The BBD Bursary South Africa 2025

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 About BBD

The BBD Bursary South Africa 2025 programme is an initiative by BBD, a prominent software development company with a significant impact on the IT sector since its founding in 1984. BBD is well-regarded for delivering innovative technology solutions across various industries, including financial services, telecommunications, and the public sector. With expertise in software development, systems integration, cloud computing, and IT consulting, BBD stands out as a versatile and influential entity in the tech landscape. The company's commitment to fostering talent and driving innovation is evident through its comprehensive bursary program. This program aims to support and nurture the next generation of IT professionals by providing financial assistance and development opportunities to promising students. By investing in these future tech leaders, BBD ensures the sustained growth and advancement of the IT sector in South Africa, reflecting its dedication to the industry's long-term success.

What They Are Looking for from Bursars

When selecting bursars, the committee seeks enthusiastic candidates who are either currently enrolled or planning to enrol in a BSc, BEng, BCom, or BIS degree program at a recognized South African university. They are particularly interested in students who demonstrate a keen interest in software development, indicating a passion for and commitment to the field. This enthusiasm and proactive engagement in their studies suggest that the candidate is likely to excel academically and contribute meaningfully to the software development community. By focusing on these qualities, the selection process aims to identify and support individuals who have the potential to thrive in their chosen discipline and make significant contributions to the technology sector in South Africa.

Bursary Coverage

The BBD Bursary provides extensive financial assistance to students pursuing higher education in IT-related fields, aiming to ease the financial strain often associated with tertiary education. Here's a breakdown of the coverage offered:

-          Tuition Fees: The bursary covers the entire cost of university tuition fees for the duration of the recipient's degree program. This alleviates the burden of one of the most significant expenses associated with higher education.

-          Accommodation: Financial support is provided to cover accommodation expenses, whether students choose to reside on-campus or opt for off-campus housing. This ensures that students have a stable and comfortable living environment conducive to their academic pursuits.

-          Books and Study Materials: The bursary includes coverage for the purchase of required textbooks and other essential study materials. This ensures that students have access to the resources they need to succeed academically without worrying about the costs.

-          Living Allowance: Recipients receive a stipend to assist with their daily living expenses. This allowance helps students cover costs such as food, transportation, and other necessities, enabling them to focus on their studies without financial stress.

Overall, the BBD Bursary offers a complete support package that addresses various aspects of a student's financial needs during their academic journey, allowing them to fully concentrate on their education and future career aspirations in the IT sector.

Fields Covered

The BBD Bursary is specifically targeted at students pursuing Bachelor’s, Honours, Masters or Doctorates in disciplines related to information technology and computer science. The fields covered include

- Computer Science

- Game Design

- Information Technology

- Informatics

- Software Engineering

- Computer Engineering

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the BBD Bursary, applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

- Citizenship: Must be a South African citizen.

- Academic Achievement Must have a strong academic record, with a minimum average of 70% in Matric or 65% at the tertiary level.

- Enrolment: Must be enrolled or intending to enrol in a full-time undergraduate degree in one of the covered fields at a recognized South African university.

- Motivation: Demonstrate a passion for technology and a commitment to a career in the IT industry.

How to Apply

The application process for the BBD Bursary involves several steps:

1. Online Application: Visit the BBD bursary page on their official website to access the online application form. Click here to apply.

2. Personal Information: Complete the form with your personal details, including contact information and ID number.

3. Academic Information: Provide details of your academic history, including transcripts and proof of enrolment.

4. Motivation Letter: Write a motivation letter explaining why you deserve the bursary, your passion for IT, and your career aspirations.

5. Submit Supporting Documents: Upload all required documents (see below for the list).

6. Review and Submit: Review your application to ensure all information is correct, then submit it online.

 Documents Required

When applying for the BBD Bursary, ensure you have the following documents ready:

- Curriculum Vitae (CV): A detailed CV outlining your education, skills, and any relevant experience.

- Certified Copy of ID: A certified copy of your South African identity document.

- Academic Transcripts: Certified copies of your most recent academic transcripts (Grade 11 and Grade 12, or latest university results).

- Proof of Enrolment: A letter or certificate from your university confirming your enrolment in an eligible program.

- Link to Personal Coding Projects on GitHub or Similar Platform, if Applicable

Closing Date

The specific closing date for applications for the BBD Bursary hasn't been specified. It's important for applicants to regularly check the BBD Bursary website and official communication channels for any updates or changes regarding application timelines and deadlines. Keeping an eye on these sources will ensure that applicants stay informed and don't miss out on the opportunity to apply for the bursary.

Contact Details

For any inquiries or additional information about the BBD Bursary, you can contact BBD using the following details:

- Email:

- Phone: 011 532 8300

- Website: BBD Website

 The BBD Bursary is a great chance for IT students in South Africa. It helps with money for tuition, housing, books, and daily expenses, so students can focus on their studies. But it's more than just money—it's about supporting talent and innovation in the tech world. By giving students this opportunity, BBD is investing in both individuals and the future of technology in South Africa. It's a big step towards a brighter future for everyone involved.


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