The Unilever Winter Internship Programme: iOps (Planning & Logistics) 2024

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Calling all aspiring supply chain professional! The Unilever Winter Internship Programme (UWIP) in iOps (Planning & Logistics) is your chance to delve into the world of getting everyday essentials from production to store shelves. This program is designed to ignite the leader within you by providing a challenging and purposeful experience.

About Unilever

Unilever is a global consumer goods powerhouse renowned for its diverse portfolio of brands and unwavering commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. With a rich heritage spanning over a century, Unilever has emerged as a leader in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, touching the lives of billions of people worldwide every day. From household staples like Dove, Lipton, and Knorr to iconic beauty brands such as Axe, Tresemmé, and Pond's, Unilever's products are synonymous with quality, innovation, and trust. Beyond its commercial success, Unilever stands out for its ambitious Sustainable Living Plan, aiming to enhance livelihoods, reduce environmental footprint, and promote health and well-being across its value chain. With a global presence and a relentless drive for excellence, Unilever continues to shape the future of consumer goods while making a positive impact on society and the planet.

What is the Unilever Winter Internship Programme (UWIP) - iOps (Planning & Logistics)?

The UWIP - iOps is a unique opportunity for students to gain firsthand experience in the exciting world of supply chain management at Unilever. As an intern, you'll be exposed to the intricate dance of planning and logistics that ensures a steady flow of Unilever's trusted brands to consumers.

What will you be doing?

Forecasting Demand

You'll play a key role in estimating future customer needs. This involves analyzing market trends, sales data, and seasonal fluctuations. Estimating future customer needs involves delving into a variety of data points. Market trends provide a broad overview of consumer behavior, indicating shifts in preferences, emerging needs, or changes in purchasing patterns. Sales data offers a more granular view, revealing historical trends, product performance, and customer segmentation insights. Seasonal fluctuations are crucial to consider, as they can dramatically impact demand, particularly in industries like retail, tourism, or agriculture. By synthesizing these inputs, you can develop accurate forecasts that guide production, inventory management, and marketing strategies.

Production Planning

Get ready to synchronize the magic! You'll collaborate with teams to ensure production lines have the right materials at the right time to meet that ever-growing demand. Syncing production with demand requires meticulous planning and coordination across departments. As a production planner, you'll work closely with teams involved in procurement, manufacturing, logistics, and sales to ensure seamless operations. This involves creating production schedules that optimize resource utilization, minimize bottlenecks, and meet delivery deadlines. By forecasting demand and aligning production capacity accordingly, you'll help maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and maintain high product quality.

Distribution Network Coordination

Imagine a well-oiled machine. You'll be part of the team that figures out the most efficient way to get finished products to warehouses, shops, and ultimately, into your shopping basket.  Additionally, efficient distribution is the backbone of any supply chain, ensuring products reach customers in a timely and cost-effective manner. As part of the distribution network coordination team, you'll optimize the flow of goods from production facilities to warehouses, distribution centers, and ultimately, retail outlets or end consumers. This involves strategic decision-making regarding transportation modes, route optimization, inventory management, and warehouse operations. By streamlining processes and leveraging technology, you'll enhance the agility and responsiveness of the distribution network, meeting customer expectations while minimizing costs.

Supplier Management

Ever wondered how all those raw materials find their way to Unilever factories? You might be involved in understanding and potentially optimizing how these materials are sourced. Effective supplier management is critical for ensuring a reliable and cost-effective supply of raw materials and components. By cultivating strong relationships with suppliers, you'll gain insights into their capabilities, capacities, and constraints. This enables proactive risk management and contingency planning to mitigate disruptions in the supply chain. Additionally, you may explore opportunities for supplier diversification, alternative sourcing strategies, or process improvements to enhance efficiency and resilience. By optimizing the upstream supply chain, you'll contribute to cost savings, quality improvements, and overall supply chain sustainability.

Why Choose the UWIP - iOps (Planning & Logistics)?

1.      Develop in-demand skills

Gain practical experience in supply chain planning, logistics, and potentially procurement. These skills are highly sought-after by employers across industries.

2.      Learn from the best.

Unilever is a global leader in consumer goods. You'll be mentored by experienced professionals who will guide you through the intricacies of the business.

3.      Become a Future Leader

This program is designed to identify and nurture future leaders in the supply chain domain. Get ready to be challenged and develop your leadership potential.

4.      Make a real impact.

The work you do will have a direct impact on ensuring Unilever products reach millions of consumers every day.

Who should apply?

·         Students who have completed or are completing a 3 year university degree in any discipline with a preference for Bcom, BBS, Logistics and Supply Chain (Management) Degrees.

·         Students who have completed or are completing a 4 year Btech Degree in any discipline with a preference for Btech Logistics, Btech Supply Chain (Management).

·         Students with a passion for problem-solving and an interest in business and logistics.

·         Strong analytical and critical thinking skills are a plus.

·         Excellent communication and teamwork abilities are essential.

How to Apply

Applications are currently open and  are done via the Unilever website. Click here to apply.

Additional Tips

·         Tailor your resume and cover letter to highlight the skills and experiences mentioned in the job description.

·         Research Unilever and demonstrate your understanding of their business and values.

·         Prepare for your interview by researching common supply chain interview questions.

The UWIP - iOps (Planning & Logistics) internship presents an exceptional chance to embark on a fulfilling career in supply chain management. Tailored for students passionate about logistics and poised for success, this program offers hands-on experience in forecasting demand, synchronizing production processes, optimizing distribution networks, and managing suppliers within the dynamic environment of Unilever. Through practical challenges and collaboration with industry experts, interns gain invaluable skills, expand their knowledge, and lay a solid foundation for future endeavors. With mentorship and guidance at every step, participants are empowered to thrive, innovate, and make meaningful contributions to the field. If you're a driven individual eager to learn, grow, and shape the future of supply chain management, the UWIP - iOps internship is an opportunity not to be missed.


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