The Deliotte Financial Services Advisory - Graduate Programme 2025

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Aspiring to a dynamic career in financial services? Deloitte South Africa's Financial Services Advisory (FSA) Graduate Programme could be your perfect stepping stone. This programme offers a unique opportunity for graduates to gain extensive experience and develop in-demand skills within the ever-evolving financial landscape.

About Deloitte

Deloitte, founded in 1845 by William Welch Deloitte in London, has grown into one of the world's largest professional services firms, operating in over 150 countries with headquarters in New York City. Offering a comprehensive range of services including audit, tax, consulting, risk advisory, and financial advisory, Deloitte serves clients across diverse industries such as technology, healthcare, financial services, and government sectors. Its global network of independent member firms enables seamless cross-border collaboration, combining industry-specific expertise with innovative solutions to address complex business challenges. Deloitte's commitment to quality, integrity, and thought leadership is evident through its continuous investment in research, innovation, and knowledge sharing, solidifying its position as a trusted advisor to many of the world's leading organizations.

Deloitte's diverse array of services encompasses audit and assurance, providing businesses with insights to enhance financial reporting and compliance; tax advisory, assisting clients in navigating complex tax regulations and optimizing their tax positions; consulting, offering strategic guidance across a spectrum of areas including technology, operations, and human capital; risk advisory, aiding organizations in identifying and mitigating risks related to cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and internal controls; and financial advisory, providing expertise in transaction advisory, valuation, restructuring, forensic investigations, and corporate finance advisory. Through its commitment to innovation, professionalism, and client-centric approach, Deloitte continues to shape the future of professional services, driving growth, innovation, and sustainable success for its clients worldwide. 

What is the Deloitte South Africa FSA Graduate Programme?

The FSA Graduate Programme is a three-year intensive program designed to equip graduates with a strong foundation in financial advisory services. Participants rotate across three core business areas:

Transaction Services:

Transaction services involve advising clients on various aspects of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions. This includes conducting due diligence, which is a comprehensive review of the target company's financial, operational, and legal aspects to assess risks and opportunities associated with the transaction. Due diligence helps in making informed decisions and negotiating favorable terms. Additionally, transaction advisors assist in valuing the target company accurately, considering factors such as its assets, liabilities, market position, growth potential, and industry trends. This valuation process helps in determining the fair price for the acquisition or merger.

Valuations & Modelling:

Valuations and financial modeling are crucial for understanding the worth of assets, securities, or businesses. This involves analyzing various factors such as cash flows, risk factors, market trends, and comparable transactions to determine the fair value. Financial modeling is the process of creating mathematical representations of financial situations using tools like spreadsheets. These models help in forecasting future performance, assessing investment opportunities, and making strategic decisions. In the context of complex financial instruments, such as derivatives or structured products, specialized knowledge and expertise are required to accurately value these instruments and assess their risks.

Corporate Finance Advisory:

Corporate finance advisory services assist clients in managing their capital structure, raising funds, and optimizing financial performance. This includes advising on capital raising activities such as debt or equity issuances, initial public offerings (IPOs), or private placements. Additionally, corporate finance advisors help in restructuring initiatives, which may involve mergers, divestitures, spin-offs, or debt restructuring to improve efficiency, profitability, or financial stability. Strategic financial planning involves developing long-term financial strategies aligned with the client's business objectives, risk tolerance, and market conditions to enhance shareholder value and achieve sustainable growth

Throughout the program, graduates gain exposure to a broad range of quantitative risk management techniques, including:

·         Risk and financial modelling

·         Design and implementation of risk/capital/funding frameworks

·         Stress testing

·         Regulatory developments

What are the benefits of the Deloitte South Africa FSA Graduate Programme?

·         Rotational program:

Gain experience in diverse areas of financial advisory services, helping you identify your area of interest.

·         Unparalleled learning:

Every project brings fresh challenges and the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals.

·         Skill development:

Build strong analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills, all highly sought after in the financial industry.

·         Networking opportunities:

Expand your professional network by collaborating with colleagues and clients across South Africa.

Who is eligible for the Deloitte South Africa FSA Graduate Programme?

University Graduate or in their final year of study in: (BCom / BSc / BBSc) or Honours degree, specialising in any of the following relevant fields:

·         Actuarial Science

·         Computer/Data Science/Analytics

·         Engineering (preferably Electrical or Electronic)

·         Mathematical Sciences/Statistics

·         (Applied/Financial) Mathematics

·         Physics

·         Quantitative Risk Management

·         (Applied) Statistics;

·         or Any other relevant degree.

·         The intention to pursue a professional qualification (CFA / FRM / PRM / FIA / FASSA) is advantageous.

·         Must be computer literate

·         Experience in C#, Matlab, Python, R, SAS or VBA is an added advantage.

How to Apply for the Deloitte South Africa FSA Graduate Programme

Applications are completed online. Click here to apply.

Closing date

Not Specified

Things to Look Out For

Application Process:

Timing: Applications are currently open for 2025. Click here to apply.

Prepare for the assessment centre: If shortlisted, you'll likely participate in a day-long assessment centre. This may involve interviews, a written assignment, group discussions, and problem-solving activities.

Personal Universe Presentation: Be prepared to present a "Personal Universe" - a light-hearted introduction showcasing your interests and personality.

Group Activities: These activities assess your teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills in a collaborative setting.

Additional Tips

·         Research Deloitte and the FSA program

Demonstrate your knowledge of the company and the specific program you're applying for.

·         Tailor your resume and cover letter

Highlight skills and experiences relevant to the program and Deloitte's values.

·         Practice for interviews

Prepare for common interview questions and anticipate questions about your interest in the financial services industry and career goals.

If you're a recent graduate with a passion for finance and a drive to excel, then this program is definitely worth exploring. Visit the application portal today to learn more and take the first step towards a rewarding future. Click here to apply.


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