The Samancor Chrome Graduate-in-Training Human Resources programme 2024

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Are you a recent graduate with a passion for human resources and a drive to develop your skills?  Look no further than the Samancor Chrome Graduate-in-Training program in Limpopo! This exciting opportunity offers you a structured 18-month program designed to equip you with the knowledge and experience to excel in the HR field.

About Samancor Chrome

Samancor Chrome is a prominent South African producer of chrome ore, essential for stainless steel production, renowned for its commitment to innovation and sustainability. With a focus on advancing industry practices, the company continuously explores new technologies and processes to enhance production efficiency and product quality. This dedication to innovation ensures Samancor Chrome's competitiveness in the global market while contributing to the progression of the chrome mining sector. Moreover, sustainability lies at the core of its operations, with initiatives aimed at minimizing environmental impact and fostering positive community relationships through responsible mining practices and community development projects.

For graduates seeking dynamic career opportunities, Samancor Chrome offers an engaging work environment where they can gain hands-on experience, collaborate with industry experts, and contribute to meaningful projects. By joining the company, graduates have the chance to grow professionally while making a positive impact on the industry and local communities. With a culture that promotes continuous learning and development, Samancor Chrome empowers its employees to thrive and shape the future of the chrome mining industry.

The Samancor Chrome Graduate-in-Training program in Human Resources provides a unique opportunity to learn from experienced HR professionals.

What to Expect?

Within the realm of business processes, this role involves a diverse set of responsibilities. Firstly, it entails providing support across various HR functions, encompassing tasks such as aiding in HR processes, managing employee relations matters, and executing administrative duties like filing, data entry, and maintaining updated records. Additionally, adherence to pertinent HR legislation, including the Basic Conditions of Employment, Labour Relations Act, and Employment Equity Act, is essential. This involves ensuring compliance and staying abreast of any legislative updates or changes. The role also encompasses compiling reports and conducting trend analysis when necessary, contributing to informed decision-making within the HR domain.

Furthermore, the position involves assisting in internal communication efforts and event planning, fostering cohesion and engagement within the organization. Addressing ad-hoc queries and being prepared to work overtime as required underscores the role's adaptability and responsiveness to dynamic operational needs. Administrative tasks extend to managing HR systems such as SAP HR, COUPA, and Direct Hire, along with overseeing medical and induction completion records for TAS on Staffbook. Moreover, involvement in recruitment processes, accommodation booking, and scheduling external training for TAS are part of the role's diverse scope. Ensuring compliance with legal training requirements, processing training invoices, and generating monthly training reports further emphasize the role's commitment to organizational development and regulatory adherence. Lastly, logistical and administrative support for Union and Industrial Relations-related matters, including maintaining meeting minutes and records, rounds out the comprehensive responsibilities of this role.

What You Will Gain

Participating in this role offers invaluable hands-on experience within a genuine HR department, providing a firsthand understanding of the practical applications of HR principles and processes. By actively engaging in day-to-day operations, such as assisting with HR processes, managing employee relations matters, and handling administrative functions, individuals gain tangible experience that lays a solid foundation for their HR careers.

Moreover, mentorship and guidance from seasoned HR professionals amplify the learning experience. Working closely with experienced mentors allows for the transfer of knowledge, best practices, and insights gained from years of practical experience in the field. This mentorship not only enhances skill development but also fosters personal and professional growth, instilling confidence and competence in navigating various HR challenges.

The role also presents abundant opportunities for individuals to broaden their skills and knowledge across all facets of HR. Whether it's recruitment, training and development, compliance, or employee engagement, individuals have the chance to immerse themselves in diverse HR functions, honing their expertise and becoming well-rounded HR professionals.

Furthermore, being part of a large and respected organization opens doors to extensive networking opportunities. Interacting with colleagues, HR professionals, and leaders within the organization provides valuable connections that can facilitate career advancement and future collaborations. Building a strong professional network within such an environment can be instrumental in accessing resources, insights, and potential career opportunities in the HR field and beyond.

Qualification Requirements

·         Applicable Bachelor's degree or B-Tech in Human Resources Management

·         Proficiency in computer skills, particularly in MS Office


·         Possession of a Driver's License (Minimum B/ Code 08)

·         Access to personal transportation and a readiness to travel.

·         Demonstrated passion for pursuing a career in HR.

·         Effective communication skills to engage with individuals across the organization.

·         Solid administrative and organizational capabilities

·         Commitment to treating information and matters with confidentiality.

·         Keen attention to detail

·         Capability to collaborate effectively within a team.

·         Drive to continuously learn and enhance one's own knowledge and abilities.

Behavioral Competencies

·         Safety Awareness

·         Managing Work

·         Results Orientation

·         Customer Focus

·         Operational Problem Solving and Decision Making

·         Work Standards

·         Interpersonal Relationships

·         Communication

·         Adaptability

·         Contributing to Team Success

·         Adhering to Values

·         Initiative

How to Apply?

Applications are online and will be closing on the 19th of April. Click here to apply.

If you are a highly motivated graduate looking to launch a rewarding career in Human Resources, then the Samancor Chrome Graduate-in-Training program is for you!

In conclusion, the Graduate-in-Training Human Resources position at Samancor (Limpopo) offers a promising pathway for aspiring HR professionals. Successful candidates will embark on an intensive 18-month Development Programme, meticulously crafted to provide hands-on experience and structured mentorship within the HR Department. This immersive journey is tailored to equip graduates with comprehensive knowledge and skills specific to the intricate dynamics of Human Resources Management within the heavy Engineering plant of the mineral processing industry. Through dedicated guidance from seasoned professionals, this program promises to nurture talent, foster growth, and lay a solid foundation for a fulfilling career in HR. Click here to apply.


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