The Accenture SA Education Trust Scholarships 2025

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About The Accenture SA Education Trust Scholarships

The Accenture SA Education Trust Scholarships are prestigious awards designed to support academically talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds in South Africa. The scholarships aim to provide financial assistance to students pursuing studies in technology and engineering fields at selected tertiary institutions. This initiative is part of Accenture's commitment to fostering educational development and addressing the skills gap in the South African workforce.

Selected Tertiary Institutions

The scholarships are available for students attending several top-tier universities in South Africa, which include:

- University of Cape Town (UCT)

- University of the Witwatersrand (Wits)

- University of Pretoria (UP)

- University of Johannesburg (UJ)

- University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN)

- Rhodes University

- Stellenbosch University

- University of the Western Cape

These institutions are renowned for their robust programs in technology, engineering, and related fields.

 Expenses Covered by the Scholarship

Successful candidates will receive a comprehensive full scholarship through the bursary program. This scholarship provides extensive financial support to cover various educational expenses, ensuring that recipients can fully focus on their studies without the burden of financial stress. The bursary program includes:

- Registration Fees: All initial fees required for enrolment at the tertiary institution are covered.

- Tuition Fees: The full cost of the academic courses and programs, ensuring that recipients do not have to worry about paying for their classes.

- Examination Fees: All costs associated with taking exams, including any fees for re-examinations if necessary, are included.

- Meals: Funding is provided to cover the cost of meals, ensuring that students have access to proper nutrition throughout their studies.

- Residence: Accommodation expenses are fully covered, whether the student stays in campus residences or other approved housing arrangements.

- Book Allowance: An allowance is provided for prescribed textbooks and other essential academic materials, making sure students have all necessary resources for their courses.

- Laptop: Each scholarship recipient is provided with a laptop, which is essential for completing coursework, conducting research, and accessing online learning resources.

In addition to these financial benefits, the scholarship program includes ongoing mentorship. This mentorship is designed to provide students with academic guidance, career advice, and personal support throughout their studies. Experienced mentors, often from within the industry, offer invaluable insights and assistance, helping students navigate their educational journey and prepare for successful careers post-graduation. This combination of financial support and personal mentorship ensures that scholarship recipients are well-equipped to excel in their academic pursuits and future professional endeavours.

Fields of Study Covered

Scholarships will be awarded to high achievers pursuing studies in the following technology-focused degrees:

- Computer Engineering (BSc)

- Computer Science (BSc)

- Computer Science (BCom)

- Data Engineering: Big Data Analytics

- Data Engineering: Postgraduate Diploma in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

- Electronic or Electrical Computer Engineering (BEng)

- Electronic or Electrical Engineering (Light Current) (BSc Eng)

- Industrial Engineering (BSc)

- Informatics (BCom)

- Information and Knowledge Systems (BSc)

- Information Engineering (BEng)

- Information Systems (BCom)

- Information Systems (BSc)

- Information Technology (BSc Eng)

- Mechanical with Mechatronics Engineering (BSc)

- Micro Electronic Engineering (BEng)

- Statistics and Data Science (BCom)

These fields are chosen to align with Accenture's focus on technology and innovation, preparing graduates for future careers in these high-demand areas.

 Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Accenture SA Education Trust Scholarships, applicants must meet the following criteria:

- South African citizenship is mandatory.

- Completion of Matric is required.

- Enrolment in full-time study toward one of the Technology-aligned degrees listed above is necessary.

- Applicants must be in their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or Honours year of study.

- Attendance at one of the following tertiary institutes is essential: University of Cape Town, University of the Western Cape, Stellenbosch University, University of Johannesburg, University of Pretoria, University of the Witwatersrand, Rhodes University, or University of Kwazulu-Natal.

- A strong academic track record is expected.

- A minimum overall average of 65% must be achieved.

- For undergraduate applicants, the total family income should range between R350,000 and R1 million per year.

- For postgraduate or NSFAS applicants, the total family income should be less than R300,000 per year.

 How to Apply

The application process for the Accenture SA Education Trust Scholarships involves several steps:

Step 1: Register by creating an account using your email address and a password. Click here to apply.

Step 2: Begin your application. Select "Apply Manually."

Step 3: On the "My Information" page, fill in all fields. Note that "family name" refers to your surname.

Step 4: On the "My Experience" page, detail any part-time work experience, such as tutoring or promotions. Remember that "GPA" refers to your academic average.

Step 5: On the "Application Questions" page, answer the questions as follows: Q1 - Yes; Q2 - No; Q3 - Yes; Q4 - Yes; Q5 - No. These questions are standard and only for the scholarship application.

Step 6: On the "Voluntary Disclosure" page, complete all the required fields.

Step 7: On the "Summary" page, review your application and click "Submit" to finalize your submission.

 Documents Required

- The following documents are required for the application to be considered. Applicants should upload these prerequisite documents in the CV/Resume attachment box:

- Certified copy of identity document

- Certified copy of grade 12 results

- Certified full academic record, including any mid-year exam results/progress reports

- Certified copy of proof of parents’/guardian’s earnings if less than R600K and the latest income tax return of parents’/guardian’s earnings if less than R1M

- Copy of the applicant’s curriculum vitae

- Cover Letter: The cover letter should explain why the applicant chose their field of study, their majors, the subjects they enjoy most, their future aspirations (if known), and why Accenture should select them.

Closing Date

While applications are currently open, specific closing dates have not yet been determined. Prospective applicants are urged to refer to the Accenture South Africa website or reach out to the scholarship office for the latest and most accurate information concerning submission deadlines.

Contact Details

For further information or assistance with the application process, applicants can contact the Accenture SA Education Trust Scholarships office through the following means:

Phone: +27 (0)11 208 3216

Website: accenture website

The Accenture SA Education Trust Scholarships represent a significant opportunity for South African students from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue higher education in fields critical to the country's technological and industrial future. By covering a wide range of expenses and providing support throughout their studies, Accenture is helping to nurture the next generation of innovators and leaders. Potential applicants are encouraged to apply and take advantage of this life-changing opportunity.


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