Why You Should Do An Online Short Course

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do online courses for a promotion

Online short courses are becoming increasingly popular. There are many reasons for this but part of the reason is because more and more people have access to the internet now. It’s now easier to deliver educational content than in the past where distance learning was done primarily via mail/courier services which caused delays. You have access to the internet and educational materials through your computer, tablet and smartphone devices nowadays.

5 Reasons why people do online short courses:

1. If you have a general degree and you want to break into a new industry e.g you have a humanities degree but you want a job in marketing, you would do a marketing short course to get a certificate and a basic knowledge of marketing to land an internship or junior position.

2. People could not afford to go to university, so they’d do short courses while they work so that they can upskill while on the job without sacrificing their salary.

3. People do short courses to gain the necessary skills to get a promotion at work to do the job that requires the skills taught in the short course.

4. Short courses are a way new disciples are introduced to the world for example digital marketing and blockchain are more likely to be found as short-courses lasting 3-12 months than as degrees and diplomas.

5. Short courses are a way to get an accredited certificate from a major university for a fraction of the price. E.g you can get a recognised certificate from Stellenbosch University just by doing an online short course on Masterstart.com.

Masterstart Online Short Courses:

Masterstart offers 11 online short courses from the University of Stellenbosch Business School Executive Development. These courses range from 6 - 12 weeks in duration.

1. Project Management: Principles and Practices short course (12 weeks)
2. Operations Management short course (11 weeks)
3. Business Leadership and Management short course (10 weeks)
4. Leadership short course (9 weeks)
5. Supply Chain Management short course (10 weeks)
6. Marketing Management: Principles and Practices short (10 weeks)
7. Fundamentals of Risk Management short course (12 weeks)
8. Human Resource Management short course (10 weeks)
9. Financial Management Fundamentals short course (7 weeks)
10. Business and Systems Analysis short course (12 weeks)
11. Customer Centricity short course (6 weeks)

You can pay for these short courses in instalments using Mobicred. The course prices range from R11 997 - R15997 for the longest course. Go to Masterstart.com to find out more.

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