The Clicks Foundation Bursary Programme

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In the pursuit of a brighter future, education stands as the cornerstone of progress and opportunity. However, financial constraints often act as a barrier, hindering the aspirations of numerous deserving individuals. Recognizing this challenge and endeavouring to make a meaningful difference, the Clicks Foundation has established a comprehensive Bursary Programme with the aim of empowering talented students throughout South Africa. Through its unwavering commitment to education and community development, the Clicks Foundation has become a symbol of hope, nurturing academic achievement and socio-economic advancement.

About the Bursary Provider: Clicks Group Limited

Clicks Group Limited, a prominent name in South Africa's retail landscape, boasts a rich history marked by innovation, resilience, and community engagement. Established in 1968 by entrepreneurial visionary Jack Goldin, Clicks began as a pharmacy retailer with a commitment to providing accessible healthcare products and services to the public. Over the decades, the company evolved and expanded its offerings to include beauty, wellness, and lifestyle products, cementing its position as a trusted household brand. Through strategic acquisitions, partnerships, and a customer-centric approach, Clicks Group has grown into a diversified retail giant, serving millions of customers nationwide through its extensive network of stores. Beyond its commercial success, Clicks Group remains deeply invested in social responsibility, driving initiatives aimed at improving healthcare, education, and socio-economic development in the communities it serves. With a legacy built on integrity, excellence, and a passion for making a positive impact, Clicks Group continues to shape the future of retail in South Africa and beyond.

About the Bursary

The Clicks Foundation Bursary Programme is a testament to the organization's dedication to fostering educational opportunities for talented and motivated students. This comprehensive initiative provides financial assistance to individuals pursuing tertiary education in fields aligned with the needs of the healthcare and retail sectors. By investing in the education of future professionals, the Clicks Foundation aims to cultivate a skilled workforce and contribute to the overall socio-economic development of South Africa.

The Clicks Foundation Bursary Programme is oriented towards acknowledging and aiding academic excellence, with a specific focus on addressing critical skills shortages within the retail and pharmaceutical healthcare sectors. Aligned with the principles of sustainable development and societal transformation, this initiative contributes meaningfully to the goals set forth in South Africa's National Development Plan. Through a merit-based approach, the programme aims to extend financial support to deserving undergraduate students, without entailing any obligatory commitments.

Eligibility Requirements

-          Candidates should possess a strong academic record, displaying excellence in their studies and a commitment to learning.

-          Applicants must hold confirmed South African citizenship to be eligible for the bursary. This criterion ensures that the programme caters exclusively to individuals who are legally recognized as citizens of South Africa, aligning with the Clicks Foundation's commitment to supporting local talent and contributing to the development of the nation's workforce.

-          Eligible applicants must be registered as undergraduate students in their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of study. This requirement is specifically tailored to students pursuing degrees in fields relevant to the retail and pharmaceutical healthcare industries, such as Pharmacy and Commercial studies. By targeting students in these stages of their academic journey, the bursary programme aims to provide support during critical phases of their education, helping them advance towards their career goals.

-           Applicants must fall within the age range of 19 to 35 years to be considered for the bursary. This age requirement serves to ensure that the programme reaches individuals who are at a stage in their lives where they can fully benefit from the financial assistance provided. Additionally, it reflects the Clicks Foundation's commitment to empowering young adults and facilitating their access to higher education opportunities.

-          Prospective applicants must not currently hold another bursary or be subject to any bursary obligations. This stipulation aims to ensure that the bursary support is directed towards individuals who genuinely require financial assistance and may otherwise face significant barriers to pursuing their education. By prioritizing applicants without existing bursary commitments, the programme maximizes its impact in reaching those most in need of support.

Bursary applications undergo thorough evaluation based on the Clicks selection criteria, in addition to consideration of national and provincial Employment Equity Plans (EAP). Priority is accorded to individuals with disabilities and those belonging to designated groups. Bursary awards are granted at the sole discretion of the Clicks Foundation.

Meeting these eligibility criteria is essential for applicants seeking to be considered for the Clicks Foundation Bursary Programme. These requirements are carefully designed to identify deserving candidates who demonstrate a genuine need for financial assistance and possess the potential to excel in their chosen fields of study, thereby aligning with the foundation's overarching goal of fostering academic excellence and socio-economic development in South Africa.

What the Bursary Covers

A Clicks bursary provides comprehensive financial support to cover various essential costs associated with pursuing undergraduate studies at a South African university. The following expenses are covered under the bursary:

1.  The bursary covers registration fees, which are typically charged by universities at the beginning of each academic year. These fees are necessary for students to enrol in courses, access university facilities, and officially become registered students of the institution.

2. Tuition fees, the primary cost of attending university, are also covered by the Clicks bursary. These fees encompass the cost of instruction, academic services, and other educational resources provided by the university. By covering tuition fees, the bursary ensures that students can continue their studies without financial impediments.

3. The bursary includes provisions for prescribed textbooks, which are essential for students to engage with their coursework effectively. Textbooks play a crucial role in supplementing lectures, facilitating self-study, and aiding comprehension of subject matter. By providing support for prescribed textbooks, the bursary ensures that students have access to the necessary resources to excel academically.

4. The Clicks bursary offers support in the form of study assistance and aids where required. This may include access to tutoring services, academic mentoring, or specialized aids for students with disabilities. By offering tailored support, the bursary aims to enhance students' learning experiences and facilitate their academic success.

The bursary exclusively supports academic studies relevant to the academic year of registration. It explicitly does not cover any fees or expenses related to prior study loans or tuition costs.

How to Apply

Potential candidates have the opportunity to obtain the application form for the Clicks Foundation Bursary Programme via the Foundation's official website. At present, applications are not being accepted. Please utilize the provided link to submit your application once the application period commences; Click here to apply.

Closing Date

The bursary application window commences annually on November 30th. Late applications and  those that are incomplete will not be taken into consideration.

The Clicks Foundation Bursary Programme stands as a testament to the organization's unwavering commitment to education and community development. By providing financial assistance and support to deserving students, the Foundation not only empowers individuals to realize their academic aspirations but also cultivates a brighter future for South Africa as a whole. Through the transformative power of education, the Clicks Foundation continues to make a meaningful difference in the lives of countless students, inspiring hope and opportunity for generations to come.


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