AfriSam Bursary South Africa 2024

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AfriSam boasts a rich heritage that spans over eight decades, marked by a firm commitment to delivering innovative construction solutions. Established in 1934 as Anglo Alpha Cement Limited, the company underwent several transformations before emerging as AfriSam in 2006.  AfriSam is renowned for its quality cement, aggregates, and ready-mix concrete, playing a vital role in shaping South Africa's infrastructure landscape.

In South Africa, access to quality education remains a cornerstone for socioeconomic empowerment. Recognizing this need, AfriSam, a leading construction materials group, has continually demonstrated its commitment to fostering education through its bursary programs. The AfriSam Bursary for 2024 stands as a testament to this dedication, aiming to empower deserving individuals to pursue tertiary education and excel in their chosen fields.

Fields Covered by the Bursary:

The AfriSam Bursary for 2024 extends its support across various fields of study, Covering essential disciplines vital for the progression of the construction sector. For inquiries pertaining to the subsequent areas:

1. Civil Engineering

2. Mechanical Engineering

3. Electrical Engineering

4. Chemical Engineering

5. Mining Engineering

6. Human Resources

7. Logistics

8. Supply Chain

9. Industrial Engineering


Eligibility and Requirements for the AfriSam Bursary:

1. Applicants must be citizens of South Africa to qualify for the AfriSam Bursary. This requirement ensures that the bursary is allocated to individuals who are part of the South African community and will contribute to its development.

2. Applicants must either be enrolled in or have received provisional acceptance for full-time undergraduate studies at a recognized tertiary institution in South Africa. It ensures that the bursary supports individuals who are actively pursuing higher education.

3. AfriSam specifies certain fields of study that are eligible for the bursary. Applicants must be studying or intending to study full-time in one of these specified fields, which likely align with the company's interests or areas where they foresee a need for skilled professionals.

4. AfriSam looks for applicants with a proven track record of academic excellence. This requirement ensures that the bursary is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated their ability to succeed academically, indicating their potential for future success in their chosen field of study.

5. Applicants must demonstrate that they have a financial need for the bursary. This ensures that the financial support is directed towards individuals who require assistance to pursue their education and may not have the means to do so otherwise.

6. AfriSam seeks applicants who are genuinely interested in and committed to the construction industry. This requirement suggests that the bursary is not only about providing financial support but also about nurturing individuals who have a genuine passion for the industry and are likely to make meaningful contributions to it in the future.

7. AfriSam expects applicants to uphold high standards of behaviour, which reflects positively on themselves and the company. It ensures that the recipients of the bursary are individuals who demonstrate integrity and ethical conduct.

What the AfriSam Bursary Covers:

1. Tuition Fees: This covers the cost of academic instruction, which is often one of the most significant expenses for students. AfriSam ensures that this essential component of education is taken care of, allowing recipients to focus on their studies without worrying about the financial aspect of tuition.

2. Prescribed Textbooks and Study Materials: AfriSam understands that textbooks and study materials are indispensable for academic success. Therefore, the bursary includes provisions to cover the expenses associated with acquiring these materials. This ensures that students have access to the resources they need to excel in their studies.

3. Accommodation Expenses : For students who need to relocate or live on campus to attend their chosen institution, accommodation expenses can be a significant financial burden. The AfriSam Bursary recognizes this and provides support to cover accommodation costs, ensuring that students have a safe and conducive living environment while pursuing their education.

4. Allowance for Additional Expenses: Beyond tuition, textbooks, and accommodation, there are often other miscellaneous expenses associated with attending university. These may include transportation costs, internet access, food, and other personal expenses. The allowance provided by the AfriSam Bursary helps to offset these additional costs, ensuring that students can fully focus on their academic pursuits without worrying about financial constraints.

Overall, the coverage offered by the AfriSam Bursary aims to enable students to pursue their educational aspirations without being limited by financial constraints. By covering essential expenses such as tuition, textbooks, accommodation, and additional costs, the bursary supports students in achieving their academic goals and realizing their full potential.

How to Apply for the AfriSam Bursary:

Applying for the AfriSam Bursary is a straightforward process, primarily conducted through an online platform. Interested candidates can follow these steps:

1. Visit the official AfriSam website, using the following link: Afrisam website

2. Navigate to the bursary section and locate the AfriSam Bursary application form.

Rooikraal-Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Bursary 2024

Eikenhof-Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Bursary 2024 

3. Carefully read and complete the application form, ensuring all required information is provided accurately.

4. Attach the necessary supporting documents, as outlined in the application guidelines.

5. Send your completed and signed application form to

Documents Required:

- Certified copy of South African ID

- Certified Matric Certificate

- Academic transcripts or latest results

- Proof of acceptance or enrollment at a tertiary institution

- Comprehensive curriculum vitae (CV)

- Motivational letter outlining career aspirations and reasons for applying

Closing Date:

31 March 2024

 It is imperative for applicants to adhere to this deadline to ensure their eligibility for consideration.

The AfriSam Bursary for 2024 presents a remarkable opportunity for aspiring students to realize their academic and professional aspirations in the construction industry. By investing in education, AfriSam continues to nurture talent and drive sustainable development, thereby shaping a brighter future for South Africa.

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