FirstRand CA Graduate Programme 2025

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Introduction to FirstRand

FirstRand is one of South Africa's leading financial institutions, renowned for its comprehensive range of banking and financial services. Established in 1998, FirstRand has grown through a series of mergers and acquisitions, including the notable merger between Rand Merchant Bank and First National Bank, to become a powerhouse in the financial sector. With a strong presence in South Africa and operations extending to various international markets, FirstRand is committed to innovation, excellence, and sustainability in financial services.

The FirstRand CA Graduate Programme Overview

The FirstRand Chartered Accountant (CA) Graduate Programme is an esteemed training initiative designed to cultivate the next generation of financial leaders. Aimed at individuals completing their Honours or Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting, this programme provides an unparalleled opportunity to transition from academic learning to professional excellence. Over three years, participants undergo rigorous training, gaining practical experience and developing essential skills that culminate in the prestigious Chartered Accountant (SA) designation.

Structure of the Programme

The FirstRand CA Graduate Programme is meticulously structured to ensure comprehensive professional development. Successful candidates are appointed on a three-year contract, during which they rotate through four different businesses within the FirstRand Group. Each rotation lasts between three to six months, providing trainees with diverse exposure to various aspects of financial management and operations. This rotational model ensures that candidates develop a broad understanding of the business landscape and acquire versatile skills applicable to multiple facets of accounting and finance.

Training and Development

Central to the FirstRand CA Graduate Programme is a robust training and development framework. The programme includes an Initial Test of Competence (ITC), 36 months of practical experience, and an Assessment of Professional Competency (APC). These components are designed to align with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) requirements, ensuring that graduates meet the highest standards of professional competency. Trainees receive continuous support and mentorship, enabling them to navigate the challenges of the accounting profession with confidence and expertise.

Application and Selection Process

The application process for the FirstRand CA Graduate Programme is rigorous, ensuring that only the most promising candidates are selected. Candidates must be completing their Honours or Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting to be eligible. The selection process involves multiple stages, including assessments and interviews, to evaluate candidates' technical knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and alignment with FirstRand's values and culture. Successful candidates embark on a transformative journey that prepares them for a successful career as a Chartered Accountant within the FirstRand Group.

What’s Required from Candidates

Cost-Consciousness and Productivity

FirstRand places significant emphasis on cost-consciousness and productivity within the CA Graduate Programme. Trainees are encouraged to demonstrate awareness of their personal contribution to costs and productivity. This involves identifying and escalating potential risks that may lead to increased costs, preventing wastage, and proposing process improvements to contain and reduce expenses. By fostering a culture of efficiency and accountability, FirstRand ensures that its future leaders are equipped with the skills to manage resources effectively and drive organizational success.

Customer Service Excellence

Exceptional customer service is a cornerstone of FirstRand's operational ethos. The CA Graduate Programme instills this value in its trainees, emphasizing the importance of adhering to organizational values and service standards. Trainees are trained to ensure first-time resolution of customer queries or complaints, take ownership of requirements, and follow up on queries to ensure timely and satisfactory resolution. This focus on customer satisfaction not only enhances service delivery but also builds trust and loyalty among FirstRand's clientele.

Governance and Compliance

Adherence to governance and compliance standards is a critical aspect of the CA Graduate Programme. Trainees are expected to execute their work in accordance with FirstRand's values and code of ethics. This includes complying with identified governance and compliance standards, escalating problems for investigation and resolution, and identifying and escalating risks as a normal part of their work. By ingraining these principles in its trainees, FirstRand ensures that its future leaders uphold the highest standards of integrity and accountability.

Innovation and Process Optimization

FirstRand's commitment to innovation is reflected in the CA Graduate Programme's focus on process optimization. Trainees are encouraged to investigate new ways to optimize processes and support the use of technology in process and system improvements. By drawing on their knowledge and experience, trainees develop solutions that lead to improved service delivery and quality. This proactive approach to innovation ensures that FirstRand remains at the forefront of the financial industry, continuously enhancing its operations and customer offerings.

Personal Development and Performance Enhancement

Personal development and performance enhancement are integral to the FirstRand CA Graduate Programme. Trainees are expected to seek out regular performance feedback and put actions in place to improve and enhance their performance. They are also required to create personal development plans and review these plans with their team leaders or managers. By understanding the competencies and skills required for their roles, trainees can address their development gaps and stay abreast of learning opportunities, changing products, and industry trends. This commitment to continuous learning ensures that trainees are well-prepared to meet the evolving demands of the accounting profession.

Employment Equity and Inclusivity

FirstRand is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace. All appointments within the CA Graduate Programme are made in line with FirstRand Group’s Employment Equity plan. The Bank supports the recruitment and advancement of individuals with disabilities, encouraging candidates to voluntarily disclose their disability information. This information is kept confidential unless disclosure is required by law. By promoting equity and inclusivity, FirstRand ensures that its workforce reflects the diversity of the communities it serves and harnesses the strengths of a diverse talent pool. 

How to Apply

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Closing Date

Interested individuals must submit their applications by December 1, 2024.

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The FirstRand CA Graduate Programme represents a unique opportunity for aspiring Chartered Accountants to gain comprehensive training and practical experience within one of South Africa's leading financial institutions. With its focus on cost-consciousness, customer service, governance and compliance, innovation, and personal development, the programme equips trainees with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the accounting profession. By fostering a culture of excellence, inclusivity, and continuous learning, FirstRand ensures that its graduates are well-prepared to meet the challenges of the dynamic financial landscape and contribute to the organization's continued success.

Goodluck to all applicants. 


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