How technology can revolutionise your learning experience at University

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technologies influence on learning
With the advent of virtual reality, automation, machine learning, big data analytics, and blockchain, the fabric of technology has witnessed a rapid evolution in recent years. The impact of advancement in technology is tremendous and can revolutionise your learning experience at University.

Although, when the hands of technology touched the education system, society merely focused on the utilisation of technical tools for learning namely smart classrooms, smart boards, and highly equipped IT labs, among others.

It is vital to understand that advancements in technology at university doesn’t only correspond to being equipped with the latest technologies and gadgets. Technology is also important for your personal learning experience at university and the teaching you receive.

The Impact of Technology on Engagement

Using technology while teaching in classrooms relates to a stronger facilitation of interaction between teachers and students. In the current dynamic world, the engagement level of classroom learning is plummeting. This can also be blamed on technology as it provides distraction and can affect the attention spans of students.

However, rightful use of technology and tools can propel the degree of outcome of the efforts of the teachers and professors, and overall productivity of the students. It eases the collaborative work, reduces class time, improves peer working, and is especially important when students and instructors are not in the same location.

This is shown in the numerous online courses now available online. Students and lecturers are able to communicate, collaborate and teach effectively online through various programs, resources and video facilities. This also goes for students not taking an online course as they are able to access resources and lectures online to conduct their own learning outside of the classroom.

The Impact of Technology on Teaching

The teaching experience is also improved as professors are leveraging the advancements in technology to move on from spoon feeding the course information to engaging their time with students on complex problems. This has an indirect and positive effect on the learning curve of the students as well.

The rapid proliferation of online courses across different universities, from Ivy League to Government colleges, and the concept of blended mode of learning coupled with technological developments has created immense opportunities for educational institutions and students.

Even, the students across different countries understand the value of technology in learning trajectory. In fact, in 2011, in an attempt to introduce a free online course in Artificial Intelligence by a Stanford Professor, an overwhelming 160,000 students enrolled from around 190 countries. This is the strength of one aspect of technology for better learning experience.

Additionally, technology helps provide a more personal approach to teaching and helps professors manage their time and focus on their students more effectively. This is facilitated through emails, virtual labs, online resources and apps, therefore revolutionising the learning experience for students at university.

The Impact of Technology on Research

During university, you will find a significant amount of research needs to be conducted independently as well as in the classroom. This is also where technology can change your learning experience.

Research can be conducted in the library effectively, however it also provides limitations on up to date information and locations. Therefore, technology can be extremely useful during the research process to find various new articles, to view magazines and journals, video and film sources as well as copies of sources that may be unavailable at the library.

Textbooks can also be expensive, especially when you are hesitant to purchase them at the beginning of the academic year with doubts of ever using them. Instead they can be accessed or purchased online, usually at a cheaper price too.

Technology can also be used to help organise, format and note take during research. Often, students view and read such an array and huge amount of resources that it can be confusing to formulate ideas afterwards. Programs, note taking apps, reference formatting apps and scheduling online and on mobile devices can be very useful to manage and store the most important information.

How Technology has Revolutionised Global Learning

With the development of 5G technologies and accelerated cloud computing in the developing countries in the next few years. Universities all across the world have the opportunity to improve on their teaching experience with technology as a catalyst in the classroom.

A perfect combination of advance technology, complex teaching practices, and a human touch can transform the overall education sector across the world. It will allow easy access to potential students across the world for advance courses and the latest curriculum and improve education as a whole.
Going forward, the true essence of technology in the world of education lies in distributing the high quality of education at a very low cost. This engagement will improve the economies of scale for education which would otherwise be very difficult in a face to face labour intensive form of teaching and learning mechanism.

Therefore, to revolutionise the learning experience at Universities, development of technological infrastructure is very valuable. However, the learning experience at university is also dependent on the student themselves. They can use various technologies to improve their personal learning inside and outside the classroom and with online courses so readily available this ever more important.

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