ABSA GenA Global Market 2025

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In the dynamic landscape of global finance, ABSA, one of Africa's leading financial institutions, introduces the ABSA GenA Global Market 2025 program. This initiative not only marks a significant milestone in ABSA's commitment to fostering financial innovation but also presents an unparalleled opportunity for aspiring talents to delve into the world of global markets and make a substantial impact.

About ABSA

ABSA, formerly known as the Amalgamated Banks of South Africa, is one of South Africa's largest financial services groups, offering a range of banking and wealth management services to individuals, businesses, and institutions. Founded in 1991 through the merger of several South African banks, ABSA has a rich history that dates back over a century. The bank's origins can be traced to the early 20th century when various regional banks were established across South Africa. Over the years, ABSA has expanded its footprint both domestically and internationally, solidifying its position as a leading financial institution on the African continent. Today, ABSA is known for its innovative banking solutions, commitment to customer service, and contributions to the economic development of South Africa and beyond.

About the GenA Market 2025: Shaping the Future of Finance         

The Global Markets graduate program provides a unique 18-month experience, where participants are fully immersed in diverse Markets Trading and Sales desks. Through this journey, you will navigate through a spectrum of desks including Fixed Income, Equities, Foreign Exchange, Counterparty Risk Trading, Structuring, Credit, and Prime. Engage in transactions and trades across the African continent, guiding your path towards professional development and achievement.

Participants of the GenA Market 2025 program will have the opportunity to

- Cultivate your expertise in trading, risk management, and sales within one of Africa's largest investment banks.

- Embark on a 12-month leadership development odyssey designed to shape you into a future leader of Africa. This journey focuses on personal leadership, personal branding, design thinking, digital agility, innovation, disruption, team effectiveness, strategic thinking, and analytical problem-solving.

-  Immerse yourself in the fast-paced realm of Global Markets.

- Receive guidance from desk heads, mentorship from senior leadership, and peer support from program alumni to unlock your potential and launch your career.

- Forge connections with seasoned professionals in the field.

-  Contribute meaningfully to society through Absa's Force for Good (CSI) initiatives."

Who Are They Looking for: Identifying Ideal Candidates

The organization seeks individuals who demonstrate intelligence, energy, and a proactive approach to problem-solving, particularly in the realm of financial markets. We are interested in candidates who are seeking a new challenge and are eager to embark on their journey in the Global Markets sector.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the GenA Market 2025 program, candidates must adhere to the following guidelines:

- Hold South African citizenship

Qualification Discipline Requirements:

- Possess a qualification in one of the specified disciplines, including but not limited to:

  - Accounting and Auditing

  - Actuarial Science

  - Aeronautical Engineering

  - Business and Management Studies

  - Chemical Engineering

  - Chemistry

  - Civil Engineering

  - Computer Science

  - Economics

  - Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  - Finance

  - General Management

  - Geography and Environmental Sciences

  - Industrial Engineering

  - Information Systems

  - Information Technology

  - Manufacturing Engineering

  - Mathematics

  - Mechanical Engineering

  - Mining Engineering

  - Physics

  - Statistics

  - Quantity Surveying

- Completion of qualification must be achieved by or before March 31, 2025

- Hold a Master’s Degree or equivalent qualification, or be in the process of completing it by March 31, 2025


- Qualify in one of the listed disciplines and complete the qualification by March 31, 2025

- Maintain an aggregate score of at least 65%

- Hold an Honours degree or equivalent qualification

- Possess less than two years’ full-time work experience

Skills Required

Behavioural Competencies

- Analytical Thinking: Ability to evaluate situations and make informed decisions based on data and logic.

- Continuous Learning: Willingness to acquire new knowledge and skills to adapt to evolving challenges.

- Decision Making: Capacity to make sound judgments and choices, considering various factors and potential outcomes.

- Initiative: Proactive approach to identifying and addressing opportunities or challenges.

- Motivating Others: Inspiring and encouraging team members to achieve their best performance.

- Proactivity & Self-Motivation: Taking initiative and driving oneself towards goals without constant supervision.

- Problem Solving: Aptitude for identifying, analysing, and resolving complex problems effectively.

- Resilience / Tenacity: Ability to persevere and bounce back from setbacks or obstacles.

- Teamwork: Collaboration and cooperation with others to achieve shared objectives.

- Time Management/Priority Setting: Efficiently organizing tasks and allocating resources to meet deadlines and prioritize goals.

- Valuing Cultural Diversity: Appreciation and respect for different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.

- Work Ethic: Dedication to completing tasks diligently and to the best of one's ability.

Technical Competencies

- Cognitive Flexibility: Adaptability and openness to new ideas, concepts, and approaches.

- Financial Analysis: Examination of financial data to assess performance, risks, and opportunities.

- Investment Analysis: Evaluation of investment opportunities to determine their potential returns and risks.

- Client Service/Communications: Effective communication and relationship-building skills to meet client needs and expectations.

- Strong Communication Skills: Clear and articulate communication, both written and verbal.

- Market Research & Analysis: Gathering and interpreting market data to inform business decisions and strategies.

- Commercially Savvy: Understanding of market dynamics, trends, and competitive landscapes.

- Business Plan Preparation and Evaluation: Developing, assessing, and refining business plans to achieve organizational objectives.

- Data Analysis: Interpretation and manipulation of data to extract insights and inform decision-making.

- Ability to Work Within a High-Pressure Environment: Capacity to perform effectively and maintain composure in demanding and fast-paced situations.

Perks of the ABSA GenA Market 2025 Programme

Participants of the GenA Market 2025 programme can look forward to a range of exclusive perks and benefits, including:

- Wellness initiatives

- Access to religious facilities

- 18-month fixed-term contract

- Provided laptop

- Flexible work arrangements

How to Apply

To apply for the GenA Market 2025 program, candidates must complete the online application form available on the ABSA careers website. Click here to apply.

Application Deadline

Candidates should note that the deadline for submissions to the ABSA GenA Global Market 2025 Programme 2025 is June 30, 2024. It is advisable for applicants to frequently monitor the ABSA careers portal and official communication channels for any changes or updates regarding application timelines and deadlines.

The ABSA GenA Global Market 2025 programme represents a unique opportunity for talented individuals to embark on an exciting journey in finance and innovation. By leveraging the resources, expertise, and global reach of ABSA, participants can unlock their full potential and make a meaningful impact on the future of finance.


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