Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Drivers Licence While You Are Still in High School

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get your learners and drivers licence in 2017

Getting your drivers licence is a key milestone in a persons life in the same way that passing matric is a key milestone. These days most jobs have a drivers licence as a prerequisite and sometimes a drivers licence can be the key to your future career e.g those who want to be bus drivers for companies like Greyhound or long distance truck drivers, maybe you even want to be a race car driver, even if you want to be a cop or traffic cop having a drivers licence can be advantageous. below I give you 3 reasons why you should get a drivers licence in high school.

Why you should get a drivers licence in high school:

1. You have more spare time in high school, more time than you will have in university or in the work place if you go straight into the job market after you matriculate. So it's best to take advantage of the time you have and get a drivers licence out of the way. You will thank yourself later.

2. It's cheaper to get a drivers licence while you are still at home, let me explain further at home all you will need to pass a learners licence is the K53 book and a copy of the past learners tests to practice before you go and write. Then instead of paying for a lot of lessons and hiring a truck or driving school truck to go and test you can either practice at home with your parents car everyday after school and during weekends so that by the time your driving test comes you are comfortable with a car and can drive without stalling on public road and you can go to a driving school for a few lessons just to get a hang of the strict rules they use during the driving test. The other option is buying a book with all the driving rules and learning yourself, following the instructions while you practice with your family car and you can go do your drivers test with your family car that you are familiar with (without wasting any money through a driving school).

3. If you learn to drive while you are still in high school you will be familiar with a car and unlikely to forget how to drive after getting your drivers licence even if you don't have a car of your own to drive on campus. If you learn to drive in a driving school and cram the rules to pass and go do your drivers test, you may pass but if you don't have access to a car for a few years after you pass the test, you will probably still not know how to drive properly in public and have to practice again before being able to drive on your own. I know of many people who get their licence and forget  how to drive or they are too scared to drive by themselves (Usually girls).

If you are out of high school already, do not worry there are usually driving schools on campuses affiliated with universities, and for some of you guys parents promising to buy you a starter car or give you the extra car they have at home can be enough motivation to get a driving licence before finishing university.

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