country's main bank, making big decisions about money and how the economy works. Its main job is to make sure that South Africa's financial system stays strong and safe, which is really important for the country's economy to grow steadily. Besides looking after the economy, SARB also plays a key role in keeping prices stable. This helps to create a balanced economy where growth can happen smoothly over time. By managing things like inflation (how prices rise) and other economic signs, SARB tries to make sure the money people use keeps its value. This helps people feel confident about spending money and keeps the economy resilient.

Along with these main tasks, SARB cares deeply about helping South Africa grow as a country. It shows this by doing things like giving bursaries to deserving students. These bursaries aren't just about money; they're investments in educating smart and skilled people who will help shape South Africa's future. The SARB External Bursary Scheme focuses on talented students from different backgrounds who show great academic promise in fields important for banking and finance. By supporting these students during their university studies, SARB not only helps them reach their educational goals but also prepares them to become leaders who can bring new ideas, economic stability, and fairness to the nation. Through its bursary programs, SARB isn't just doing its job as a central bank; it's actively changing South Africa's social and economic landscape. By investing in education and the skills of people, SARB supports the country's goals of creating a sustainable future, reducing inequality, and helping everyone in society have better opportunities. This shows that SARB is committed to building a successful and fair future for all South Africans.

Purpose of the Bursary

The SARB External Bursary Scheme aims to:

- Provide financial assistance to academically deserving students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

- Encourage and support studies in fields that are critical to the banking sector and the broader economy.

- Develop a pool of well-educated individuals who can contribute to the economic and financial stability of South Africa.

Fields of Study

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) is inviting prospective undergraduate students to apply for competitive bursaries in fields such as economics, economics and econometrics, economics and mathematical statistics, and economic science.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the SARB External Bursary Scheme, applicants must meet the following criteria:

- Have provisional acceptance into an undergraduate degree program at a recognized South African university.

- Achieved an average pass mark of 70% in the June Grade 12/Matric examinations, with the final awarding of the bursary contingent upon the final exam results.

- Be younger than 30 years old.

- Demonstrate financial need, indicating an inability to afford university attendance without the bursary.

How to Apply

Interested applicants must follow these steps to apply for the SARB External Bursary Scheme:

Along with your application, ensure you include:

- Examination results

- Proof of acceptance at a recognized institution (student number)

- Any other required supporting documents

Use PROMO CODE: SARB2025 when submitting your application.

You can submit your application via: Application form.

- Postal address:

  Dimpho Nkoana

  POSTNET Suite 101

  Private Bag X153



- Email:

- Online applications: Click here to apply.

This ensures your application is properly processed and considered for the South African Reserve Bank External Bursary Scheme for Undergraduate Studies 2025.

Documents Required

Applicants must submit the following documents along with their application form:

For applicants currently in matric:

- A certified copy of your June matriculation results.

For applicants who have completed matric:

- A certified copy of your final matriculation results.

- Evidence of acceptance into a recognized tertiary institution.

- A 250-word essay explaining your motivation for applying (refer to page 4 of this form).

- A certified copy of your South African identity document (ID).

Closing Date

All applications need to be submitted by Monday, 30 September 2024. It's important to adhere to this deadline because any applications received after this date will not be accepted or considered. This deadline ensures that all applicants have an equal opportunity to be reviewed and considered fairly for the bursary scheme. Therefore, prospective applicants should carefully plan and complete their applications well in advance to avoid missing this crucial cut-off date.

 Contact Details

For any inquiries or additional information regarding the SARB External Bursary Scheme, applicants can use the following contact details:

South African Reserve Bank Bursary Office

- Website:

- Phone:  0861 12 7272

- Postal Address:

  370 Helen Joseph Street



PO BO 427



  South Africa

The South African Reserve Bank External Bursary Scheme for Undergraduate Studies 2025 offers a substantial chance for young South Africans to advance their education and make meaningful contributions to the nation's economic and financial sectors. This initiative underscores SARB's commitment to investing in the future by offering financial assistance to capable and deserving students. By supporting these individuals, SARB not only helps them achieve their academic goals but also plays a vital role in the overall advancement of South Africa.

Prospective applicants are urged to meticulously prepare their applications and ensure timely submission before the closing date. This ensures they maximize their chances of securing this valuable opportunity, which can pave the way for personal growth and future success while contributing positively to the nation's development goals.


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