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Thank you for your interest in writing for SA Varsity Student!

The aim of Sa Varsity Student is to cover all topics relevant to South African university students (Students from south africa and international students studying in South Africa) that will enable them to thrive academically and have a good school-life-balance. We cover everything student related (no explicit content).

If you have any article ideas you would like to pitch, if there is an issue that we have not covered yet or you just want to share your story you can contact us.

Please note the following:

1. Contribution is voluntary - if you want to submit a blog post to us, you will get to put a link back to your own site if you have one and links to your social media profiles.

2. You have to link to an article on Sa Varsity Student within your article using a anchor text if we have covered something that you are mentioning in the article before.

3. Please keep your paragraphs short, use titles to indicate what different paragraphs are about and use lists/bullet points where possible.

4. Please submit only original articles, we will check articles to see if they have been published elsewhere. Once you submit an article and it is published here you may not publish the same article elsewhere as that is not good for google rankings. (You are university students you know even lecturers check that essays are not plagiarized using computer programs such as Turnitin when you submit essays online.

5. Your article may not be for the promotion of commercial links, if you work for a brand that would like to publish something relevant to students on SA Varsity Student, you may contact us here.

6.Your document must be typed as a word document and not less than 600 words.

7. If the article is about you, you must also submit your favourite pic of yourself. If it's not about you, you don't have to submit a picture, if you choose to submit a picture that best represents your article, make sure it is your picture or you have downloaded it from a free image site such as https://pixabay.com.

8. You may write a short introduction about yourself if want to.

9. This is a blog written from a student's point of view, read some of the articles we have on the site to see the types of articles we are looking for.

If you have read all the notes above and you are still interested in submitting an article to SA Varsity Student get in touch with us.