MQA Bursary South Africa 2024

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The Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA) Bursary in South Africa stands as a ray of opportunity for aspiring students pursuing careers in the mining and minerals sector. Established with the vision of fostering skills development and addressing critical human resource needs in the industry, the MQA Bursary has become a vital resource for students aiming to carve a path in this dynamic field. As we delve into the complexity of the MQA Bursary for the year 2024, we uncover a wealth of opportunities awaiting deserving candidates.

The MQA (Mining Qualifications Authority) serves as the provider of this prestigious bursary. Established under the Mine Health and Safety Act No. 29 of 1996 and is a registered Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) for the mining and minerals sector in terms of the skills development Act No 97 of 1998, the MQA is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring a competent and skilled workforce in the mining and minerals sector of South Africa.

The MQA Bursary Encompasses a Wide Variety of Fields Within The Mining and Minerals Sector.

Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) College Students:

1. Electrician

2. Fitter and Turner

3. Millwright

4. Boilermaker

5. Rigger Ropes Man

6. Instrumentation Mechanic

7. Fitting

8.Motor Mechanic(Diesel)

University and University of Technology Students:

1. Mining Engineering

2. Geology

3. Metallurgical Engineering

4. Chemical Engineering

5. Mechanical Engineering

6. Electrical Engineering

7. Environmental Health and Management

8. Mine Surveying

9. Analytical Chemistry

10. Mineral Processing

11. Electro- Mechanical Engineering

12 Industrial Engineering

13. Jewellery Design and Manufacturing

14. Metallurgical Engineering

15. Occupational Health and Safety

16. Occupational Hygiene

17. Occupational Medicine

18. Operations Management

19. Quality Management

Each year, the MQA may review 20% of the bursary allocation, extending it to deserving bursary applicants—both unemployed and employed—who wish to pursue qualifications not included in the aforementioned list.

The MQA Bursary Comprehensively Covers Various Expenses to Alleviate The Financial Burden on Deserving Students. These Expenses Include:

The MQA Bursary stands as a ray of support for deserving students, carefully designed to relieve the financial strains that often hinder academic pursuits. Covering an varies of expenses, it extends a lifeline to students aspiring for higher education. Firstly, tuition fees are a significant burden for many, and the bursary ensures that these costs are fully or partially covered, easing the financial weight on the shoulders of recipients. Moreover, textbooks and study materials, essential for academic success, are included in the coverage, allowing students to access the resources necessary for their studies without financial worry. Accommodation expenses, another substantial component of student costs, are also addressed by the bursary, providing a stable living environment conducive to learning. Furthermore, transportation costs are accounted for, ensuring that students can commute to and from their educational institutions without financial strain. Additionally, the bursary often extends support for various expenses such as laboratory fees, equipment costs, and even personal expenses, recognizing the holistic needs of students beyond just academic necessities. In essence, the MQA Bursary not only offers financial assistance but also fosters an environment where students can thrive academically and personally, unburdened by financial distress.

Eligibility Criteria:

1. South African citizenship

2. Applicants must currently be in Matric or have completed Matric

3. Applicant must be studying or interested in studying an undergraduate qualification in one of the fields mentioned above.

4. Applicants must be studying on intend to study at a public university, University of Technology or TVET College in South Africa.

Preference Will Be Given to The Below Applicants:

1. Applicants from rural communities

2. Applicants who show financial need- from households with income of less than R600 000 per year

3. Applicant with strong academic record

4. Applicants from historically disadvantaged backgrounds

5. Female Applicants will be given preference

6. Applicants who applied to study at a local tertiary institution

The MQA Bursary also awards bursary to individual who are already employed within the Mining and Minerals sector who would like to pursue studies for a qualification that is related to the mining industry. Payment for tuition, book allowance is made per semester for employed bursars.

The application process for the MQA Bursary is straightforward, but competitive. 

Prospective Candidates Can Follow These Steps to Apply:

1. Application form is in a fillable PDF format it must be completed electronically and not by hand.

2. The completed application form must be renamed with the applicant’s name and surname.

3. Scan all required documents and name them approximately.

4. Submit the application forms and all your supporting documents in one email.

Ensure that all the information you submit is correct as incorrect information will result in your application being disqualified.

All applications must be submitted electronically via email to:

Applicants Are Required to Submit The Following Documents Along With Their Application:

1. Certified copy of South African ID

2. Proof of acceptance or registration at University, University of Technology or TVET College

3. Certified copies of grade 11 final report, or Matric mid-year report if applicant is currently in Matric. Certified copies of Matric certificate in applicant has completed Matric

4. Full tertiary academic record, if applicant is currently studying

5. Certified copy of parents or guardians proof of income- proof of SASSA payment if applicable, death certificate if deceases, latest payslip if employed and affidavit if unemployed.

6. Certified copy of parents or guardians South African ID 

Closing Date for MQA Bursary:

Bursary is currently closed.

It is important for applicants to stick to the prescribed deadlines to ensure their applications are considered. While specific closing dates may vary from year to year, candidates are advised to monitor the MQA website or contact the authority directly for updated information regarding the closing dates for the 2024 MQA Bursary. Applicant can use the following website link to monitor bursaries: Click here to access the MQA application portal.

The MQA Bursary in South Africa represents more than just financial assistance; it symbolizes an investment in the future of the mining and minerals sector. By empowering talented individuals with access to quality education and training, the MQA seeks to cultivate a skilled workforce capable of driving innovation and sustainable development in the industry. As aspiring scholars embark on their journey towards academic and professional excellence, the MQA Bursary stands ready to support and nurture their aspirations, thereby shaping a brighter tomorrow for the mining sector and the nation as a whole.

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