10 Series to Watch This Winter to Help You Procrastinate and Pass Time

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series to help you procrastinate
Here is some stuff to help you procrastinate and keep you entertained

Before coming to university I used to watch a lot of television be it sports, documentaries, local soapies or international series, but when I came to university I started watching less TV because in res there were a couple of TV rooms amongst hundreds of students and it was inconvenient to go out of my room just to watch TV. I would still watch soccer matches of the teams I supported but soon I stopped following soccer as well. I started just getting series from other students and watching them on my laptop in my room. At home I did not have uncapped internet so my internet would run out in the first few days of the month and I would be stuck watching normal TV again. The thing about TV is whether you have dstv or just normal sabc channels and etv, TV is always behind and if you have been exposed to series in university with the amount of internet we are given you are always ahead of stuff that plays on TV by a couple seasons, the only thing TV is good for is sports and soapies if those are your kind of things.

It is currently exam time in most universities and if you are like me, you are up to date with all the main series and they are currently of break now awaiting new seasons if they haven’t been cancelled of finalized. If you are behind exam time and vac time is the perfect time to catch up on those series but if you are up to date now is the worst time because you need something to watch in your study breaks and when you are procrastinating and you definitely need something to watch during vac when you are stressing about your semester results being released.

Top series such as Game of thrones are still playing but game of thrones only ever has 10 episodes a season and the current season hasn’t been very exciting with just 3 episodes remaining. Other top series are on break or the seasons have been finalized so I am finding myself having to find other cool interesting series to watch until my favourite series return.

Here are a few new and not so new series I have found that will keep you entertained during exams/vac/winter until the return of our favourite series later in the year:


Is not a new series but most people don’t know it yet, it’s a top quality supernatural series about fallen angels descending on earth and possessing people and the fight between those angels and the remaining unpossessed humans. This series has a few South African actors and it’s a top quality series so go on and give it a try, I promise it’s more interesting than I have explained here. It currently has two seasons so that should keep you entertained for a short bit.


As the name says it’s about the devil but this shows portrayal of the devil is unlike other shows, here Lucifer blends in with people on earth and the series gives us a different perspective of Lucifer. Lucifer tells his version of the story about the troubles with his father god and how human beings’ perception of him is not accurate. The first season just ended so there are 13 interesting episodes to keep you company this vac.

Into the Badlands

If you are into action movies and martial arts then you will definitely love into the bad land, at the beginning of the first episode it might seem all bloody and horror-ish but it’s all about action and great fight scenes. If you love martial arts movies than this will have you hooked.


There was a movie limitless now there is a series which is about a drug that helps humans get access to 100% of their brain power, this series is about one such human Brian finch who then ends up working for the FBI to help them solve cases.


If you like superhero movies and series then you will like supergirl. For anyone whowatches arrow, the flash etc.

DC Legends of tomorrow

Also for people who love superhero movies and series


I just started watching this since I had run out of stuff to watch, it’s a new series currently playing with a good storyline so far about a virus outbreak and a certain section of a city had to be contained in order to stop the virus from spreading to the rest of the population.

Wentworth prison

It’s not a new series but I recently found it. It’s an award winning Australian series about the going-on’s and power dynamics in a female prison, there are 4 seasons out so far so if you try it and you like what you see, you have plenty of episodes to watch.

The Detour

A new short 20min family sitcom you can watch for a few laughs and since its short it really counts as a study break and not procrastination.

The Catch

If you like scandal, greys anatomy and any other show Shonda Rhimes produces than you better try the catch which is about a con artist who falls for his mark.

If you like stuff like game of thrones here are some other series I would suggest you try if you have never watched them, the first is Spartacus about a slave turned rebel against the Roman Empire and the second is Vikings which follows Viking Ragnar Lodbrok on his rise to power.

Please do try some of these series am sure you will find something that you like, happy studying everyone and good luck with your exams.

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