The Natasha Joubert Collective x ASUS Coding Bursary 2024

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In a bid to foster technological empowerment among South African youths, the Natasha Joubert Collective has teamed up with ASUS, a renowned computer company, and HyperionDev, a leading coding school, to launch the Natasha Joubert Collective x ASUS Coding Bursary for the year 2024. This collaborative initiative aims to provide financial support to budding tech enthusiasts, enabling them to pursue a career in the dynamic field of technology.

About Asus and Hyperion Development

ASUS and Hyperion Development stand as prominent entities in the world of technology and education, each contributing significantly to their respective fields.

ASUS, a multinational corporation renowned for its innovative technology solutions, has solidified its position as a leader in the industry. With a diverse portfolio spanning motherboards, monitors, personal computers, routers, and graphics cards, ASUS continues to push the boundaries of innovation, delivering top-tier products to consumers worldwide.

Hyperion Development, on the other hand, is a prominent player in the field of tech education, particularly within the southern African region. Originating in 2012 as a grassroots initiative by Computer Science students, Hyperion Development has grown into the largest tech education provider in the area. Their mission is to enhance technical education by offering comprehensive programming and digital literacy skills training, thereby empowering individuals to thrive in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Both ASUS and Hyperion Development play integral roles in shaping the future of technology and education, contributing to innovation, skill development, and empowerment on both local and global scales.

About The Natasha Joubert Collective x ASUS Coding Bursary

The bursary is designed to assist 10 deserving residents of South Africa who aspire to delve into the realm of technology. The primary objective is to facilitate their enrollment in HyperionDev's comprehensive 6-month online Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp Programme, equipping them with essential skills and knowledge to thrive in the tech industry. Moreover, upon successful completion of the bootcamp, recipients will gain access to HyperionDev's prestigious 90-Day Bespoke Graduate Programme, further enhancing their prospects in the job market. Additionally, they will receive a certificate recognizing their accomplishment.

The Selection Process

The selection process for the bursary is rigorous and competitive. After thorough evaluation, the chosen recipients will be announced on April 30, 2024. This meticulous process ensures that the bursary is awarded to individuals who demonstrate exceptional potential and dedication to pursuing a career in technology.

One of the defining aspects of this bursary is its inclusivity. Unlike many other programs, prior experience in coding is not a prerequisite for eligibility. Instead, all South African residents with a passion for technology are encouraged to apply, irrespective of their background or educational qualifications.

The Natasha Joubert Collective x ASUS Coding Bursary represents the second phase of Natasha Joubert's advocacy campaign through the Natasha Joubert Collective. Following the success of their collaboration with Boston City Campus in 2023, where they awarded bursaries to deserving students, this year's initiative underscores their ongoing commitment to expanding educational opportunities and fostering talent development in South Africa.

The application for the bursary has concluded to close on April 19th, 2024Click here to apply! This initiative not only empowers individuals to pursue their passion for technology but also serves as a beacon of hope for a brighter, more inclusive future in South Africa's tech landscape.


Applications must be submitted online at the Natasha Joubert Collective x ASUS Coding Bursary Application portal. Click here to apply!

Alongside the application, candidates must include a motivational letter detailing: Click here for a guide on how to write a compelling motivational letter.

·         Reasons for deserving the coding bursary.

·         Personal background information

·         Motivation for seeking the coding bursary.

Applicants are also required to register with their details on the HyperionDev database.

Terms and Conditions for Miss SA x ASUS x Hyperion Development Bursaries Application:

·         Applicants must be of legal age, 18 years or older.

·         No specific educational qualifications are mandatory.

·         The course will be conducted online and attended remotely.

·         Applicants must have access to a laptop/computer and WiFi connection.

The collaboration between Miss South Africa (represented by Natasha Joubert), ASUS, and Hyperion Development represents a unique synergy between the worlds of beauty, technology, and education.

Together, Miss South Africa, ASUS, and Hyperion Development form a powerful alliance aimed at promoting education, empowerment, and technological advancement. Through their collaboration, they seek to make a positive impact on society by providing opportunities for growth, learning, and success.Click here to apply! 


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