Bursary Opportunity for Engineering students

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The SPBE- SAICE (South African Institution of Civil Engineering) Patrons Engineering Bursary Scheme stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity for aspiring engineers in South Africa. With a rich history dating back to its inception, the scheme has consistently embodied its mission and vision, providing financial assistance to deserving students and fostering the growth of the engineering profession.


The SAICE Patrons Engineering Bursary Scheme was established with the noble aim of addressing the financial barriers that often hinder talented individuals from pursuing engineering education. Over the years, it has garnered support from various stakeholders within the engineering community, including esteemed professionals and industry leaders who recognize the importance of investing in the next generation of engineers.

Mission and Vision:

At the core of the scheme lies a commitment to excellence and inclusivity. Its mission is to identify promising students with a passion for engineering and provide them with the necessary financial support to pursue their studies. The vision of the scheme is to contribute to the development of a diverse and highly skilled engineering workforce that can tackle the challenges of the future.

Eligibility Requirements:

The SAICE Patrons Engineering Bursary Scheme is open to South African citizens who are enrolled or intend to enroll in an accredited engineering program at a recognized tertiary institution. Applicants must demonstrate academic merit, financial need, and a genuine interest in pursuing a career in engineering. Additionally, candidates are evaluated based on their leadership potential and extracurricular involvement.


The Bursary awards a maximum of R6500 per semester to each student. Bursaries are awarded on a semester basis and are contingent upon the student's academic performance in examinations. These funds aim to partially defray the costs of registration, tuition, and textbooks. Collaboration with diverse tertiary institutions is pivotal in identifying eligible students. Upon selection, recipients must furnish evidence of registration for the forthcoming semester at their respective institution before disbursement of funds. Subsequently, bursary payments are issued as checks payable to the tertiary institution, earmarked for crediting the bursar's account.

How the Bursary Works:

Successful applicants are awarded financial assistance for the duration of their undergraduate studies, subject to maintaining satisfactory academic progress. The bursary amount may vary depending on individual circumstances and the availability of funds. Recipients are expected to uphold the values of the scheme and actively participate in mentoring and community engagement initiatives organized by SAICE.

Application Process:

Prospective applicants can apply for the SAICE Patrons Engineering Bursary Scheme through the official SAICE website or by contacting the organization directly. The application typically requires submission of academic transcripts, proof of financial need,  and a certified identity document It is essential for applicants to adhere to the specified deadlines and provide all necessary documentation to ensure their eligibility for consideration. Note: Only Students from South Africa studying towards a National diploma in Civil Engineering or a BSC Degree in Civil Engineering will be considered.

 Closing dates for applications:

For first semester: 31 January (annually).

For second semester: 31 July (annually). 

No late applications will be considered. 

The SAICE Patrons Engineering Bursary Scheme embodies the spirit of empowerment and transformation within the engineering profession. By providing financial assistance to deserving students and nurturing their talents, the scheme not only fulfills the aspirations of individual beneficiaries but also contributes to the overall development and prosperity of South Africa. As the nation continues to strive towards excellence in engineering and innovation, initiatives like the SAICE bursary scheme serve as catalysts for progress and positive change.

How to apply?

The application form is found on the official SPBE website, click here for the form. 

SAICE – SPEBS Desk contact details:

Contact person: Fridah Mahlangu

E-mail: fridah@saice.org.za

Tel: 011 805 5947 (Office hours)

Fax: 011 805 5971

SAICE Career Guidance

Private Bag X200



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