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South African Varsity Student

This blog was created with the intention of informing South African high school learners about the university life in South African universities as well as international students interested in studying at SA universities. It serves to broaden the high school learners knowledge of the happenings of university life and to help them make better choices in choosing the universities they want to go to and the courses they choose to take. This blog is also meant to help current university students who are struggling to adjust to the university life and to help answer questions they might be too scared to ask their friends or lecturers.

SA Varsity Student is run by current university students who have been exposed to university life and want to help high school learners and current university students at SA universities make informed decisions and adapt better to the university life.

Here is a list of topics we cover:

How to get A's in matric
How to get accepted into your 1st choice course if you failed to get in the 1st time around
What to do with your matric results?
How to get A's in University
How to pass Unisa modules
Why you should apply to the top universities in the country especially if you are poor
What happens when you bunk university classes
what is academic exclusion
academic exclusion from Unisa
How to get back into university after being excluded
How to find vacation work

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