NFVF International Bursary South Africa 2024

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The NFVF International Bursary stands as a prestigious scholarship initiative dedicated to nurturing the aspirations of South African filmmakers and content creators. This esteemed program is designed with the overarching goal of advancing the development and growth of the film and video industry within South Africa. By extending opportunities for advanced studies at international institutions, the bursary empowers talented individuals to hone their skills, broaden their perspectives, and cultivate expertise that is vital for driving innovation and excellence within the local film and video landscape. Through this initiative, the NFVF not only supports the educational aspirations of aspiring filmmakers but also contributes to the enrichment and sustainability of the South African creative sector as a whole.

About the NFVF

The NFVF is a statutory body established under the National Film and Video Foundation Act No. 73 of 1997, and it operates under the mandate of the Department of Sports, Arts, and Culture. Its primary role is to stimulate the growth of the South African film and video industry by providing funding for various initiatives, including film production, development, distribution, and training. The NFVF plays a significant role in fostering diversity, inclusivity, and innovation within the South African film industry. It supports filmmakers, scriptwriters, producers, and other professionals to create high-quality content that reflects the country's rich cultural heritage and contemporary stories.

Fields Covered by the Bursary

The NFVF's international bursary program for the 2024 academic year presents an exciting opportunity for students aspiring to pursue postgraduate studies abroad. This initiative covers fields within the expansive domains of Film and Television, offering a pathway for individuals keen on advancing their expertise in these industries. While applicants are welcome from various specializations, it's essential to note that the bursary excludes courses related to Live Performance or Acting. This program aims to empower talented individuals by providing financial support to pursue education and training that aligns with the evolving landscape of film and television. Through this bursary, recipients have the chance to broaden their horizons, gain exposure to international perspectives, and contribute meaningfully to the global creative community.

Value of the Bursary

The NFVF's bursary program is designed to bolster skills and capacity within the film and TV industry, with a focus on fostering global competitiveness. It provides vital support to eligible candidates seeking to undertake overseas studies that are not offered by South African tertiary institutions. For the 2024 academic year, the bursary is set at a maximum of R280,000. This generous funding encompasses both tuition fees and living expenses, ensuring that recipients can fully immerse themselves in their educational pursuits without financial strain. By offering this substantial financial assistance, the NFVF aims to empower aspiring professionals to pursue educational opportunities abroad, ultimately contributing to the growth and innovation of the South African film and TV industry on an international scale.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the NFVF International Bursary, applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

- Application must be submitted six months prior to the course commencement.

- Applicant must be a citizen of South Africa or a permanent resident.

- Strong academic record is required.

- Demonstrated financial need is essential.

- Enrolled in a full-time post-graduate film/TV program at an accredited overseas tertiary institution; course starting in September/October 2024.

- Funding is only available for courses not offered in South Africa.

- Live performance or acting courses are ineligible for this grant funding.

How to Apply

To apply for the NFVF International Bursary, candidates should follow these steps:

1. Obtain the Application Form: Download the application form from the NFVF website or request it via email from the NFVF's bursary coordinator.

2. Complete the Application Form: Fill in all required fields accurately and thoroughly.

3. Prepare the Supporting Documents: Gather all required documents (listed below) and ensure they are up-to-date and accurate.

4. Submit the Application: Send the completed application form and supporting documents to the NFVF by the specified deadline. Ensure that the application is submitted in the correct format (e.g., via email or hard copy) as specified by the NFVF. Click here to apply

 Documents Required

Applicants must submit the following documents with their application:

Please ensure you include clear copies of the following supporting documents with your online application. Failure to provide any of these documents may result in disqualification of your application:

1. Certified Copy of ID: A certified copy of the applicant's South African identity document.

2. Proof of Admission: A letter of acceptance or admission from the international institution where the applicant intends to study.

3. Academic Transcripts: Certified copies of academic transcripts or certificates from previous studies.

4. Motivation Letter: A detailed letter explaining the applicant's career goals, reasons for choosing the international program, and how they intend to contribute to the South African film industry upon return.

5. Curriculum Vitae (CV): An updated CV highlighting the applicant's academic achievements, work experience, and relevant skills.

6. - Proof of financial need, such as parents' or guardians' proof of income (certified copy)

Closing Date

The closing date for the NFVF International Bursary South Africa 2024 is June 2, 2024 by 17:00 CAT 2024, late applications are generally not considered.

Contact Details

For additional information or inquiries regarding the NFVF International Bursary, you can contact the NFVF using the following details:


Applications Officer: Thandekile Hlatshwayo


Phone: 011 483 0880


Applications Officer: Manti Sekwakwa


Phone: 011 483 0880

Website: NFVF website

Please ensure you contact the NFVF during their business hours and keep a record of all communications.

The NFVF International Bursary represents a beacon of opportunity for South African filmmakers and content creators, offering them the chance to pursue their dreams and elevate their craft on a global stage. Aspiring individuals are encouraged to seize this esteemed scholarship program, which not only fosters personal growth and development but also contributes to the overall enrichment and dynamism of the South African film and video industry. With its unwavering commitment to supporting talent and fostering innovation, the NFVF continues to play an important role in shaping the future of storytelling and creative expression in South Africa and beyond.


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