Schoeman Coetzee Bursary South Africa 2025

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The Schoeman Coetzee Bursary South Africa for 2025 is a program aimed at supporting aspiring chartered accountants. Here is an in-depth guide outlining all the key information you need to understand about the bursary program, including its provider, eligibility criteria, how to apply, required documents, closing date, and contact details.

 About Schoeman Coetzee Bursary

Schoeman Coetzee Inc. is a recently established audit firm in South Africa, born from the collective audit experience of its two partners, Niel Schoeman and Simone Coetzee. Both individuals previously owned their own small auditing firms, but in 2022, they decided to merge their audit departments, forming a joint venture that proved to be highly successful. This success led to the formal creation of Schoeman Coetzee Inc., a new company that now represents the combined expertise and resources of its founders. The Schoeman Coetzee Bursary is a crucial initiative by the firm to support and develop the next generation of accountants and auditors in South Africa.  The program provides a full bursary to motivated young individuals working towards their BCom Hons/CTA qualification at a SAICA-accredited institution, such as UNISA or other similar distance learning programs, combining part-time studies with hands-on training at the Schoeman Coetzee Tygervalley office.

 This bursary aims to alleviate the financial burden on students by covering tuition fees and the expenses associated with study materials, allowing them to focus on their education and practical training. Through this bursary program, Schoeman Coetzee Inc. demonstrates its commitment to fostering new talent in the field of accounting and audit, encouraging students to pursue a career in these sectors while offering them the support needed to succeed. By providing financial assistance to promising students, the firm hopes to inspire and prepare a new wave of skilled professionals who will contribute to the accounting industry in the future.

Fields Covered

The Schoeman Coetzee Bursary is tailored for students pursuing studies in the field of chartered accountancy. Specifically, it targets those enrolled in part-time BCom Hons/ CTA (Chartered Accountancy) programs at a SAICA-accredited institution. This focus on chartered accountancy implies that the bursary supports individuals on the pathway to becoming Chartered Accountants (CAs), a highly respected and widely recognized professional designation. The BCom Hons/CTA programs cover a comprehensive curriculum, including advanced accounting, auditing, financial management, taxation, and business strategy. By supporting students in this field, the bursary aims to cultivate a new generation of skilled professionals who are equipped to meet the demands of the financial and audit sectors.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the Schoeman Coetzee Bursary, applicants must meet a set of specific criteria that demonstrate both academic aptitude and personal commitment to the field of chartered accountancy.

- Academic Achievement: Applicants must achieve a minimum of 70% or Level 6 in all subjects in their Matric exams. This requirement ensures that candidates have a strong academic foundation. It's important to note that this criterion includes Mathematics (not Mathematics Literacy), indicating that the bursary seeks candidates with a robust understanding of mathematical concepts. English proficiency is also critical, whether as a first or second language, to ensure clear communication and comprehension in a professional environment.

- Pursuing a Relevant Qualification: Applicants must be studying towards a BCom Hons/ CTA qualification on a part-time basis. This requirement indicates that the bursary is for individuals who are working towards a career in chartered accountancy, allowing them to gain practical experience while studying.

- Enrolment at a SAICA-accredited Institution: The bursary is intended for students attending institutions accredited by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), such as UNISA. This accreditation ensures that the educational program meets industry standards and prepares students for professional certification.

- Consistent Academic Performance: The requirement for consistent academic performance demonstrates that applicants should maintain a high standard throughout their studies. This indicates that the bursary seeks candidates who are reliable and dedicated to their education.

- Excellence in Extracurricular Activities: Demonstrated involvement in extracurricular activities shows that applicants are well-rounded and possess skills beyond academics, such as leadership, teamwork, and initiative.

- Ambitious and Passionate: The ideal candidate should have a genuine passion for accounting and auditing, indicating a deep interest in the field and a desire to excel. Ambition suggests that the applicant is motivated and driven to succeed in their career.

Together, these eligibility requirements help ensure that the Schoeman Coetzee Bursary is awarded to students who are not only academically capable but also possess the personal qualities and professional dedication to thrive in the field of chartered accountancy.

How to Apply

To apply for the Schoeman Coetzee Bursary, you need to submit the following documents:

- A copy of the applicant's certified ID.

- Copies of the parent(s)'/guardian(s)' certified ID.

- A certified copy of final Grade 11 results.

- A certified copy of final Grade 12 results.

Applications can be sent via email to sure to specify the reason for sending in the email title. Current Grade 12 students can submit their matric results later after they have completed their exams.

 Closing Date

The closing date for the Schoeman Coetzee Bursary 2025 is set for 30th June 2024. This deadline is the final date by which all applications must be submitted to be considered for the bursary. Any application received after this date will not be eligible for consideration, regardless of the reason for the delay. Therefore, it is crucial for applicants to ensure that they submit their completed applications, along with all required documents, before or on the specified closing date to avoid disqualification. Missing this deadline could mean losing a valuable opportunity for financial assistance and career advancement in chartered accountancy. It's advisable for candidates to start preparing their applications early to ensure they meet this important deadline.

Contact Details

For any questions or further information, you can contact Schoeman Coetzee Inc. via:

- Telephone: 021 910 1215

- Email:

 Additional Resources

For more information about the bursary, you can visit the Schoeman Coetzee Bursary website schoeman coetzee website . You can also follow Bursary Radar on social media for updates on scholarships and bursaries in South Africa.

The Schoeman Coetzee Bursary offers a unique opportunity for aspiring chartered accountants to receive financial support as they work toward their qualifications. The combination of financial assistance and the opportunity to connect with a reputable audit firm makes this bursary program a valuable resource for students in South Africa.


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