Masakh'iSizwe Bursary Programme South Africa 2025

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The Masakh'iSizwe Bursary Programme is a prestigious initiative by the Department of Transport and Public Works in South Africa, designed to foster the development of critical skills in the built environment and engineering fields. Launched to address the skills shortage in these sectors, the programme aims to support talented and deserving students from diverse backgrounds, empowering them to contribute to the country's socio-economic development.

About the Bursary Provider

Established in 2006 by the Western Cape Government, the Masakh’iSizwe (MiS) Bursary Programme is dedicated to developing a steady stream of skilled professionals in the engineering and built environment sectors. This programme offers external bursaries for studies at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) within the Western Cape Province (WCP), focusing on degrees or diplomas related to transport, engineering, the built environment, and other fields identified as scarce and critical by the Department of Infrastructure.

By partnering with higher education institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and relevant professional bodies, the Masakh’iSizwe Programme aims to nurture professionals in these crucial sectors. The bursary supports studies in various disciplines, including Property Studies, Geomatics, Transport Economics, Transportation Engineering, Mechatronics, Electrical and/or Electronic Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Mechanical Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Town/City and Regional Planning, and Architecture. This collaborative approach ensures the development of a diverse and highly skilled workforce poised to make significant contributions to South Africa's growth and development.

Fields Covered

The Masakh'iSizwe Bursary Programme supports studies in the following fields:

1.  Engineering

   - Civil Engineering

   - Electrical Engineering

   - Mechanical Engineering

   - Mechatronics

2. Architecture

3. Quantity Surveying

4. Construction Management

5. Transport Economics

6. Urban and Regional Planning

7. Property Studies

8. Geomatics

These fields are critical to the development of infrastructure and services that are essential for economic growth and societal well-being.

Expenses Covered

The Masakh'iSizwe Bursary Programme is comprehensive, covering a range of expenses to ensure that bursary recipients can focus on their studies without financial burden the bursary covers the following:

- Tuition Fees: Full coverage of tuition fees at recognized South African tertiary institutions.

- Accommodation: Assistance with accommodation costs, particularly for students who are required to live away from home to attend their chosen institution.

- Textbooks and Study Materials: Provision for textbooks and other necessary study materials.

- Stipend: A living allowance to cover daily expenses such as food, transport, and other necessities.

 Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Masakh'iSizwe Bursary Programme, applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Must be a South African citizen.

2. Must be currently in Matric or have completed Matric.

3. Must be studying or intending to study full-time towards a Degree or Diploma in one of the specified fields in 2025.

4. Must be studying at, or have applied and been accepted to, one of the following universities in the Western Cape: University of Cape Town (UCT), University of Stellenbosch (SU), or Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT).

Preference will be given to financially disadvantaged students, female students, students with disabilities, and students from the Western Cape. Note that failure to meet all the requirements will result in the application not being considered.

How to Apply

The application process for the Masakh'iSizwe Bursary Programme involves several steps:

1. Download and Complete Application Form: The application form can be downloaded from the Western Cape Government's website or obtained from the Department of Transport and Public Works. Click here to download application form.

2. Prepare Supporting Documents: Gather all required supporting documents (listed below).

3. Submit Application: Completed application forms along with the required documents must be submitted by the specified closing date. Applications can be submitted online, via post or in person at the Department's office.

Please ensure your completed application is submitted using one of the following methods:

1. Courier:

   Masakh’iSizwe Bursary Programme

   23rd Floor, The Box

   9 Lower Burg Street

   Cape Town, 8000

   (Call 021 483 0964 / 9545 / 6553 for inquiries)

   Note: Applications will not be collected from the post office.

2. Hand Delivery:

   Masakh’iSizwe Bursary Programme

   23rd Floor, The Box

   9 Lower Burg Street

   Cape Town, 8000

   (Call 021 483 0964 / 9545 / 6553 for inquiries)

   Please deliver on Wednesdays only, no later than 16:00.

3. Email:

   Send your application to:

   Reference: BursaryApp

 Documents Required

Applicants must submit the following documents along with their completed application form:

1. Certified copy of South African ID

2. Certified copy of Matric certificate (or latest academic results if still in Matric)

3. Proof of acceptance or provisional acceptance from a recognized tertiary institution

4. Certified copies of academic transcripts or latest results

5. Proof of income (parent's/guardian's salary slips or affidavit if unemployed)

6. A motivational letter (detailing why you chose your field of study and how you plan to contribute to the built environment and engineering sectors)

7. Reference letters (at least two)

Closing Date

31st August 2024- Applications received after this deadline will not be considered. Please ensure your application is submitted before the closing date.

Contact Details

For further information or assistance with the application process, applicants can contact the Department of Transport and Public Works at:

- Phone: +27 (0)21 483 9545/0964

- Email:

- Website: Masakhisizwe website

- Physical Address:  9 Lower Burg Str, The Box, 23rd Floor, Cape Town 8000

- Twitter: @WCGov_infra

Applicants are encouraged to reach out with any questions or to seek clarification on any aspect of the bursary programme or application process.

The Masakh'iSizwe Bursary Programme represents a crucial initiative dedicated to nurturing the future cadre of professionals within South Africa's built environment and engineering sectors. Through its provision of comprehensive financial assistance and its commitment to cultivating academic excellence, the programme serves as a cornerstone in the establishment of a proficient and diverse workforce. This workforce is not only equipped with the necessary skills but is also imbued with a passion for driving sustainable development and innovation forward.

By extending this opportunity to aspiring students, the programme not only offers a pathway to individual success but also encourages active participation in the nation's collective journey towards growth and development. As such, students who possess a keen interest in making tangible contributions to South Africa's progress are strongly encouraged to seize this opportunity and apply. In doing so, they not only invest in their own futures but also contribute to the greater good of the nation as a whole.


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