Accenture Education Trust Scholarship 2024

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The Accenture Education Trust Scholarship 2024 offers a unique opportunity for academically promising students in South Africa to pursue their higher education dreams. This scholarship program aims to provide financial assistance and various forms of support to deserving individuals who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential, and a commitment to making a positive impact in their communities. The Accenture Education Trust, helps students whose family income ranges from R 350 000 - R 1M and NSFAS Post-Graduate Students with a Household Income of less than R300k.

About Accenture

Accenture plc is a multinational professional services company that provides a wide range of services and solutions in the areas of strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations. It is one of the largest consulting firms in the world, with a global presence and a diverse client base across various industries.

Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Accenture operates in more than 200 cities in over 120 countries. The company serves clients in industries such as financial services, healthcare, communications, media, technology, consumer goods, and many others.

Accenture offers services that help organizations improve their performance, transform their operations, and achieve their business objectives. These services include management consulting, technology consulting, digital transformation, application services, infrastructure services, cybersecurity, and outsourcing. The company's workforce is comprised of highly skilled professionals, including consultants, analysts, engineers, designers, and technology specialists. Accenture's teams collaborate with clients to solve complex challenges, develop innovative strategies, implement advanced technologies, and drive organizational change.

Accenture has a strong focus on digital technologies and is at the forefront of digital transformation initiatives. It helps clients leverage emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, data analytics, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to create new business models, enhance customer experiences, and drive operational efficiencies. As a publicly traded company, Accenture is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol "ACN." It has consistently been recognized as one of the world's most admired companies and a leading employer, known for its inclusive and diverse work environment.

What are the minimum requirements?

The student must have a strong academic background with a cumulative average of above 65% in a study towards Technology-aligned degrees (see below list) at select tertiary Institutions in South Africa. If you have food grades and are in your second to final year of study and even Honours year of your studies, you are what they are looking for!

Successful candidates will receive a full scholarship. The bursary programme covers the following expenses: registration fees, tuition fees, examination fees, meals, residence, book allowance for prescribed books and a laptop. In addition, the scholarship is backed up by ongoing mentorship.

Applications will be considered from students who wish to major in one of the following disciplines at one of the universities listed below.

Scholarship Disciplines

·         BSC

·         Computer Science

·         Computer Engineering

·         Industrial Engineering

·         Information and Knowledge Systems

·         Information Systems

·         Mechanical with Mechatronics Engineering

·         BSC (Eng)

·         Information Technology

·         Electronic /Electrical (Light Current)


·         Informatics

·         Information Systems

·         Stats and Data Science

·         Computer Science


·         Big Data Analytics

·         Post Graduate Diploma in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

·         BENG

·         Electronic or Electrical Comp Eng

·         Information Engineering

·         Micro Electronic Engineering

Applicable institutions 

·         Rhodes University

·         Stellenbosch University

·         University of Cape Town

·         University of Johannesburg

·         University of Pretoria

·         University of Witwatersrand

·         University of Kwazulu-Natal

·         University of Western Cape

Documents required:

·         Certified copy of identity document (Application Pre-requisite)

·         Certified full academic record including 2022 mid-year exam results/progress report (Application Pre-requisite)

·         Certified copy of grade 12 results (Application Pre-requisite)

·         Certified copy of proof of parents’/guardian’s earnings 

·         Copy of your curriculum vitae (Application Pre-requisite)

Application Steps

·         Step 1 - Register/ Create an account by using your email address and create a password.

·         Step 2 - Start application. Please choose Apply Manually.

·         Step 3 - You will land on the My Information page. Please populate all fields and note that family name is your surname.

·         Step 4 - You will land on the My Experience page. In this section kindly detail any part time work experience i.e. Tutoring, promotions, e.t.c. Please note that GPA indicates academic average

·         Step 5 - You will land on Application Questions. These are standard and only for the purpose of the scholarship application please answer these as follows: Q1 - Yes; Q2 - No; Q3- Yes; Q4 - Yes; and Q5 -No.

·         Step 6 - You will land on a Voluntary Disclosure page. Here, complete all the required fields

·         Step 7 - You will land on a Summary Page where you can view your application and click Submit to finalize your submission

You will also be required to answer 10 questions. One of the questions /requirements is to create a 2-minute film about yourself. They want to know why you chose your field of study, your majors, what subjects you enjoy the most, what you'd like to do next, and why Accenture should pick you.

For any queries, contact +27 11 208 3216.

Click here to apply. 




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