How to start a successful Youtube channel

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 Do you have a google email account?

 If not, you need to create a google account to access YouTube.

 Make sure you choose a simple and memorable username.

 You can also create a Google Account just for your channel even if you already have an existing gmail.

 After creating an account, log in to YouTube.

Before uploading any content, you must first create your first video. We'll be discussing this topic in this post. You can start to think about these things right away.

It is better to choose a topic immediately to talk about in your first video. This topic could be one you are an expert in, or something that you are very familiar with. A video can be created about you, your channel and your goals.

This introduction video will explain to your audience why they should be following you and give them a taste of the type of content you produce.

It is simple to upload to YouTube.

In the top right corner, click the Create button.

Choose your file and start uploading it or making a live video.

Let's start from the beginning and explore what you can do to customize your channel.

Here are several things you can do to help your YouTube to grow.

You now understand how to make a YouTube channel. You may be wondering, though, if you can discover a YouTube channel template. There are several websites that provide similar templates. However, if you want to personalize your channel, you must change the design and upload your own photographs.

There aren't a lot of things you can do to brand your channel. You may, however, edit your channel's artwork (the cover photo) or add a personal emblem to it.

To access your account, click "Customize Channel."

You may also use this page to add an icon and a channel art photo. Both will be visible on all devices, including mobiles.

1. Channel Banner

When someone visits your YouTube channel, the first thing they see is your channel banner.

A channel banner is a creative item that shows at the top of your channel.

A YouTube channel banner should be 2,560x1,440 pixels in size. The "safe zone" is, however, 1,546x423 pixels. This safe zone should include all material.

Your channel banner should inform visitors about the types of videos they may anticipate and when they can find them.

If YouTube isn't your major social network, you may include additional social media accounts on the channel banner.

Keep things simple if you don't want to overwhelm individuals with too much information.

2. Introduction Video

Although it may appear unusual to construct or just establish an introductory video, it may leave a lasting impression.

When you enter a channel, a pre-programmed introductory video will begin to play. It's the biggest video on the screen.

Even better, the initial half of your video description will appear on your channel's main page. This is an excellent place to tell folks more about yourself and your channel.0

3. Optimized Playlists

Playlists are another feature that will appear on your homepage.

Playlists are sets of videos that the channel owner has recognized and named. These are excellent for categorizing your material and answering all queries on a specific topic or keyword.

Consider playlists and their names and descriptions to be pillar content.

The broad keyword for which you wish to rank should be included in the title of your playlist. Then, include a description that includes long-tail keywords or secondary keywords.

Make certain that any videos submitted to this playlist are relevant to the larger topic for which you want them to rank.

4. Keywords for Channels

YouTube is comparable to Google. YouTube determines who and when to broadcast videos based on user-generated signals.

By setting your channel keywords, you can assist YouTube understand what you're uploading and to whom it should be sent.

This step is frequently missed since it is difficult to locate.

How to Add Keywords to a YouTube Channel

  • Navigate to YouTube Studio.

  • From the menu, choose Settings Toggle Channel.

  • Your keywords should be in place.

There's no need to add a million keywords; instead, concentrate on five to ten keywords that best represent your channel.

5. Your custom URL

The magical number is 100.

You can personalize your url once you reach 100 subscribers.

One of the benefits of using a custom URL is that it makes it easy to link to your YouTube channel.

Instead of a random series of letters and numbers, individuals will just put in

Your personalized URL will be available after you have 100 subscribers and a 30-day-old channel.

After you've accomplished all of these procedures, go to YouTube Studio and establish your URL by going to Customization > Basic Info and inputting the URL you want to use.

6. Channel Description

Other signals are used by YouTube’s algorithm to assess the content of your channel and to determine who the content should be served to such as your description.

It may also be utilized to notify your audience about your channel's content and outcomes.

This section should be used to outline the subjects you will cover as well as keywords that your audience may use to search for your material.

When creating your channel description, it is critical that you pay attention to the first 100-150 characters.

When looking for information, you may frequently rely on these characters to capture the audience's attention.

7. Template for "Connect with me"

Finally, build a "connect With Me" template that you may use in your video descriptions.

This template should not be used to persuade others to connect with you. It should instead be utilized to encourage individuals to interact with your company.

Among these interactions might be:

To encourage people to watch another video

To share the different types of resources you put on your website

Hyperlinks to the tools you utilize.

You might also provide online classes.

Hyperlinks to your social media accounts.

People may subscribe to your channel by clicking on this link.

A brief summary of who you are and what you do.

This element of the video description can be saved as a template and reused across all videos.

Begin by creating a popular YouTube channel.

Even if your YouTube channel doesn't have millions of views, it might be the social media platform that generates organic leads for your company.

You should not need to spend more than one day on the optimizations provided.

Your YouTube channel content

It entails more than just creating a YouTube channel. It is critical to personalize it in order for it to be effective. Viewers might be drawn in by a fantastic channel icon and channel art. However, content is essential for success.

Professional, original, and useful material is required.

But what about the really essential stuff?

1. Your niche can have a profound impact on you personally

This is critical since you will need to develop something that people will notice.

YouTube is a popular site, but it also has a diverse selection of videos and channels that may cover any topic.

What can you do to assist?

Remember that you are not alone. It makes no difference if you are an expert in a certain field. There might be hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals at your skill level, some of whom are also on YouTube. You must have a unique perspective on the niche you are interested in. It is doable, but challenging.

2. Post frequently and consistently

You need an audience to be successful with your channel. While getting people to subscribe to your channel by email is excellent, it would be much better if they came to you more frequently.

To keep people engaged, you must post frequently and deliver excellent information. Okay, you might not be able to post every day, but that's fine.

The audience can change your style and timetable. It is preferable to remain consistent. Subscribers are alerted whenever you post a new video. If you notify your subscribers more regularly, they will recall your channel more often.

PewDiePie is a renowned YouTuber who has gained popularity in recent years. As a result, it serves as an excellent example. He has around 110 million subscribers as of November 2021. He is successful for reasons other than the material.

He uploads movies nearly every day, often twice a day.

PewDiePie is the most successful YouTuber, earning $13 million from Youtube in 2019. His Youtube allows hm to make more than $58 million a year with merch and affiliate and brand deals making up the rest of his income. This was due to consistency, professionalism, and engaging themes.

3. Make sure that your content is of high quality

YouTube channels may fail if they lack a personal point of view on a topic or are inconsistent in their posting. Keep in mind that YouTube is a very competitive platform with other channels that provide comparable material.

You need to persuade people to subscribe to your channel.

What more do you offer that sets you apart from other channels?

Quality is also essential. YouTube is littered with millions upon millions of poorly-produced videos that no one cares about. While some of these films are entertaining and even become viral, they are just coincidental.

To respect that audience, you must also produce high-quality material.

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