Why time management is important in university?

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When arriving in university for the very first time from high school things can become really difficult at the beginning. Sometimes you may feel that you spend most of your time just trying to keep up with your lecture notes and assignments because you have not gotten used to the pace at which work is expected to be done at university level. Students usually feel that they are overwhelmed by the work and feel that they have no time to spare for themselves. I have to say that many students feel this way in their first year of study. Some are convinced that they will never have enough time for a social life while they are still in university and always wait for vacations to do all of this.

The greater the amount of time one spends doing their course work the less at risk he or she is in from failing courses as logic suggests. But also, the less interaction a person has with others the higher risks the person has of feeling overwhelmed and stressed out by their course work. These people may often get so stuck in their course work that they sometimes do not become aware of what is happening in their surroundings. They sort of lose a sense of reality because their lives are now controlled by their course work. These people are also at risk of over working themselves and are at higher risk of being stressed out.

Also in university there are those students who do not know or fail to allocate enough time to their course work and end up falling behind on their work and always have to be playing a catch up game. These students do not stress much during the semester and only begin to stress when they hear the DP list is soon to be published because they know they have not been working hard throughout the semester. Therefore as a student in university or as a high school student planning to come to university it becomes important that you understand the concept of time management and use it efficiently.

 Within a school environment learners are also expected to be able to use their time wisely, it is no different when you come to university the exact same process applies. The only difference in the university environment is that there is nobody watching over you or advising you on how to manage your time therefore students who weren’t self-disciplined in high school will find it difficult to survive in the university environment.

The essence of time management lies in the ability of a student to distinguish the difference between study time and play time. Students have different preferences so I cannot advice you on how to structure your own study time table. But as a student you have to understand that at the end of the day you did not come to university to have fun. So obviously your priority has to be course work. But this does not mean that this is all you should be doing because there are other key aspects to being a successful student. You have to strive to be an all-rounder, your health should be on point, you can’t be looking like your father while in your 20’s so make sure you make time to cook a proper meal if you live by yourself, get exercise if you want to be an over achiever. Also, try and socialise with as many people as you can without affecting your study time. The goal is to try and make your life as exciting as possible without having to compromise on your study time. Be adventurous, sticking to one routine is what leads to people being bored and stressed out.

The problem students have with managing their time in university comes when students only want to have as much fun as possible while doing the least possible work or when they want to work all the time without having a little bit fun to keep themselves sane. Therefore achieving a balance between the two is essential , so make sure that you are enjoying what you are studying, attend all your tutorials and lectures and reward yourself for all the hard work you have been doing by having a little bit of fun.  

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