Sappi Bursary South Africa 2025

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About the Bursary Provider

Sappi Limited, a global leader in the production of dissolving wood pulp, paper pulp, paper-based solutions, and high-quality graphic papers, is committed to sustainability and innovation. Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, Sappi operates across three continents, with manufacturing operations in over 20 countries. The company prides itself on fostering talent and contributing to the development of the communities in which it operates, with a significant focus on education and skills development.

Fields Covered

The Sappi Bursary South Africa 2025 is designed to support talented and ambitious students in various fields of study that are critical to the company's operations and the broader industry. The bursary covers the following fields:

- National Diploma in Pulp and Paper

- National Diploma in Forestry

- Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science in Forestry and Wood Science

- Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

- Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

- Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

- Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

- Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

- Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics

These fields align with Sappi’s strategic goals and operational needs, ensuring that bursary recipients have the potential to contribute significantly to the company's future.

 Expenses Covered

The bursary offers comprehensive financial support to alleviate the educational expenses for deserving students. It covers the following:

- Tuition Fees: Full payment of tuition fees for the duration of the course, ensuring that students can focus on their studies without the burden of educational costs.

- Prescribed Textbooks: Provision of an allowance for the purchase of required textbooks and academic materials, essential for the successful completion of the course.

- Accommodation: Coverage of on-campus or off-campus housing costs, providing students with a stable and conducive living environment for their academic pursuits.

- Living Allowance: A stipend to cover daily living expenses, such as food, transportation, and personal items, allowing students to manage their day-to-day needs.

The total value of the bursary will be tailored to the student’s household income, ensuring that the financial support provided is equitable and sufficient to meet individual circumstances.

Selection Process

Candidates who meet the initial eligibility criteria will undergo a thorough selection process. Those shortlisted will be contacted by Sappi and invited to attend a selection interview. This interview is a critical component of the selection process, allowing Sappi to:

- Assess Suitability: Evaluate the candidates' academic achievements, motivation, and potential to contribute to the fields related to Sappi’s operations.

- Determine Alignment: Ensure that candidates' values, career aspirations, and personal attributes align with Sappi's corporate values and long-term objectives.

- Gauge Commitment: Understand the candidates' commitment to their chosen field of study and their willingness to contribute to the industry and community.

The interview process is designed to be comprehensive and fair, providing candidates with the opportunity to demonstrate their qualifications, passion, and potential. Successful candidates will be selected based on their performance in the interview and their overall fit with Sappi’s goals and values.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the Sappi Bursary, applicants must meet specific criteria, including:

1.Citizenship: Must be a South African citizen.

2.Age: You need to be a South African citizen aged between 17 and 25 years old.

3. Academic Performance:   - For Matriculants: Minimum of 70% in Mathematics, 70- 80% in Physical Science, and 60% in English. Current university results will be taken into account for undergraduate students. Please note that preference will be given to applicants with an average of 75% or higher in Mathematics and Physical Science.

4. Study Field: Must be enrolled or planning to enrol in one of the fields supported by the bursary.

5. Institution: Must be accepted or studying at a recognized South African tertiary institution.

6. Financial Need: Demonstrated financial need may be considered.

7. Personal Attributes: Commitment to Sappi’s values, leadership potential, and community involvement.

How to Apply

To apply for a Sappi bursary, you must complete the application process online. Follow these steps to ensure a successful application:

1. Visit the Sappi Website: Go to the official Sappi careers or bursaries page.

2. Find the Bursary Section: Navigate to the bursary application section to access the online application form.

3. Complete the Online Application Form: Fill out all required fields accurately, providing detailed information about your personal, academic, and financial background. Click here to apply.

4. Upload Required Documents: Ensure you have digital copies of all necessary documents, such as your ID, academic transcripts, proof of admission, and any other specified materials. Upload these documents as part of your application.

5. Review and Submit: Carefully review your application to confirm all information is correct and complete. Submit the application once you are satisfied.

Applying online is efficient and ensures that your application is processed promptly.

Documents Required

If any documents are incomplete or missing, your application may be disqualified. Required documents include:

- Curriculum Vitae

- Certified copy of your ID document

- Certified copies of your Matriculation certificate, latest results, and Grade 11 final results (if applicable)

- Certified copy of your Matric certificate (if already completed)

- Certified copy of your full tertiary academic record (if currently enrolled)

Application Deadline for the Next Academic Year

Applications for the next academic year must be submitted by August 31, 2024. It is crucial to complete and submit your application before this deadline to be considered for the bursary, deadline is essential to ensure your application is considered for the bursary. Late submissions will not be accepted, so plan accordingly to avoid missing this opportunity.

Contact Details

For more information or to seek assistance with the application process, applicants can contact Sappi directly:

Bursary Office

  - Email:

  - Phone: +27 11 407 8111

  - Website: Sappi website

The Sappi Bursary South Africa 2025 presents an invaluable opportunity for students aspiring to build a career in fields related to Sappi’s operations. By providing comprehensive financial support and fostering academic excellence, Sappi aims to develop future leaders who will contribute to the industry and the broader economy. Interested applicants are encouraged to prepare their documentation early and submit their applications before the closing date to secure this prestigious bursary.


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