5 Reasons Why the Gym is the First Thing to Sign Up for During O Week at University

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O-week is one of the most exciting times for a university student straight out of high school, it’s all fun and games during o-week but the fun and games will not last long. There will be many appealing societies that you will want to sign up for but the gym or your universities fitness centre is the number one thing you should sign up for, and then you should sign up for other things but bear in mind not to sign up for too many things as it costs money to join societies.

5 reasons to join the gym at university
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Here are 5 reasons why you should sign up for your universities fitness centre:

It’s Affordable – Joining a normal gym costs on average R180 per month and for a student that is a lot you will feel it.  It costs even more if you want to join fancy gyms like virgin active. Whereas joining your universities gym is cheaper for example the UCT gym cost R500 for the whole year which is a bargain compared to R180 per month. Sure the university gym can get too full at certain times but you can still can your workout in and you can avoid going at peak hours.

Exercising relieves stress – university at first will seem like it’s going to be like one big party if you attend all or most of your o-week events but in truth university is going to be one of the most stressful periods in your life to date, all the deadlines, tests, exams and the stress of failing that many will experience. University is going to be a rollercoaster of highs and lows so you need something like the gym to take your mind of school and to just focus on building you, you need gym to get those endorphins flowing after a stressful day or during a stressful week. Gym will make your body feel sore at first and you will walk funny after leg day but inside you feel good and when you recover you are stronger.

Gym will make you look better & more confident – exercising will make you feel better about yourself and build a good self-esteem. You will be a happier person in general, when you look your best at the prime of your life.

Working out will make you more attractive to the opposite sex – university provides the most perfect environment to meet the person who is right for you, you will never find an opportunity better than university to meet your future wife/husband or just boyfriend/girlfriend for now. If you are fit and look really attractive in terms of body and presentation you increase the number of people who may be interested in getting to know you better. There are people from all over the country in different faculties all in one place at university so do not waste this opportunity and capitalise by looking your best and dressing in a manner that looks best on you.

Working out will help you avoid freshers spread – it’s a known fact that most people will gain 5kg or more in their first year of university, I don’t know whether its stress that makes people start eating more or whether it’s the food they supply at reses that is responsible in combination with lack of exercise but freshers spread is real hey. So to make sure you are not another victim sign up to gym as soon as you get to university and please use that membership don’t just sign up and have the bill be the only thing you got from your signing up.

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