How to pass your learners license on your first try

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Getting your drivers license is a right of passage and it is essential if you plan to buy your own car some day, or drive your parents and friends cars legally. Some jobs even have a driving license as a requirement for employment. Before you can get a driving license by going for a driving test, you first have to go book your learners license. The learners license test is quite easy if you have studied the correct way, yet many people fail it on their first try. Below I will share some tips and resources to help you to ace your learners license stress free on your first try.

Different provinces have different types of tests, for example in the Western Cape the written test is still widely used whereas in KZN the learners license is done on a computer which gives you your mark as soon as you finish writing on the screen. The written test is easy to pass as there is usually 3 sets of tests that could possibly come out and you will get one of them as your test. In order to study for the written test all you need is a copy of the past tests and the solutions and you could ace it. For the computerised test since it is on a computer, the questions can be easily randomised that means there is more possibility for question variation than a written test, therefore you would need to study harder/smarter if you live in a province with computerised learners license tests.

Tips to pass written and computer learners license test:

1. Go and buy a copy of the K53 book which has all the signs, controls and rules of the road- study all the signs and rules and thereafter try out the tests at the end of each section. The book provides answers, so after you finish trying to answer mark yourself to see how many you go wrong. Then go through the book again, this time it will be easier as you are now familiar with it, and try the test again, There is a K53 app on the google store which is cheaper than buying the book but I have not used it or know how detailed it is so you might want to check it out if its a valid alternative or companion for the K53 book.

2. Get a copy of the three sets of learners tests and answer them, use the answers to mark yourself.

3. After reading the K53 twice and trying out 4 sets of questions you should be ready to go and write your learners license and ace it.

4. The last thing you need to do is have both the questions and answers and learn to recognise  certain types of tricky almost similar questions that always come out so that you are not confused during the test, and you can identify what they require based on the wording they have used e.g for some signs they may say that sign means you must use a certain lane whereas for other signs which almost look similar with a reservation sign they may say that means you can use that lane if you want to (These kind of questions can be tricky because the answers may all seem correct which makes it difficult for people to choose the correct answer especially when English is not their first language.

5. I would recommend doing the 3 possible tests the day before the test so that it is fresh on your mind when you write, but if you have a better memory you can do it earlier and refresh your memory if need be.

Good luck, I hope this post has been helpful. Try to book your date for the driving test and go for driving lessons as soon as you pass. Otherwise your learners may end up expiring even though it has been extended to 2 years before it expires these days.

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