Orientation week - what it’s all about?

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Starting out in University may be quite nerve wrecking for some students, mainly because for some it would be their first time moving away from their protective shells known as home. Just like in high school new university students known as ‘freshers’ have to be introduced to the university environment in a much gentler way than what their first class test does.

For some universities the orientation week usually runs for a week, as the name suggests, but for other universities the duration of the orientation may be longer. During the orientation week students are given time to bond and get to know each other. Some of these students will already know each other from high school or other places, which usually makes the whole experience much easier. But for most students it’s time to meet and get to know new people, the whole idea of orientation week is for new students to get introduced to the university environment all together as a group.

In most if not all universities these so called ’freshers’ are divided according to their different faculties each with a unique colour. Within their faculties they are divided into their departments where they are first shown around their new campus. Each of these departments have their own orientation leaders assigned to plan the orientation programme as well as help out these first year students through the process. These orientation leaders are students themselves who have been through the process before. First, the students are given a brief introduction to the course which they will be doing in form of 45 minute lectures. Then they are given lectures on safety and certain rules of the university. For fun students are separated into groups where they are given challenges to partake in. They are also allowed to join societies within the university.

 At the end of the orientation week there is usually a braai for the freshers where they get to know their newly met friends better. There are usually lots of other events that students can partake in during orientation week but they are usually organised and hosted by the student societies that the freshers are advised to join. These events are usually held outside the vicinity of the university these events are usually parties, fun walks, hikes etc.

In conclusion, orientation week is aimed at introducing students to the university environment.

 We hope you have an exciting orientation and university experience! stay tuned for more articles.

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