What happens if you miss class in university

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dont skip classes or you will fail
when you don't attend lectures the work you need to cover on your own piles up,
 and the pressure builds until it all goes boom! in the tests & exams.

University is not like high school where your teacher gives you home work and if you don't do it you get detention or you get sent to the principals office. Most university courses encourage you to come to every class but it is not compulsory, so if you miss classes it's on you, no one cares.It's usually a select few courses where they take a register and attendance of a certain % of classes is a dp requirement but that would usually be in extended courses with extra support for students (or very small classes). Usually in regular programs it's up to you whether to attend or not, some lecturers might still take a register so that close to test time, or exam time or when they check who is doing well and who is failing their class, they can see if there is a correlation between attending and not attending, usually those who don't attend don't do very well in the course. Some courses do not post lecture notes after classes so you have to attend to get course notes or else you will have to learn from the prescribed textbook.

The best thing to do is to try and attend all classes, because once you start missing a class or two it becomes a regular habit and you will find yourself getting left behind in courses especially when the lecturer is teaching important examinable content in class and you miss it, you will have to read through a lot of unnecessary stuff in the prescribed textbook just to get to the same point as the other students who don't skip class.

If you miss a class get that days notes from a friend or watch that days lecture video as soon as possible, you must always try to be up to date.

If you really insist on missing classes, at least when you are at your place/room, you must go through the lecture slides and watch lecture videos so you don't get left behind. The problem with people who skip classes is that they do not go over work at home, and just sit around during tutorials because they have no clue what is going on in class and by the time they try and cram everything just before a test, it's too late and there is too much to cover and too little time so they either fail or just pass on the wrong half of the bell curve.

By not going to lectures you are unnecessarily piling up the work you have to do in order to learn concepts taught in class and are wasting the money your parents or bursary is paying by not making full use of your lecturers as they are a resource for you. You are increasing the risk of failure and the more classes you are skipping the more in danger you are of getting kicked out of university for poor academic performance.

So the point is DON'T SKIP CLASSES!

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